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  1. Now that my geriatric brain is caffeinated, I do recall my first and second pre-recorded cassettes, which were: They were purchased to play in the Sony FM/cassette player I installed in my new ‘74 Olds 442. Those might have been the only pre-recorded cassettes I ever bought. The quality of the tape was dreadful.
  2. Sorry to say I don’t remember my first album or download. My first record would have been a 45, but I don’t remember that either. I do remember other firsts such as bike, car, etc. Who can, or would want to, forget that first etc.?
  3. Forget the stereo. I want the camera that took those excellent photos. But seriously, with the Marantz receiver, the JBL speakers and a turntable, $299 seams like a deal. FWIW, as a child we often stopped at an A&W in Morrow, OH as we traveled between Wyoming, OH and Cowan Lake.
  4. According to Greg at PE, that's not correct. My first one will charge with the power off, but the "Charging" LED doesn't illuminate unless the power is on. I haven't yet charged the second one. Is the left channel/right channel orientation correct on yours as labeled by PE?
  5. Appears to be book matched . . . . plastic.
  6. Stairway To Heaven was so overplayed it is one of the few songs I click past if listening to streaming music. I confess I too was guilty of overplaying it. It was the last song played essentially every night when I had a mobile DJ biz in the 70s. I played it on tape while I packed up the turntables for the trip home. Stairway . . . is really not a bad song, just a victim of overexposure. As to songs that are bad in their own right, of which there are many IMO, they’re the subject of a different thread.
  7. The seams and edges are all buttered up with Bondo. The palm sander will make quick work of the final preperation for Duratex. If the weekend high temp cooperates, the Duratex will be applied.
  8. I look forward to seeing the insides.
  9. I expected my Spartans to be highly ranked to start the season, but please not first. Preseason AP Top 25* 1. Michigan State (60) 2. Kentucky (2) 3. Kansas (3) 4. Duke 5. Louisville 6. Florida 7. Maryland 8. Gonzaga 9. North Carolina 10. Villanova 11. Virginia 12. Seton Hall 13. Texas Tech 14. Memphis 15. Oregon 16. Baylor 17. Utah State 18. Ohio State 19. Xavier 20. Saint Mary's (California) 21. Arizona 22. LSU 23. Purdue 24. Auburn 25. VCU Rankings in college basketball are all but useless, due to the NCAA Tournament. Preseason rankings are especially pointless. Now the Spartans have nowhere to go but down, which they will after their first loss. IMO, being undefeated going into the Tournament is not necessarily a good thing.
  10. The interior joints and seams are sealed with RTV silicone. The crossovers are in place. The driver openings are taped closed. Next the hard edges will rounded over by a router. The exterior seams will be filled, and the whole thing will ready for Duratex.
  11. Wolverines favored by 1 1/2 over Notre Dame at home. I’ll be rooting for B1G and Michigan to keep ND from worming their way into CFP again. Harbaugh can be annoying, remember when he was the Stanford coach and he implied that Michigan’s football players could not cut it academically at Stanford? Annoying aside, he is a decent human being. Brian Kelly, on the other hand, is a total jerk.
  12. DizRotus

    RIP Norman Druce

    Norman Druce died at 46 of a drug overdose. He was a local audio guru who worked with Jack White’s Third Man recording facility. He also designed speakers to be used as studio monitors. He business was on the verge of taking off before his unfortunate and premature demise. I’ve never heard his speakers. His website is linked below. http://www.normandruce.com/#home
  13. I won't get it done today. I still need to reach in through the motorboard holes to seal the seams where the back panel is glued to the sides, top, and bottom. I need the Titebond to cure first. I want to avoid sealing in moisture? Following the sealing with RTV Silicone, I’ll use a router to round-over the hard corners , and then fill and sand the exterior seams. It should be ready for DuraTex next weekend, if the weather cooperates. The screws visible in the attached photo are attachment points for the rubber feet that will be attached to the bottom and the back.
  14. This stuff doesn’t work. I dribbled it all over the keyboard and yet this thread continues.
  15. This one is also labeled incorrectly regarding left/right channels. If you care about proper channel orientation, test for it prior to gluing the last panel into place.
  16. I see now that my post was unclear (edited now for clarity). They were both lost opportunities at different times.
  17. I thought Michigan played as well as they’ve played all season, despite the loss. Next week Michigan plays Notre Dame, which always presents a dilemma for me, as one team has to win. Naturally, I will root for my alma mater next week against PSU, but if Sparty fails to play much better than it has recently, it won’t be pretty.
  18. This could be a separate thread, but what are your greatest concert regrets? Which concerts do you wish you had attended, but didn’t, and which did you attend, but wish you hadn’t? I passed on opportunities to hear Roy Orbison in a small venue in Milwaukee, and to hear Dave Brubeck at the Detroit Jazz Festival for free. Now it’s too late.
  19. I get that, but I thought the strings started out so taut that that much deflection from straight would not be possible.
  20. She’s very good. I’m not a guitarist, but it seemed to me she moved the strings side to side along the neck with her left hand more than I would expect. I thought the strings would be more taut. Apparently, I was mistaken. The linked vintage video of Jimmy Page playing the same song shows similar lateral movement of the strings by his left hand. What say you Steve @BigStewMan or any other experts?
  21. The wife would like to see Elton. Now we understand why you’re single @BigStewMan. 😉 Saw the Byrds (post Mr. Tambourine Man) at Grand Haven roller rink and ballroom. Couldn’t have cost more than $5.
  22. Thank God for that. If you were convinced I’d be worried.
  23. Ticketmaster is the box office. Through American Express, tickets were available prior to the “public” sale, but they were not less expensive. I suppose I’ll explore the secondary market as the concert dates draw near to see if someone needs to unload tickets at the eleventh hour, but I’ll not hold my breath.
  24. Even with the low price and the convenience of CNC cut MDF, the PE Dayton MKBoom will include some BB. PE would have me trust wood screws into the MDF to secure the drivers, the handle, and the feet. I’d sooner trust double faced tape. Instead, I glued hardwood dowel plugs to each driver screw location and BB squares to the insides of the top, bottom, and back where the handle and feet attach. I know, the added plugs and squares decrease the internal volume, which throws off PE’s “precise” calculations; so sue me. Which would you trust to hold a screw, 13-ply BB or compressed sawdust? Nonetheless, I trust Klipsch to make new Cornwalls, as well as their other fine products, from MDF in such ways as to guarantee structural integrity. Just don’t waste your breath trying to convince me that MDF was chosen for “sonic superiority.” If money were no object and I wanted the best sounding Cornwalls, the new Cornwall IV would be my choice. Nonetheless, IMO, sonic superiority exists despite MDF, not because of it.
  25. Sorry for your loss.
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