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  1. Craig, I'm not interested in owning them, but it might be worth your while to give them a look and listen. If you've never heard SKhorns you'd probably be surprised. Many who have heard both Klipschorns and Speakerlab SKhorns feel that SKhorns have better bass. If I were closer I'd check them out. I'm curious about the drivers and horn lenses. An email to the seller has , as yet, gone unanswered.
  2. It's official. Michael "Curly" Colter does not want the receiver or the large vinyl-clad Advents. They're now available to the rest of the world. For $50 you can't go wrong. They would rock a dorm room, apartment, garage, etc.
  3. Michael- I like the new avatar. Is the comment about second thoughts regarding the Khorn since our most recent telephone conversation? If so, please let me know ASAP. The Belgian has provided several telephone numbers of local contacts. If you don't want the Khorn cabinet, I'll sell it to the Belgian as soon as the first local contact arrives with $150.00 and the means to remove it. If you want it, I'll bring it with me on 11/7.
  4. Thank you Amy for your efforts and for tolerating boorish behavior. And. thank you Klipsch for this Forum which allows the boors to entertain the rest of us, while we share useful information.
  5. Amy- You'll never please everybody. Don't try, and don't be disappointed when you don't. Klipsch "Heritage" speakers (vintage or new) will never be mainstream in the sense that Bose, JBL, etc. are mainstream. I, for one, would be disappointed if they were. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> The average Hummer lover would not appreciate the labor and expense involved in creating a Klipschorn. If his friends and neighbors don't know what it is, they won't be impressed; therefore, he doesn't want it. It has nothing to do with sound quality and everything to do with image. Audiophool snobs have NEVER liked Klipsch, and I don't want them to start. VintageKlipschophiles should be grateful that Klipsch remains a viable business by selling a full range of current products and, therefore, remains in a position to support niche market products that have stood the test of time, but could probably not survive on their own. The list of pretenders to the Klipsch legacy is long, but most have long ago disappeared. Try to get support for Speakerlab, Ohm, Fried, etc. The designs were not as fundamentally sound and neither were the companies. As long as people think that the laws of physics can be ignored or skirted, there will be "SOTA" speakers that burst on the scene only to flame out. Fundamentally sound fifty-year-old designs will NEVER appeal to the intersection "bass" thumpers or status seekers.
  6. These are available in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Pinconning, Michigan (about 3 hours north of Detroit on I-75) Speakerlab Corner Horns - Klipsch Look Alike . Perhaps Michael Colter would be willing to go get them.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> They appear to be later versions than the 4 SKhorns (76) I once had. Instead of T-35 tweeters and aluminum mid-range horns, they appear to have plastic horn lenses.
  7. Michael said, " . . . K77 (three of which are alnico) . . ." Michael, If I get a choice, I'd like two with the alnico. If the tweeters dont work, and you dont want to replace the diaphragms, Ill take the speakers and the new diaphragms and make the repairs (plenty or practice from my Speakerlab SKhorns mobile DJ days). If it turns out that they dont need diaphragms, Ill return them (diaphragms) to you.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> In any case, if you pull the tweeters, dont bother to remount them. From your description, the cabinets will need a little work before theyre ready to be turned over to the high school band. FYI, I have a pair of operational T-35s (ceramic magnets). I was going to use them as leaf blowers, but, theyre available if you can use them.
  8. I know. I'm always suspicious of Belgians. They tend to waffle a lot.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> The scam alert went off. Nevertheless, I think its legitimate. In any case, no need to worry. I wont even get it down from its perch on the pallet until local friend appears with $150, in unmarked bills, and his truck to haul it away. I know better than to start accepting cashiers checks, money orders and the like and then being asked to make change. It aint gonna happen.
  9. The sound is a bit heavy in the mid-bass and muffled treble for my taste. I prefer the sound of my full range rear horn Radio Shack driven project speakers to the Advents, but neither can compare to Cornwalls. Nevertheless, the Advents are nice speakers and would be just the thing for the right person in the right place. While I'm not in a hurry to unload them, I would like the proceeds to fund the pro bono work I've undertaken regarding two of the four abused La Scalas that Michael Colter just collected.
  10. Large vinyl clad Advent. The drivers appear to be in excellent condition. The speakers play well and sound good.
  11. I feel that leaf blowers should be outlawed. But then only outlaws would have leaf blowers. They're noisy, smelly, pollute the atmosphere, noisy, only move the leaves into the neighbor's yard and , did I mention noisy?
  12. Michael and the person who contacted me from Boston should know that others have expressed interest in the '56 Khorn cabinet. If you read this Boston, contact me. If Michael passes, you're next in line. The most recent interested person is in Belgium. Even if the Belgium guy's local friend attempts to start a bidding war, I won't sell it to anyone before the Forum members who have expressed interest have an opportunity get it for $150. While I'm not concerned about eventually recouping my $150 investment, I'd like to sell it quickly to finance the pro bono work I'm doing regarding two of the "four abused La Scalas" that Michael got from Thumpelstiltskin/Rick, and that are destined for a high school band room.
  13. Apparently, three. Yours truly, Bob Crites and Sputnik. Thank you Bob and Sputnik!
  14. With the aid of rapid and useful responses (including Rick's full name and address) from Bob Crites and Sputnik, and with the use of www.infospace.com, I was able to obtain Rick's phone number. I just spoke with Ms. Thumpelstiltskin. When I asked her if Michael Colter had contacted them she said, "Is he the curly headed one? He's out in our driveway with my husband." The "curly headed one" has found Thumpelstiltskin. Thanks for the prompt replies and help. It kept Curly from returning to Indy empty handed.
  15. I've been in contact with Michael by his cell phone. Hopefully by now (2:30 EDT) he and his brother have enjoyed lunch in South Point, Ohio, have made contact with Rick and are enjoying a laugh while listening to Rick's Cornwalls. If you know Rick's phone number or address please contact me.
  16. EDIT @ 3:51 pm. he's no longer lost. If anyone knows how to contact Rick aka Thumpelstiltskin please call me at 248-765-2971or send an email or PM with Rick's phone number or address in South Point, Ohio. Last I heard, Michael is driving around South Point, Ohio listening for the sound of Rick's Cornwalls. For reasons beyond simple explanation, he doesn't have the phone number or address. He's there to collect the four abused La Scalas.
  17. Bob, Thanks for your prompt reply. I sent you a PM and will now send a redundant message to your email. The whole idea is for the high school to get the most bang for the buck. The improvement over the crummy Sony boom box they're now using will be immense. The other issue is time. As I type, Michael Colter is driving from Indy to southern Ohio to collect the La Scalas. If possible, I would like to be ready to refresh the AA networks upon arrival.
  18. Bob, I think I want to recap two of "Four abused La Scalas..." (See threads: Four abused Lascalas need a good home - sold and 1956 Khorn w/o drivers $150 ) to be used in the local high school band room.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Rick (Thumpslstiltskin) advises that the as yet not delivered La Scalas have AA networks. Would the answer above hold true for AA networks? Would you recommend refreshing the networks in these? After reading ALKs paper in support of extreme slope networks, it appears that the subject La Scalas might benefit from the expanded sweet spot promised by such networks. Alas, the budget doesnt allow such extravagance. Our options seem to range from doing nothing, through DIY refreshing, to installing your custom made networks. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Dave, You have first rights to this receiver. If you want it sent to New New Orleans, let me know. If you've come out from under the ether of nostalgia, please let me know that too, so that it can be available to the next person.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> It works great. The controls are without scratchiness, the equalizer seems to work. I didnt try the tuner or phono sections, but everything I tried works. It would benefit from a good cleaning, but who wouldnt?
  20. Rick said, They have the "AA" crossover networks.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Thanks for that info. Michael said, . . . they've still got me swinging around Dayton/Xenia/Portsmouth . . . Michael, I could rendezvous with you near <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Dayton on your return trip. That would save you seat time later. Would you have enough space for the Khorn and Advents with only a pair of La Scalas removed? Since you probably wont see this until you return to Indy, Ill call your cell phone. Rick can also tell you about my suggestion.
  21. Drive safely Michael, both to and from Ohio. As soon as you know about the X-overs, please let me know so I line up some new parts.
  22. Rick, What X-overs are in the La Scalas? Michael has agreed to sell a pair to the high school to use in their band room. I want to freshen the X-overs and throw a coat of paint on them before turning them over to the kids. If I know which X-over is in there I can get some new caps while I'm waiting to swap a '56 Khorn cabinet and cash with Michael for a pair of "abused La Scalas."
  23. Michael said, "I'm thinking I've got this corner behind my headboard since bed sits at 45 degree angle to walls. That Khorn bottom section would be a perfect little sub for my bedroom baby HT setup, and it would fit in room that wasn't even used!" Now you're talkin'. That's one way to get a bed to vibrate. On another note. Do you know what type X-overs the "four abused La Scalas" have? I'd like to get some new caps to freshen the X-overs before they get turned over the the high school. Let me know when and where to meet for the swap. I take home the bar blasters and you take home plywood magic fingers.
  24. The free Zenith and JBL speakers have disappeared. The '56 Khorn ($150), JVC JR-S301 and large operational Advents ($50 combined) and the various Advents in need of repair or drivers (free) are still available. Everything's availability is subject to Michael Colter's right of first refusal. If anyone expresses serious interest in any or all, I'll run it by Michael and let you know if you can have it.
  25. Baby needs a new pair of shoes ...... I mean woofers
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