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    What I Got Today!

    You are now officially “Professional Grade.” I like the color. I had a 442 that color. I’m surprised you didn’t Go Blue.
  2. My prior reference to the Alerts forum was an error, which has been corrected. You posted this in the proper forum. The rest of my post remains good advice, IMO.
  3. Tragedy into triumph. Was able to transform these Frankensmurfs into DIY Super Heresys following Claude’s @ClaudeJ1 recipe.
  4. Being a bad solderer is not his problem. Being an arrogant, insulting, vulgar know it all who also can’t solder is his problem.
  5. Great story. Thanks for sharing it. Certainly hope that recorder is on display. As a trombone player, you might be interested in this Chinchilla tale. Our older son talked us into letting him get a Chinchilla (not recommended by me as a pet). Max had a large cage with a secluded sleeping area in a small cooler. Being nocturnal, he was usually in his cooler when visitors wanted to see him. Trombone to the rescue. For some reason, Max loved trombone music. Whenever our younger son played his trombone, Max would scamper out of his cooler to stand excitedly as close to the trombone sounds as possible. Eventually, the mere sound of the case opening triggered a Pavlovian response. Max would be attentive until the trombone went back in the case. Max was discerning. It had to be Live; a Bill Watrous recording did nothing for Max. It had to be trombone; our older son’s saxophone did not excite Max. FYI, it takes 300 chinchillas to make a coat . . . . . . it’s because their hands are so small.
  6. I find myself listening to more RAP lately . . . . . . mostly at intersections.
  7. Too bad you didn’t take it with you two weeks ago.
  8. Perhaps you best place them in my garage. 😉
  9. I still have it. Come and get it and you may have it. Do us both a favor, you block critters and I avoid having the metal turn into a project for my wife’s garden. It looks like the attached photo.
  10. I thought seven, but I’m old. They’re in The Dope From Hope, which I believe I have the complete thing on a hard drive somewhere. In my copious free time I’ll look for it.
  11. As @MookieStl says, it’s sad when you have to be your own straight man.
  12. We can find a blacksmith forum for ideas.
  13. I agree with your decision Elden. Unless there are dedicated bike trails, we’re too old, and too smart, to mix it up with distracted drivers. We took longer coming back, due to a stop for ice cream. Now my coccyx is screaming at me.
  14. If I didn't recycle it, I have some expanded metal you can have free. I'll check when I get home.
  15. We made the trip in ~40 minutes. The butt muscles are definitely out of shape. Those hard 130 psi tires are great for low rolling resistance, hard on the butt.
  16. Welcome. Photos are needed to provide a meaningful response. That said, the Heresys are probably worth $400 to $800 for the pair, which could be revised upward depending on photos. Regarding the others, without photos and more information, it is impossible to provide a meaningful response. FYI, this is not an auction site. Don’t expect members to bid against each other. If you post an asking price, members might accept your offer, or make a counter offer. Good luck.
  17. The fact that JDM posts photos of that “workmanship” demonstrates how clueless he truly is.
  18. Stay focused. The topic is bicycles. 😏
  19. I admit, like a lot of things, they are used less frequently these days than in the past. There was a time when I did 30 miles a day on the Legnano. On the spur of the moment I took the last ferry back to Mackinac Island, spent the night on a friend’s boat, and then rode back to East Lansing in two days. The roads around here aren’t conducive to bike travel. Furthermore, the logo’d spandex clad Pillsbury Doughboys don’t think the traffic laws apply to them. They feel they can transition from “pedestrian” to traffic at their whim, which makes it hard for drivers and responsible riders.
  20. At 70 and 68, the wife and I are riding our 1974 bikes to the duplex our sons rent from us. We’ll take back roads to go approximately 8 miles each way. Yesterday I loaded the bikes on the car to get the tires pumped up at my mechanic’s. The Schwinn takes 102 psi and the Legnano requires 100 - 130 psi. The kid (late 20s to early 30s) who put in the air was skeptical about those numbers until he read the specs on the tires.
  21. Fortunately, I’m just ignorant enough to know the difference.
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