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  1. Oh no, Vitale! If my wife weren’t watching also, I’d turn the sound off and listen to music while watching the game.
  2. Tonight #3 Kansas vs #4 Duke at 7pm EST, followed by #1 MSU vs #2 Kentucky, both games at MSG. Or, also at 7pm, you could watch Michigan vs Appalachian State. It should go better for Michigan this time.
  3. I believe you’re thinking of Medusa.
  4. As others have suggested, start with refreshing the capacitors in the networks. If that doesn’t restore the “sizzle” you seek, perhaps a new drop-in tweeter from Bob Crites (also a source of the network components) should give you sizzle that only your dog will hear. You don’t need a supplemental super tweeter.
  5. Someone will sarcastically ask if you have more and better photos. GLWS
  6. Here’s a link to the miniDSP site: https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidspkits/2-x-in-4-x-out-bal
  7. If interested, go to the following thread for details. It includes a power supply and volume pot. Here’s a link to the miniDSP site: https://www.minidsp.com/products/minidspkits/2-x-in-4-x-out-bal Interested Claude @ClaudeJ1?
  8. Well, plans change. This brand new unit is available to forum members in 48 contiguous states for $50 shipped. The second photo shows how far I got. Never connected anything to anything. The motivation for the change of heart was the music in the excellent PBS Ken Burns Country Music documentary. My reasoning follows below. My wife only comes into the basement man-cave to watch sports (which she loves) or shows involving music. The HT consists of an Onkyo AVR driving 5 DIY Fostex FE103 bass reflex single drivers. The four DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs are typically not hooked up for HT viewing The bass from the 5 single drivers is adequate; we’re not into explosions, earthquakes, etc. to enjoy films. By definition, single drivers are time aligned. The imaging from them is superb. The placement of instruments and the localization of female vocalists can be spooky real at times. It was that time alignment which I sought to replicate in my music system, which consists of two DIY “Super Heresys” powered by a DIY TI TPA3255EVM class-D chip amp driven in balanced mode by one of three Pono players as the source, preamp, and DAC. The four TH subs are powered by a pair of iNuke1000dsp class-D amps. I’m thinking that balanced is the explanation, because, IMO, my music system images as well as, if not better than, the time aligned single drivers. It’s difficult to compare apples to apples playing balanced versus single ended through the speakers, due to the need to change amps, etc. It’s relatively easy to compare single ended to balanced using my Sennheiser cans. The universal preference in a blind comparison is for balanced. The comments consistently describe imaging, depth, and a perceived width of soundstage beyond the headphones. It seems logical to expect those qualities to remain when replacing headphones with speakers, especially in a relatively near-field situation. Therefore, I’m done chasing unicorns. I just want to listen to the music. My friends and family already think I’m nuts, so no more tweaking of a system that blows me and them away as it is. Contact me if you’re interested in the MiniDSP. As shown in the photo, a power supply and volume pot are included.
  9. Remind me to never drink milk at your house.
  10. Yes. The 348/409 (center photo), as well as the 427 variant of that engine, can be easily recognized by the unusual valve covers. The small block has the exhaust ports of the two center cylinders in each bank close together, whereas the 396/427 big block has the exhaust ports evenly spaced.
  11. I prefer the sound of Bob’s titanium diaphragms. I don’t find them “sizzly” or at all strident. Perhaps younger ears (71 in less than 2 weeks) might find them too hot, but my Millennial sons seem to like them. If someone wants the old phenolic diaphragms; $50 shipped in Crites plastic containers to 48 states.
  12. There was a 348/409 derived 427 and there was a new 427 “porcupine” motor that was the big block used as 396, 427, and 454 for decades. The 409 was successfully used in the short bursts of drag racing, but tended to blow under the sustained high RPM conditions of NASCAR. Chevy and Junior Johnson debuted the new 427 in 1963 at Daytona 500, much to the chagrin of Ford and Chrysler. IIRC, the new 427 was banned until production numbers justified calling it “stock,” rather than a prototype.
  13. The 265 became 283 in 1957 which became 327 in 1962 which became 350 in 1967 which became 400 in 1970, with minor variations in displacement at various times during that period. The current LS V8s were influenced by the early small block V8 but they are not direct descendants. The 409 was a truck engine derived from the 348. It was completely different from the legendary small block or the later big blocks.
  14. Read it again. Andy was saying that Studebaker balanced and blueprinted it’s V8s. Some would argue that Studebakers we’re not mass produced, or that the expense of balancing and blueprinting contributed to its demise.
  15. My younger brother, USNA ‘75, like many Midshipmen, ordered a new Corvette for a graduation present to himself. For some unknown reason — although probably influenced by his wedding the day after graduation — he passed on the Vette and bought a brand new Fiat similar to the attached photo. What a POS. Among other chronic problems it had an expensive tank mounted electric fuel pump that failed regularly. After the third one we installed an aftermarket pump that lasted indefinitely for a small fraction of the cost of the factory pump. One day, while my brother was on a cruise in the Mediterranean, his wife was driving it on the base in Charleston, SC, when it caught fire. She grabbed the baby and the groceries and went to the curb to watch it burn. Story goes she body blocked a seaman with a fire extinguisher who thought he was doing her a favor.
  16. So Rich @rplace Please tell me you took the time to travel to College Park yesterday.
  17. We just finished watching the PBS Ken Burns Country Music documentary and enjoyed it immensely, way more than expected. The wife (who was reluctant at first) described the episodes as “compelling.” It was a reminder of the all too often link between artistic genius and excesses regarding alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. The world would be a poorer place without the suffering of artists from van Gogh to Van Halen.
  18. So, if I come by with a trailer and a few hundred bucks you won’t be able to say “no” to an offer on a pair of Klipschorns?
  19. Hi Gary, That seems like a fair price, I don’t need them but it seems fair. If you know, how did they come to be empty? I forget. Is that an Elan and does it run?
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