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    R-10SWi level adjustments

    Hi all, I just emailed this question to Klipsch support, then realized that there was a forum here where I probably should have addressed the question in the first place. So let me re-state it here. I just set up my new Klipsch r-10SWi sub. Wireless setup was automatic as soon as I plugged everything in, which was a relief. I thought the instructions were a little vague, but luckily not necessary. So, I immediately went to setting levels. My system includes an older Harmon Kardon AVR140 receiver, two (much older) Energy 2.1e front speakers and a new Polk CSi4 center speaker. The HK rcvr has crossover adjustments which I can't access due to not having the onscreen menu. But I'm trying to figure out two things: What is the diff. between the rcvr. crossover adjustments and the Low Pass filter adjustment on the Klipsch sub? Or are they the same thing? I currently have it set at 80 on the sub. Any more seems to be too much. (It's on the long wall in a 20 x 16' room with 8' ceilings.) Also, the gain level on the sub is only at 1/4 and it is already pounding. But for maximum efficiency of the unit, would it be better to increase the gain on the sub and lower it in the rcvr settings (which I can access) to get the most performance out of the sub? As I said, this is a pounding little sub. I just want to make sure I'm getting the most out of it. j.