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  1. FYI... got all my new loot working. An 18 year old Best Buy worker solved my problems. Ugh, Digital stuff!
  2. I have my new RSB-6 connected to my TV via HDMI cables and it does not work, no audio at all. I connected via Digital Optical and it works. Then I tried connecting my Iphone 6 via Bluetooth. NOTHING! I'm not used to Klipsch giving me such headaches. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
  3. Sounds like a good plan. Thank you.
  4. Thank you I'll research a bit. Looks like I have my weekend project defined.
  5. 1999 and the most versatile guitar I've owned.
  6. No, the staples are still in the back and tiny pieces of the paper but the label itself is gone.
  7. Thank you that's the info I've been looking for.
  8. Oh so the same as I do my Parker Fly Deluxe.
  9. When I get home later tonight I'll post some pics. Thanks
  10. As a part of the Applied Acoustics - Physical Music class in College I was able to tour the plant. During the tour Paul Klipsch interrupted the tour and took over showing us around including a trip inside the anechoic chamber. After the tour he asked our professor Dr. Lemming if we had time to visit his home and or course we did. This was in the early 80s maybe 1983 and still an experience I'll remember all my life.
  11. Hi Bill, I believe they are walnut. Not dark enough to be cherry and certainly not black. I'm not at home or I would submit a pic.
  12. I just bought a pare of 1985 Heresy IIs that look and sound great, just as I would have expected. I'm wondering if there is any particular care I should give to the 32 year old beauties? Thanks Dwight
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