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  1. 17 hours ago, rockhound said:

    More interested in how it sounds :)


    Me too.  Perhaps Sunday.  After DuraTex, I’ll remove the tape over the driver openings, then reach inside to seal the joints at the underside of the  top.  Only then can I install the drivers, feet, and handle.

  2. The box is almost ready for DuraTex.  I’ll do the round-overs with the router in the morning.  The box cleaned up nicely with a little Bondo and the palm sander. I must not be using the palm sander correctly . . . I still need glasses.


    I’d post work in progress pics, but it started to rain.  I’ll do it in the morning.

  3. Warning to Justin @justinsweber or anyone else who builds one of these.  


    Do do not use the holes provided to pass the speaker wires through the walls of the bass reflex enclosures.  By the time you hot glue the wires into place as instructed, the wires encroach upon the space needed for the control module.  Using the shortest stand-offs supplied, the module just barely fits.  If Justin were to add a second battery board, the module would NOT fit.


    If I build another, I will fill the original holes and put new holes closer to the front.  That would avoid interference with the control module.  There’s room to go forward before interfering with the woofer.




  4. Followed Jason’s lead (as always, pun intended) and soldered the speaker leads directly to the crossovers.  Hooked everything up for test run prior to gluing on the top, filling, sanding, routing, and applying DuraTex.  Everything worked.  The Bluetooth took a lot of time to connect.  Hopefully it will connect faster going forward.


    Naturally, judging the SQ is not possible until the enclosure is completed.  It’s extremely unlikely that will occur this weekend.



  5. On 9/24/2019 at 11:28 AM, babadono said:

    So Jeff just got finished painting his Mom's kitchen?


    That’s funny.


    I used to be bothered by Jeff’s outfits, but not any longer.  His talent is unquestioned, and possibly unequaled.  He can wear whatever he damn pleases.


    From interviews, he seems to be a down-to-earth car guy who works on his own hot rods. What’s not to like?

  6. 18 hours ago, justinsweber said:

    I desoldered the connectors off the crossover and soldered 2 of the black wires +/_ directly to the crossover PCB inlace of the red/black.


    I’ll probably do the same; the black leads are plenty long enough.  I can see why PE suggested removing the connectors and splicing, rather than expecting novices to desolder and resolder at the PCB, but expecting a beginner to have heat shrink tubing about is almost as bad.

  7. A prompt and helpful reply was received from Greg at PE Tech Support.  He told me where to stick the Bluetooth antenna (in the kindest way possible).  He also advised that the connection from the KAB-230 could be to any of the three same sized receptacles on the rechargeable batteries board.  While the prompt and helpful support is great,  better instructions would have been even greater.

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  8. One pair packed per box.  FedEx caculated 23.0 x 17.0 x 16.0 @ 38.3 pounds.  One box is off to Ohio for $25.48, less than a third the cost to buy new from PE.  The other box awaits a UPS shipping label from the recipient , or instructions to send by FedEx.


    My garage now has some space, but nature abhors a vacuum.


    20190923_100937 (Medium).jpg

  9. 1 minute ago, Deang said:

    Win or lose, there are few things in life more fun than a trip to the ballpark!


    Truly awesome that someone turned your wallet in without ripping you off. 


    Probably a member of the cleanup crew.  


    Now I'll do what I should have done earlier, which is to scan the contents of my wallet so the next time it vanishes, I know which cards to cancel.

  10. Last night I treated my bride of 37 years to the final Friday night Detroit Tigers home game at Comerica Park.  She's a huge Tigers fan.  Win or lose, there's a great fireworks show following the game.


    Thanks to the secondary ticket market, we were able to get great seats at a great price.  Unfortunately, the team the Tigers put on the field is awful.  I'm no baseball expert, but these young guys make fielding and throwing errors as if they want to be returned to the minors.  The 70 win White Sox won 10-1.


    At the wife's request I ordered a pair of Ballpark Franks (the only time she'll eat a hotdog).  The young vendor tried to give me $5.00 too much in change, which would have more than wiped out her tip. 


    Toward the end of the game I bought a lemonade and put my wallet in a cupholder in the seat in front of me.  That little voice that warns you not to set anything on the roof of the car must have been engrossed in the game.


    This morning I couldn't find my wallet.  It quickly dawned on me that I'd put it in the cupholder.  A call to the Comerica Park lost and found reached a pleasant young woman who confirmed my wallet was indeed there. I immediately returned to the scene of the crime (the game) and my stupidity.  The wallet still had the cash and credit cards.  The karma created when I corrected the vendor worked in my favor regarding the misplaced wallet.


    Regarding the Tigers, wait 'til next year . . . and a few more after that.


    Comerica Park.jpg

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  11. Charles Woodson declares on TV that he is embarrassed by Michigan football.


    Sparty won easily at Northwestern, but that ain’t Madison.  I’m still not comfortable with the off-season coaching assistant musical chairs in East Lansing.  If MSU handles the Hoosiers next week in East Lansing, they get to deal with the Badgers at Camp Randall Stadium the next week.

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