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  1. Cornwalls are one of my favorite speakers. Heresies are fine, but they can't compete with Cornwalls. Without a perfect space for Khorns, I'd take Cornwalls over Khorns.

    My next project is to build a "Cornscala" variant. My Cornwalls were sold to a woman in Hope, AR and my son has the Heresies at school.

  2. Hello Michael!

    As I type I'm listening to Jazz88 from Minneapolis. The DJs are high school kids, and it shows, but the music is cool.

    The CBC link to CBC Radio 2 will get you Andy Shepard (Sp?) and After Hours, a good source of relaxing jazz for the wee hours.

    Be sure to check out Ed Love's Destination Jazz on WDET from 7PM to Midnight M - F.

    If you run across any good links, please share them.

    BTW, if you have any old autoformers, I'm looking for a pair to make DIY ALKs for the schools' La Scalas. I'm also planning to do the bass reflex mod on the La Scalas this summer.

    Enjoy the links.

  3. EDIT: 02-17 @ 12:37pm EST
    While the original purpose of this thread was to share links to streaming music on the web, it has taken a more technical tack on page 2.

    EDIT: 02-16 @ 10:49AM EST

    The edited subject is more to the point than the previous title.

    Since I often find myself working at the computer day and night, I more frequently listen to jazz over my Comcast broadband connection. Its surprising how good the cheap Altec AVS300 computer speakers (including tiny powered sub) sound. Sitting so close to the speakers, its kind of like wearing headphones. Someday Ill connect the PC to the pre-amp to see what it sounds like through real speakers.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Ive attached links to the stations I listen to most often. Id be interested in any other links that you know of to good music, it need not be jazz.

    To make it easy, I'll post an updated compilation of the links suggested to date. Please keep 'em coming.

    http://www.wdetfm.org/listenlive/ eclectic mix with JAZZ M-F <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />7PM to Midnight EST

    http://www.jazz88fm.com/ Minnesota Public radio, mostly JAZZ

    http://kjzz.org/ Public Radio from Arizona, mostly JAZZ

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/ BBC JAZZ

    http://www.cbc.ca/listen/index.html CBC Radio 2, JAZZ M-F 10PM Midnight EST

    http://www.kntu.unt.edu/ North Texas Radio


    www.kcsm.org Jazz

    http://www.kmhd.org Jazz & Blues

    http://www.wrti.org/ Jazz 6PM 6AM, classical 6AM 6PM


    www.wdcb.org 6AM - 6PM Mon-Fri and 9AM - 10PM Sun

    www.wbez.com 8PM - 4AM Mon-Fri and Noon - 3PM Sundays

    http://www.radioparadise.com. Eclectic mix

  4. Unless you have the inclination, time and ability to do the work yourself, the advice regarding a rebuilt unit is well taken. Furthermore, Craig's technical expertise and ability are unquestioned. You would eliminate many unknowns by having him go through an amp you locate or getting one directly from him, or elsewhere, that he has already resurrected.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Be patient, he will eventually reply to your emails and/or phone calls.

  5. How is the phono on these H/K twin powered receivers?

    Despite having purchased a 730, two 430s and a 630 (junk returned to seller) , I've got no personal experience or opinion regarding the phono sections. My vinyl days are long gone, as is my AR TT w/SME arm, and I've no desire to go down that road again.

    Other Forum regulars, including HDBRbuiler and Colterphoto1, would comment favorably (I believe) and from personal experience.

    I'm surprised that the 730 is still available at 2:04 PM EST with a BIN of $85.

  6. Don't I wish! Schools are closed so traffic will be great. I'll be at work bright and early. By the time I woke up this morning, all the major roads were clear as was my street.

    Today is my son's 23rd birthday. He was born in the blizzard of '83 when we had over 3 ft of snow. Coincidence?[:o]

    I guess you weren't tired with a sore back in '83 . . . but wait . . . if he was born in February during the blizzard of '83, was it snowing in June of '82? Maybe it rained real hard.

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  7. Is that the engine Toyota will be using in NASCAR ?

    You got it!! The venerable Toyota pushrod V-8.

    .... Interesting technology.



    Carbureted and pushrod. .. . . technology and NASCAR Isnt that an oxymoron?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    I loved watching Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon wrestle sprint cars around the high dirt banks of Eldora (now owned by Tony Stewart) with lots of slip slidin and passing, or the pavement at IRP. Ive yet to watch a NASCAR parade from flag to flag.

    Sprint cars on dirt aint high tech but it's fun to watch. Formula One is high tech but it's a parade.

  8. JC-

    I'll watch those eBay sales and put in a sniped bid at a low price. Might get lucky.


    Those are listed by Bob Crites/BEC, an excellent source of new parts. I'm trying to avoid the expense of new autformers. Undoubtedly many of these have found their way into landfills, I'm just trying to save a few from that fate.


    The sonics are important enough that I want to see if there is an improvement over stock AA networks with new caps from BEC. I'd like the networks to be useable in applications other than the school's La Scalas, i.e., autoformers are a given over fixed resistors.

    The whole project is very low priority. With patience, autoformers on the cheap will materialize.

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