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  1. 8 hours ago, rplace said:

    Fun afternoon in Annapolis MD yesterday. Navy bulldozing ENC


    I hope a good Navy team beats a good Army team this year.  If not, the First Class (seniors) wIll go through their entire USNA career without a victory in that classic rivalry.

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  2. 22 hours ago, wvu80 said:

    I came here looking for some discussion on the ending of the Michigan State/Socal ASU game.  What a stunning shock to Sparty to make the game tie-ing 42 yard FG, then having it taken away by 12 men on the field, then missing wide left on the re-do from 47 yards for a 10-7 loss.


    The coaches blew that.  There’s no excuse for having too many men on the field.  The play calling was unimaginative.  Apparently, shuffling the same assistant coaches to different assignments in a game of musical chairs is not working.

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  3. So far, the CNC cuts are fine.   Screwing directly into MDF gives me the willies, so I’ll glue and clamp small sections of hardwood dowels to the back of each screw location.  Once glued together, the only access is by removing the screws attaching the plate to the back or the drivers.  Without the supplemental real wood, removing and replacing screws in MDF securely would be damn near impossible.


    I also plan to round over all hard exterior edges with a router.  IMO, it looks better and prevents the inevitable dents in the hard 90 degree edges.  I’ll post photos as I go along.  


    Unless this thing sounds like crap, which I don’t expect,  I’ll be buying more for my sons, nephews and niece.




  4. EDIT 9/12/19

    They’e all spoken for.



    Part number: 300-7064 on PE site.  


    Five  bundles as shown are available to forum members for the cost of shipping.  They’re $39.98 on the PE site.


    PE .56 cubic ft.  Knock down mdf bookshelf speaker cabinets.  Each bundle ~14#.


    The attached photos show what they look like when assembled.  They do not have any holes for terminals, ports, drivers, etc.


    I’ve built a dozen.  My plans for these changed.  They’re available bundled as shown.  Take 1, all 5, or something in between.  PM if you’re interested.





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  5. Everything arrived.  It looks very good.  It will be a fun project.  The first decision is the type of glue.  The instruction video shows yellow wood glue, such as Titebond.  I have used wood glue or Loctite PL on other speaker projects, both with good results.  Each has benefits and drawbacks, but I’m leaning toward PL.


    If interested, two links to videos from PE’s site are included below.  In fact, they’re included whether or not you’re interested.






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  6. I ordered this miniDSP 2 x 4 Balanced Kit on 9/5/19; it arrived today.  Five days from China to Michigan.  I've had birthday cards from across town take longer.



    Given the warnings about this unit, I don't expect it to become a permanent addition to my system.   I do expect it to let me evaluate the gross concept of delaying everything else to let the subs catch up.  If there's an improvement, I expect to get a more elegant, i.e., quiet form of balanced DSP.


    20190910_191150 (Medium).jpg

  7. 20 hours ago, justinsweber said:

    I bought one to build. 

    Have the cab assembled. I think it’s a great project. I do wish I could of grills. I found an ok grill for the tweeter but not one for the woofer.  I’ll let you guys know how the project turns out. 😉


    What tweeter grill did you find?

  8. On 9/7/2019 at 3:11 AM, Ougo said:

    . . . it does not sound digital at all . . .


    I know you mean this as a compliment, but I have a different take on your comment.   To me, amps shouldn’t sound tube-like or digital, they should sound like the music they are reproducing.  After years of enjoying several excellent tube amps, I’ve switched totally to class-D chip amps.  The money I save on air conditioning pays for more music. 😏


    If by accurately reproducing the source material with zero noise, high dynamics, full frequency range, and great separation sounds “digital,” then I’m all for it.


    None of my high quality tube amps sounded as good as my balanced class-D chip amps.  Others will disagree, but I don’t consider “digital” as a negative adjective.



  9. 7 hours ago, HDBRbuilder said:

    The braces ARE vertically-centered to the bass bin portion of the speaker...


    Cant disagree with you Andy, you were there.  Upon closer inspection, I was starting to agree the braces could be centered, now you eliminate any doubt.

  10. Watching Michigan vs Army with no sound while doing NordicTrak and listening to Blues Breakers John Mayall With Eric Clapton.


    Neither team can hang onto the ball,  With 2:51 to go in 1st half:


    ARMY. 14

    M.           7


    GO ARMY!

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  11. Perhaps the word order in the subject could be reversed.  Your hearing is only as good as your ears.


    At 70, my high frequency hearing is severely limited above 6kHz.  Nevertheless, I still enjoy the treble content of music, the cymbals in Take Five for example.  When playing test tones through my DIY Super Heresys and four DIY tapped horn subs, I can hear content at 25Hz, more important, I can feel the bass.  My best IEMS or cans can’t replicate the bass pressure experienced in my small listening space.

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  12. EDIT 9/7/19 @ 08:47 EDT


    I see this photo was posted earlier.  It’s comforting to see hat PWK’s lab was no neater than my workspace.



    @pzannucci noticed the braces in the attached photo @HDBRbuilder posted in the thread about the new H4.  Clearly PWK was aware of the sidewall resonance issue and braces as a possible solution.  Notice they are not vertically centered.



  13. 51 minutes ago, pzannucci said:

    can't help noticing the braces on the La Scala. 


    Nice catch.  Notice too they are not centered vertically in the opening, which was a topic debated recently.

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