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  1. After almost 4 weeks of running the CV's at 5 hours a day at very loud volumes these speakers keep sounding better and better. Very impressive foundation shaking speakers. Love them!😎
  2. So first of all the CV's are not as sensitive as the Cornwall's. You will need a lot of power to get them shaking. I managed to turn the volume up to 80 on my pre today it tops out at 100. And still 0 distortion....Wow.... I now have to Velcro all the pictures on the second level in my house to prevent movement . In addition all pots, pans, plates, glasses, and light fixtures on level 2 in my house and level 3 are now shaking and moving. Now if I could only get the Corwall 3's in the same room as the CV's ...Still love my Cornwall's but the CV's are impressive. Pics are in my profile. Cheers music fans!
  3. SS will rock your cornwall 3's to a new level. I used to power mine with a Mcintosh MC275 mk 4 tube amp. Never had enough power for me and to much maintenance with replacing tubes every year. I went with a Mark Levinsion 532h and there is no looking back. Pics of my setup can be seen in my profile....Cheers
  4. Tone adjustments are on flat. Bass response is a non issue with the XLS215's. Mids and highs are never annoying. It is a well balanced speaker.Very similar bass response to my cornwall 3's......Maybe even a little more bass response with the Cv's I love the sound that both sets reproduce
  5. I agree. Both speakers sound great. Subwoofers are a necessity. I have a Cerwin Vega CVHF-A18S powered sub to add that extra punch required.
  6. They are definitely a different sound from what I am used to. Been a klipsch guy for 25 years. First pair of klipsch's were a pair of epic cf4's back in 1994, then heresy 2's, then a pair of mid 70's lascalas and now the cornwall 3's. Love the horns as well...going to crank the %$#$% out of the CV's in an effort to get them broken in. Then an accurate comparison can be made. Cheers
  7. Might be a bit of a road trip for you to come borrow them. I am in Western Canada ....No fuses blown yet....that's okay I bought a big box of spare fuses when I picked up the speakers I never heard the CV series but I listened to the D9's and AT15's and have fond memories of those bad boys...wow that was a long time ago...getting old lol
  8. Yes it may be hard for us Klipsch lovers to believe but the CV XLS215 is a great sounding speaker .
  9. I have had many different amps in the past such as Citation, Rotel RB908bx, Bryston 4B SST, Mcintosh tube Mc275 mark 4, and now final ML ...I am stating ML is by far one of the best sounding amps I have ever heard. Don't get me wrong.. I love my cornwall 3's. But the CV's for the price are hard to beat. I am using the CV's for 6 hours a day in order to get them broken in properly before the true test starts....Cheers
  10. MerkinMuffley...are you referring to that you have never listened to ML amplifiers? In any case both speakers have there strengths and weaknesses. Very close battle brewing here between these foundation shakers
  11. 1 st day listening to the CV's....only 1 thing to say "Wow" Mids, highs, and bass are truly impressive. Speakers are well balanced. All you CV haters out there you must take a listen to these superbly sounding speakers prior to judging. These monsters shake the house and my neighbors house to a new level. And they are not even broken in yet....Hate to say it... but these XLS 215's may sound better than my cornwall 3's. Must keep in mind that the Mark Levinsion 532h will make any speaker sound good. I will post more comments in the weeks ahead.
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