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  1. I could find the max output of the Pono player balanced outputs, but I doubt it’s very high. ”2 Vrms which is only about +8dBu.” Is that Russian?
  2. Now I see you edited your post after I quoted it. Thanks @Chris A
  3. DizRotus


    A guy is telling a coworker that, as he drove by a prison, he saw a midget escaping by climbing down the fence. The coworker told him he should not use the term midget, as it’s a little condescending.
  4. Is “Minidsp” a brand name? I always assumed it was a generic description of a small dsp.
  5. Thanks for the offer. Since Radio Shack disappeared, I’ve stockpiled electronic bits, and pieces, which I think includes what you’re kindly offering. If I don’t find one in inventory, I’ll take you up on your kind offer.
  6. Does anyone here have any experience with this company’s products? https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidspkits/2-x-in-4-x-out-bal
  7. @rplace said: “Why split the signal to the iNukes? DSP everything . . . FWIW, I think you are on the right path to delay the others and not the sub.” I think you answered your first question with the last sentence.
  8. You seem to understand my confusing questions. I’m asking about the feasibility of inserting a DSP between the preamp (Pono) and the 3255 chip amp. The balanced signal would be split to bypass the DSP and chip amp to proceed unmolested to the iNukes. You seem to suggest it’s OK. I’m not trying to delay the subs, but rather to possibly delay everything else to let the subs catchup, or Ketchup for Steve @BigStewMan.
  9. I’ll calculate the length of the path from the front of the driver to the mouth and post that later. However, since these are tapped horns, it seems to be complicated by the energy coming off the rear of the drivers closer to the mouths. The attached photo of one of Carl’s @CECAA850 identical subwoofers is helpful to understand the situation. The LPF can be set wherever by the dsp in the iNukes. It’s presently crossing at 60Hz. The HPF is set at 20Hz, but it too is variable in the iNukes’ dsp.
  10. That could work. The case is big enough; it might require some shuffling. I see the unit requires a 12v power supply. That probably can’t fit in the case also.
  11. I use a Pono player to feed a balanced signal to a Texas Instruments TDA3255EVM class-D chip amp which drives a pair of DIY Supers made to @ClaudeJ1‘s recipe. The balanced output from the Pono player is split to also send balanced signals to a pair of iNuke 1000dsp amps, each of which drives a pair of DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs. In my small space, the subs (Lil’Mike says they’re flat to 25Hz) provide plenty of low frequency energy. Nonetheless, I can’t help but think the delay between the Supers and the subs is something to be avoided. Inserting DSP between the Pono and the 3255 seems problematic, due to the balanced inputs of the 3255. Perhaps a pair of 2-channel DSP units, one for each balanced channel, would work. I can hear the question being asked, “Why balanced?” The answer is because I can, and because I think it sounds better. Everyone, as in ALL, who has listened to both balanced and single ended output from a Pono player using my Sennheiser cans, preferred balanced. The sound is universally described as “3-D,” wider soundstage, deeper soundstage, better separation and localization of Instruments, etc. While intuitively such subtleties are likely more apparent using headphones (with no time delay issues) it seems the same benefits would also be observable, albeit to a lesser degree, through speakers. Also you might ask, “Why Pono?” Despite the complete failure of Neil Young and Pono as a revolution in listening to music, it works very well in my system as a preamp with an excellent ESS Sabre DAC. While the Pono can provide single ended output to my amps in single ended mode with excellent results, the facts that Pono, 3255s and iNukes are designed to operate in balanced configuration, and that balanced sounds better, at least through headphones, makes it seem a shame to waste that opportunity. Can dsp be inserted in the outputs of the 3225 to delay the signal to allow the TH subs to catch up? Can dsp be inserted in the inputs before the 3255? Any suggestions as to how to implement this? The attached photo shows the inside of the case containing the 3255 and the Meanwell power supply. Although difficult to see from the photo, the inputs are via XLR terminals (+, -, and shielded ground). Inside the case, before going to the 3255, those signals are split to send to the inNukes via cables at the rear of the case. It seems to me that dsp units could be external to the case but inserted into the inputs or outputs in such a way was to delay the upper frequencies to be aligned with the subs. What do you think? Is it even a problem?
  12. Thank goodness. I didn’t know to which rule Dean was referring. My wife laughed out loud at your hardware store example.
  13. Myself, I don’t like the word “myself.” It should not be used as a subject, as in the prior sentence. It is used improperly more often than not.
  14. Hi Rick from Sacramento, When Chuck, aka Tarheel, asked you about your name, I believe he was curious about Fomoco69. Which 69 Ford inspired your forum name?
  15. To the best of my knowledge, Klipsch never offered such a thing and never endorsed the bass reflex mod authored by the late lamented Dennis, aka djk. My guess is that someone made those at the same time the bass bin braces were made and refinished everything to match, thus giving the appearance of “factory” work. If I’m incorrect, perhaps Jim @JRH can correct me.
  16. Mr. and Mrs. Skelt left with 4x4 sheet of expanded metal to block critters from MWM mouths. It was a pleasure meeting Julie, if only briefly. I felt bad thinking they drove from Eastern Ohio just for this. As they were leaving, they mentioned going to The Henry Ford (Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum) on the way home. They’ve never been there. I endorsed the plan wholeheartedly. We belong, go often, and take visiting guests.
  17. Ya think? Is that the only thing you didn’t like about the last paragraph?
  18. Rankings are overrated, especially this early. An eight team playoff is needed. The champions of 5 power conferences and three more. Until they go to 8 teams they should not again make the mistake of wasting a spot on Notre Dame.
  19. It was definitely downhill, at least offensively, after that acrobatic touchdown. My wife would call better plays.
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