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  1. On 9/7/2019 at 3:11 AM, Ougo said:

    . . . it does not sound digital at all . . .


    I know you mean this as a compliment, but I have a different take on your comment.   To me, amps shouldn’t sound tube-like or digital, they should sound like the music they are reproducing.  After years of enjoying several excellent tube amps, I’ve switched totally to class-D chip amps.  The money I save on air conditioning pays for more music. 😏


    If by accurately reproducing the source material with zero noise, high dynamics, full frequency range, and great separation sounds “digital,” then I’m all for it.


    None of my high quality tube amps sounded as good as my balanced class-D chip amps.  Others will disagree, but I don’t consider “digital” as a negative adjective.



  2. 7 hours ago, HDBRbuilder said:

    The braces ARE vertically-centered to the bass bin portion of the speaker...


    Cant disagree with you Andy, you were there.  Upon closer inspection, I was starting to agree the braces could be centered, now you eliminate any doubt.

  3. Watching Michigan vs Army with no sound while doing NordicTrak and listening to Blues Breakers John Mayall With Eric Clapton.


    Neither team can hang onto the ball,  With 2:51 to go in 1st half:


    ARMY. 14

    M.           7


    GO ARMY!

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  4. Perhaps the word order in the subject could be reversed.  Your hearing is only as good as your ears.


    At 70, my high frequency hearing is severely limited above 6kHz.  Nevertheless, I still enjoy the treble content of music, the cymbals in Take Five for example.  When playing test tones through my DIY Super Heresys and four DIY tapped horn subs, I can hear content at 25Hz, more important, I can feel the bass.  My best IEMS or cans can’t replicate the bass pressure experienced in my small listening space.

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  5. EDIT 9/7/19 @ 08:47 EDT


    I see this photo was posted earlier.  It’s comforting to see hat PWK’s lab was no neater than my workspace.



    @pzannucci noticed the braces in the attached photo @HDBRbuilder posted in the thread about the new H4.  Clearly PWK was aware of the sidewall resonance issue and braces as a possible solution.  Notice they are not vertically centered.



  6. 51 minutes ago, pzannucci said:

    can't help noticing the braces on the La Scala. 


    Nice catch.  Notice too they are not centered vertically in the opening, which was a topic debated recently.

  7. Part of the rationalization for the purchase was the balance in my PayPal account after selling the electronics that came with the La Scalas @Escher purchased.  Somehow that money seems like audio hobby money, rather than real money.


    After listening to Clapton Unplugged this evening, I’m not sure how much room for improvement there is.  As MenloBob said, it’s only $100. and PayPal “play money” at that.

  8. EDIT:  109/12/19


    I purchased a second one.  The thread now chronicles the second build.


    EDIT:  9/25/19


    I purchased one.  The thread now chronicles the build.



    Anyone have any experience with this thing found on page 9 of the Parts Express catalog SS Vol. 11?


    For $129 I might get one to build as a gift for the Millenial kids.  Better yet, I give them the kit and let them build it.



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  9. 1 hour ago, HDBRbuilder said:

    frame of the woofer has nothing (or VERY LITTLE) to do with it...it is the excursion limits...


    I wasn't suggesting that the cast frame itself increased excursion.  I identified the HIPs' woofers as EV cast frame woofers to do just that, to identify them.  I assume they are able to handle the excursions allowed in that ported enclosure, as Klipsch included them in the HIP.

  10. 7 minutes ago, HDBRbuilder said:

    With the short-excursion woofer, a sealed cabinet was a necessity to keep the voice coil from being damaged from "slamming" at high-output levels. 


    I assume the EV cast frame woofers in my HIPs can handle the porting, as can (I hope) the Eminence Delta Pro 12A woofers in my ported DIY Super Heresys,


  11. Okay, I acted on impulse and ordered a miniDSP 2 x 4 Balanced Kit to give it a try.  As MenloBob said above, I can always sell it, or pay it forward to a forum member.  I figure I should at least be able to get an idea whether there is a real delay problem with the subs.  It may be I’m trying to solve an issue that isn’t really an issue.  If it results in an improvement, I can consider a better unit. 


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  12. 8 hours ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    Hey Neil,


    I have  a couple of 2 in 6 out Yamaha units you can play with, yes they are balanced and work just as well as Xilica with delays, PEQ's, etc.. I have owned both, but gave up my Xilica to the guy who got my Jubes. But, even used, they are about 50% more $$ than the Mini DSP 4x10 unit, which I've never owned. The Yamahas are solid PRO units, built like tanks, though, and I can't tell the difference, sonically, between Yamaha and Xilica, to be honest.


    We’ll talk.

  13. 13 minutes ago, Chris A said:



    The Xilicas all have balanced connections.


    If you decide to go the tri-amp route with a 4x10 HD or Xilica XP4080, you will have total control over the drivers and delays, and balanced connections throughout, with subwoofers included. 


    If you decide to bi-amp or tri-amp using either of the two crossovers in "1)", then you will need to measure what you've got to dial everything in.  Once you do this, you'll never go back ("it's a slippery slope to the dark side", my friend...).  You do have more than one resource here to help you through this process to achieve outstanding results, but getting a USB microphone will open the doors to sonic nirvana.  The DSP crossovers and USB microphone are usable with any loudspeaker system that you choose, so remember that you're not buying something that's going to be obsolete once you change something in the setup.  It gives the control, measurement and adjustablility to do anything from the moment you figure out how to take measurements.




    Thanks Chris.  That helps.  

  14. This is all becoming very confusing.  As I understand it, Chris @Chris A recommends miniDSP HD over non-HD.  The 2 x 4 HD is not balanced but could be balanced adding Regurgitators.  The 4 x 10 HD can be balanced without Regurgitators.  Apparently, the 4 x 10 HD would allow setting crossover points to the  tweeters, squawkers, and woofers in the Super Heresys, as well as the cross to the subs.  Delay could be set as to each driver also.  Am I understanding this correctly?


    The 2 x 4 Balanced Kit is not recommended because of the limitations of the non-HD configuration.  Correct Chris?


    For reasons previously stated, I’m committed to balanced.  Based upon my understanding as expressed above, it seems my choices are:


    1. Skip the whole thing and live with subwoofers delayed;

    2. Get miniDSP Balanced Kit (not HD) to delay Supers to align with subs;

    3. Get miniDSP 2 x 4 HD plus Regurgitators to get balanced;

    4. Get miniDSP 4 x 10 HD to provide max flexibility balanced; or

    5. Get Xilica at unknown cost and unknown as to balanced.


    Is any current lag in subwoofer output real, and, if so, is it worth the effort and expense to address it?

  15. 22 minutes ago, babadono said:

    I am surprised by the output level but looks like you're good to go. What headphones only need 2 volts? Just earbuds or what?


    My Sennheiser  HD 280 PRO headphones play well with the Pono in single ended mode, and even better in balanced mode.


    Pono in balanced is sweet sounding.





  16. I was able to find some info regarding the Pono's output. The following is excerpted from an article in Stereophile.


    "Perhaps the best way to characterize the Pono player," I concluded in May, "is to say that for $399, you get a D/A processor almost as good as Ayre Acoustics' QB-9 ($3250), with a 128GB hi-rez media player thrown in for free."
    The benefit of balanced operation is twofold. First, because the PonoPlayer must operate from a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, the maximum unbalanced output voltage is restricted to 1V. (With a 1kHz tone at 0dBFS and the Pono's volume control set to its maximum, I measured slightly less than this from the headphone jack: 961.3mV.) Although in balanced mode each of the signal-phase outputs is limited to the same 1V, because they're in opposite polarity to each other—as the cold phase swings negative, the hot phase swings positive—the maximum output voltage is doubled; ie, increased by 6dB. This will, in theory, lower the noise floor by 3dB for the same playback level as in conventional mode. Second, any noise that is common to both signal phases, as well as even-order harmonic distortion, will be canceled with balanced operation.

  17. This will demonstrate my ignorance.  Might it be possible to use multiple dsp units to maintain balanced, that is, to have a + & - for each channel without a common ground?


    It’s starting to sound very complicated, but I do want to preserve balanced.  I do not want to insert something between the preamp (Pono) and the amp that will degrade the midrange and treble.

  18. 27 minutes ago, babadono said:

    I have no personal experience with the miniDSP hardware but I have read it is easy to overdrive the inputs. So no reason it cannot be used but you will have to be mindful of that. miniDSP website says max input for the unit you linked to is 2 Vrms which is only about +8dBu.


    I could find the max output of the Pono player balanced outputs, but I doubt it’s very high.


    ”2 Vrms which is only about +8dBu.”  

    Is that Russian?

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