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  1. 4 minutes ago, Randyh said:

    what  did you use as components  to make your " DIY Super Heresys, "    ?  , I am just wondering.


    The details are chronicled here:

    I am still deciding whether to use the tweeters from the KP-201s, now with  Crites titanium diaphragms, or Crites CT-120s.  They sound comparable to me, each superior to K-77s.  


    The plan is to refurbish  a pair of HIPs and convert them to “Supers.”  The CT-120s will go into those.  I don’t expect there to be much difference between the two versions.  One pair will stay and the other pair will go.  In any case, a pair of fully functional Alnico K-77s from the HIPs is available for $100 shipped to 48 states.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Chris A said:

    The version of Audacity I use (V2.1.0) doesn't really support splitting tracks into separate files easily--certainly not in an automated way.




    I now use Audacity v2.3.3, which makes splitting and naming tracks very easy.  The prior version I used (v2.?.?) did not.  After recording side one, I pause the Audacity recording, flip the disc, and resume the rip/recording.  It helps to note the numerical positions at the track changes, but even without those notes, it’s relatively easy to visualize the splits on the computer screen.  After the recording/rip is completed, cleaning up the lead-in, record flip and run-out is also easier than before.


    I too found the process of splitting and naming tracks tedious with earlier versions of Audacity.  Version 2.3.3 makes it easy, but it still takes place in real time.

  3. 2 hours ago, pbphoto said:

    Yes, for about $30 you can get a Behringer UCA202, UFO202, or UCA222 that takes line-level (or phono-level in the case of the UFO202), digitizes it 48/16, and sends it out over USB (or optical UCA202 /UCA222).  MACOS running Audacity sees this input stream and you are golden.


    This works for me.  After a bit of practice, using Audacity to split and label tracks becomes relatively easy.  One major difference between ripping CDs or ripping vinyl is the time commitment.  CDs rip in seconds, whereas vinyl rips in real time and should be monitored to avoid digitizing skips.

  4. On 11/27/2019 at 6:31 PM, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Yep, once you have subwoofers, especially horn loaded ones, you never go back.


    I agree about subs.


    First, I’m sure Heresy IVs sound superior to my DIY Super Heresys, but not enough to justify the expense difference, IMO.  My whole system, including 4 DIY Exodus Anarchy Tapped Horn subs powered by a pair of iNuke 1000dsp amps, a DIY TPA3255EVM Class-D based amp, and a Pono player cost me about as much as one new H4.  That said, I feel the with/without sub comparison is valid, if not perfect.


    Without the subs, my “Supers” sound very good to me, and even more so to others.  You don’t miss subs.  But, add in the four TH subs flat to 25Hz and you feel bass you thought you heard without the subs.  The difference is even more startling when the subs are removed mid-song.  Even those with little or no interest in audio recognize the difference and prefer the sound with subs.


    After extracting acknowledgements from friends and family that subs fill in something missing with “Supers” alone, I turn off the 3255 leaving only the four TH subs.  The audible output from the subs alone is minimal.  It seems impossible that they can make such a difference.  IMO, if you are aware of subs as a sound source, they’re too much.


    I Hope Klipsch sells H4s as quickly as they can make them.  The majority of the owners will be satisfied without subs.  IMO, the relatively few who add a quality sub(s) — horn or TH — will enjoy a small, but genuine, improvement.



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  5. I mentioned this before, but that has never stopped me in the past.


    When I told a friend of mine about seeing the Byrds play in Grand Haven, he all but called me a liar.  “You saw America’s greatest rock and roll band at a roller rink in Grand Haven?”  Fortunately, an article from the Grand Haven Tribune corroborated my story,



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  6. 8 hours ago, JRH said:

    Logbook says September 18, 1963.  Of note, only one pair was shipped in August!  Musta been leaning heavily on Belle's teaching salary!




    Although somewhat understandable, it was unsettling the way Miss Valerie appeared to erase the place Belle had in PWK’s life and the history of Klipsch & Associates.  Clearly, without Belle’s teaching salary, Klipsch & Associates would not have survived.   


    I hope and believe that Miss Valerie was a worthy companion to PWK, notwithstanding her apparent jealousy of Belle.  It’s sad and ironic that Miss Valerie enjoyed financial success only made possible by the work and sacrifice of Belle.

  7. 13 hours ago, dirtmudd said:

    That's right you want to join in..




    That looks a lot like the monstrosity my parents bought as my first go-kart.  My Briggs & Stratton powered semi-pneumatic (hard rubber) tired mess was eventually replaced by real go-karts with twin McCulloch power that would go over 100 mph, which inches from the pavement seemed like 200 mph.


    On another note, I was listening to an NPR program about deception as a measure of animal intelligence.  Apparently, an Orangutan fashioned a lock-pick from a curved piece of wire.  After several escape attempts it was determined that keepers had not negligently left a door unlocked, but that the Orangutan had hidden the wire in its mouth until needed.

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  8. That was quite the mono Hi-Fi setup in it’s day.  I wonder what type of speaker is behind the grille cloth.  In hindsight, I can’t help but think the corner cabinet would be worth more today if it had been left original.


    Nevertheless, I admire the ingenuity, craftsmanship, and dedication to Hi-Fi that fueled that project. Although the turntable appears to be gone, the “. . . . still-functional authentic  Klipsch speaker behind the mesh grille” appears to be included.  If so, no matter which 60s Klipsch speaker it is, it’s probably worth more than $250.  But then what to do with the bastardized corner cabinet?


    Perhaps Tom @kuisis, or some other Pittsburgh area Forum member, can solve the mystery.

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  9. Welcome.


    I would remove all components to do extensive woodworking to refinish them.   Not trying to be snide, but my suggestion is, if you need detailed disassembly instructions, then don’t do this.  I’m confident you’ll do fine.


    While inside the bass bins, I would seal the interior joints with RTV silicone and be sure to reattach the woofers with as many screws as possible, rather than the four Klipsch used in Hope.  You might also consider front mounting the horns to the  baffle boards, or at least radius the openings at the front if rear mounted.  If inserting collars between the top hats and bass bins is important to you, these other details might be also.  All of the foregoing didn’t  “make a dime’s bit of difference” to PWK at the production stage, but, IMO, they’re worth the time, effort, and cost at this point.


    I would replace the K-77 tweeters with Crites 120s and refresh the capacitors in the networks.  I’d also replace the connection terminals with Neutrik Speakon connectors.  Also, replace the gaskets between the squawker horns  and drivers.  Get to know a Bob Crites at critesspeakers.com.  He’s a knowledgeable resource with the utmost integrity.



    Good luck and please  post photos as you progress.  OBTW, “dime” is Yank-speak for a ten penny coin. 



  10. While ripping some vinyl to digital this weekend I first realized I have two copies of Sheffield Lab’s direct to disc pressing of I’ve Got The Music In Me by Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker.  That got me thinking; I don’t need two, in fact, now that the record is digitized, I don’t need one.  Better to get them into the hands of vinyl aficionados than to sit unused on a shelf.


    All albums will have received a Reg Williamson PVA facial including Cyastat anti-static treatment.  As I go through the inventory to confirm cleaning, I’ll post the detailed inventory and prices.  Until then, in addition to the two Thelma Houston records there are the following:

    • Kind of  Blue by Miles Davis;
    • Time Out by Dave Brubeck;
    • The Turning Point by John Mayall;
    • Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd; and
    • Many more to be listed and priced.


    Prices will include shipping at the media mail rate.  I will describe the condition as objectively as I can.  Feel free to make offers on the titles referenced above while I determine the prices I’ll post.



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