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  1. Rather than “Pencil,” the request could be, “#2 Ticonderoga.”
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    I don’t know, he’s lost a lot of Mylar. Two more to go.
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    Probably liebfraumilch.
  4. A photo from the listing keeps an alert post somewhat interesting even after the listing is deleted. Now we’ll never know what the Forte II looked like, but the “capitalism” Heresy 2s look like this.
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    On our way to church many years ago we passed the home of a Korean family in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, their house showed evidence of a small fire. As we drove by my father said, “Wokking the dog.” We eventually learned that no one was injured, the kitchen fire damage was not extensive, and they didn’t own a dog . . . . . . at least, not anymore.
  6. Asking price seems a bit high.
  7. This photo is from the Minnesota listing. Clearly they’re ported with a pair of woofers each.
  8. I think it's an agricultural thing, such as the hopper that feeds grain to a grinder. It doesn't appear to me to be an acoustical horn, but I've been wrong before, just ask my wife.
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    This was next to my front door this morning. After staring at it for some time trying to determine if it is a leaf or a moth, a tiny voice asked to borrow a dollar. I then decided to just leaf well enough a loan.
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    I felt juvenile the whole time, but this made me laugh. I just hope my wife doesn’t ask me, “What’s so funny?”
  11. To me, there are at least three subcategories of answers to Caude’s thread title. recordings used to quickly audition speakers, recordings used to impress guests; and recordings to enjoy personally. My answers by the above categories are: Take Five by Dave Brubeck. I’m intimately familiar with it. It quickly demonstrates to me if speakers or a system are musically accurate. The combination of piano, horns and percussion is revealing. All it lacks is a female vocalist. Dark Side Of The Moon. Most are familiar with this recording. Guests are always amazed by the impact of the opening heartbeat from my four small tapped horn subs. The bass in Money also impresses. Unplugged (Deluxe) by Eric Clapton. I enjoy the entire live recording. The feeling of the tapping feet on the stage floor combined with the audience enhances the performances. The final track, Worried Life Blues, features the piano virtuosity of Chuck Leavell. I’m enjoying this thread a lot. There are more recommendations of good recordings from those whose opinions I respect than there is time to listen to them all. Notwithstanding some people’s philosophical and/or SQ objections to streaming, I find it a valuable way to audition artists, performances, recordings, etc., I’d never hear otherwise. I’ve purchased many recordings as a result, so I don’t feel bad enjoying streamed music knowing the artists are paid very little. The way I see it, they’re being paid, albeit almost nothing, to have an opportunity to persuade me to buy their music. If I want to listen more, I purchase recordings, both to have at my disposal and to support the artists.
  12. I had to Google “Irmo” to learn that it was not yet another acronym or abbreviation, like IIRC, YMMV, etc., that had escaped the notice of this septuagenarian. GLWS is another one.
  13. I had the same thought. If not Craig, other qualified and reputable techs should also be able to repair it well within your budget. Good luck.
  14. When the listings die, these photos will live on.
  15. I was reminded of him just the other day. For someone who was typecast professionally as a smarmy weasel, in reality he was, apparently, a very nice guy.
  16. My late father is one of those named on the Brunswick patent on the first automated scorekeeper in approximately 1961. It took many years for automated scorekeepers to become the norm, as the cost to upgrade could bankrupt small operators. The movie theater business today is somewhat analogous. The cost to upgrade from film projectors to digital projectors is prohibitively expensive for small independent operators.
  17. Those would be very cool. If closer, I’d be all over them. Check with local musicians. Find out who repairs their amps. There must be several alternatives within driving distance. I needed a recone of one of the EV woofers in a pair of HIPs. At the recommendation of @ClaudeJ1, I had both reconed. The results are visually and sonically excellent. Too bad there wasn’t a law against foam surrounds.
  18. As a former owner of Speakerlab SKhorns, they do not appear to me to be Speakerlab. The presence of Klipsch balancing networks suggests to me heavily modified Klipschorns or homemade. In either case, IMO, their value as they are is less than the value of the individual components.
  19. My guess is any difference would be negligible, but it’s merely a guess. It will be interesting to see responses from those with answers based on science and/or experience.
  20. You should be able to use the hemostat to get the string and clip to catch in a lowered position. It will be easier to do if you have not just used the hemostat to keep you from burning your fingers.
  21. Those instructions should enable you to re-install the sashes? Good luck. Our Marvin windows are similar. Perhaps these tips regarding Marvin will translate to Anderson. To replace an upper sash, the strings need to be carefully manually pulled down in the jams until they catch. I use a screwdriver or pliers to grip the metal piece at the end of the string. If you let go before it catches in the jam it snaps forcefully back up. Be careful. Once caught in the lowered position, connect the left side of the bottom of the sash to the metal clip. You present the sash at an angle with the right side higher than the left. After the left is snapped into the metal clip, lower the right side of the sash until it snaps into the metal clip. Once the strings are attached to the bottom of the sash, you should be able to pivot the top of the sash into the jam. From a quick perusal of the instructions you attached, the Anderson mechanism seems similar. Just be careful. The string springs are strong.
  22. Are you saying that you removed the sashes, rather than the whole window? Photos would be helpful. Is it possible to get photos of similar windows that are properly installed?
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