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  1. My personal experience with RF7-iii's is the more clean power you feed them the better they sound.  I started with an avr and felt something was lacking, in the end I settled on an

    Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 3 amp. 300 wrms/channel @ 8ohms both channels driven really woke the RF7-iii's up and showed what they can do.

    The xpa-2 is also modular so you can add channels later if you want to go 5.1.  30 day trial and a 5 yr transferable warranty  also nice.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Maximus89 said:

    Yeah I know about those but wuzzers Heresy IIIs are silver and black like my stock pie badges from 76. Didn’t know they were remaking and placing them on new speakers as I’ve only seen the jubilee pie badge and the classic cursive badges. Haven’t seen any new Cornwall’s, fortes, la scalas, khorns or heresys offered with those black and silver pie badges. So I was wondering if it’s actually an option not many know about and no ones thought to call in and ask which I should do!


    @wuzzzer how did you get those black and silver pie badges? Did you request them?



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    Just call them and ask, that's what I did. If they are going on a new line of speakers they should have them in stock.

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  3. On 3/9/2019 at 7:09 PM, Maximus89 said:

    Does klipsch sell those pie badges? I need some new ones on my KHorns

    Awesome HIII’s! I want a pair! But at the price I might as well just get a single Forte III to make a pair with my single since I can’t sell it by itself. Funny how this thing goes. Need money. Put it up for sale. Can’t sell. So spend money to make a pair. Only logical.

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    Yes you can buy the black and copper badges from Klipsch, they are called Jubilie  badges. I bought 3 6 months ago for my LaScalla II's


  4. Nice to hear some well deserved praise for the base Reference line. They really do hit way above there price point. Its these speakers that set the hook in me and sent me on a journey up the Klipsch  line. For the price you can get these on sale online , just about anyone can afford to step into the world of higher quality audio and these are a great introduction to Klipsch.

  5. TBH if you have the room just go to the R-28f( R-280f, R-820f ) towers and be done with it. I went a similar path as you Promedia 5.1 to RF-800 (another older version)  towers with the RC-500 (older version of R25C) then to RFiii's then to Las Scala II's.

    The biggest "WOW" factor in that line was when I went from the pro media's to the RF-800 towers. The center and sub you already have are a match for them towers.

  6. I used an Emotia XPA-2 Gen3 to power my RF-7iii's. 300wrms @ 8ohms per channel and much better SQ than the Crowns I was using before. New gets ya a 30 day trial and 5 yr transferable warranty . The RF-7 line really likes power. I started same as you with an AVR and had the same issue. Feed them lots of good clean power and you will not believe the difference, they will really come alive.


    Unless you're nuts about the "tube sound" I wouldn't go that route as it would cost yer left nut to get that kinda power in tubes. Think tube pre-amp if ya want that direction.

    I also like to blast it loud at times so we are similar in tastes( 60/70's) and SPL levels( just ask my dead LSii tweeters) 😆

  7. On 1/11/2019 at 11:53 AM, Westcoastdrums said:

    I'm going to agree with this statement.   Odds of you damaging the speaker(s) and or you getting injured are much higher than they need to be....   Pay the delivery guy to help you if possible (I've had several guys help me and tipped them without incident). 

    This is what I did, save yerself some grief. Yer still gonna have to do some head scratching and maneuvering to get them unboxed and in position in that room.

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  8. Just now, Ryan0348 said:

    Its the DacMagic 100. do you know of any of the software programs you can buy will help the laptop. Something like roon or audiovarn. 

    I had the DacMagis Plus but switched to the Emotiva DC-1 only because I decided to got all Emo gear so everything  built to match.

    I use J.River Media Player softwear for my Flac files on a computer I slapped together just for my audio system.

    I also have Spotify Premium and Tidal HiFi for streaming on the same computer.

    THB, if you get something like Tidal HiFi , you'll prob seldome use  yer files on computer as sound is just as good. The only time I use my cd's now is if its an SACD and I play them on  an Oppo 203 and use its Dac  for them.

  9. 1 hour ago, Ryan0348 said:

    I set the sound settings in the laptop for the dac at 192/24 which is the 3.0 USB port the blue one. All that Deezer says about there HiFi is that it’s 1411 kb/s what is what lol what is the difference between the 2 one is kilobits and the other is ?

    Is it a DacMagic or the DacMagic Plus, the Plus up-samples, not sure about the base  one.

    Oh ,  and the kb/s is a speed the 192 is khrz sample rate  24 is the bit rate


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  10. Seen another of his vids from a few days ago where he's at a dealer talking about the Heresy 3's. He also mentions he has a line on more Klipsch speakers to listen to in the near future.

    Seems he's going to work his way up the Heritage line. Seeing how enamoured he is with the RP-600m's and H 3's, should be interesting to  hear what he has to say when he hit's the LaScalla II/Klipschorns. 

  11. On 12/28/2018 at 11:36 AM, JFHSQT said:


    Crisper is a good word for it. The hi hats, cymbals, and some piano frequencies all do sound a bit sizzle-y and crispy. Interested in hearing your experience going from the factory tweets to the CT120s. 


    I also had some other upgrades in the time being since I was tweeter-less... added a Luxman DA-06 DAC to swap out with my Hegel HD30 and also a new Innuos Zen MK III music server. So all the system changes make it kind of hard to bird-dog where the changes I'm hearing are coming from.

    Got my Z-brackets yesterday and installed the CT120's. I've  only managed some 8 hrs listening since then so for now I'll just put up some preliminary POI's.


    1. I set my trebble to flat and so far haven't had the urge to raise it ( big plus for me)

    2. While I'm hearing more in the hi's I'm not getting anything sizzley  , very smooth sound.

    3. Definitely consider these to be an Upgrade in SQ so far.


    I'll try to post more details this weekend, I'm off work for a while so will have lots of time to listen this week.

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  12. I blew 1 of my LSII tweeters about a week before you did yours in. I've had a factory replacement in for about 3weeks now. When first installed I found the new one brighter,crisper?  than the old one. It took about 2 weeks for them to lvl out, but I still think the new one sounds just a lil..well newer? lol

    Any how I received a set of Crites CT120'sjust waiting on the z brackets that I didn't order with the tweets 😳 doh!  Hoping they will be in by Monday.

    Back to original question, yes I do think thers a burn in time, give it another week :)

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