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  1. I never owned Heresy's but I did bi-wire my RF-7iii's and noticed it made them a lil crisper/cleaner, also tried it with my LSll's and noticed no difference. So I'd say just try it and judge for yourself, doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.
  2. Heres the Cane grills, still waiting for box corners for them and am also going to paint trim gloss black Flash shows how transparent these are, no audible difference with these on or off. These are factory Logo's from Klipsch via their Canadian parts distributor Gentec International. will post a few more pics when these are done
  3. So I got my LS'll's about 7 weeks ago and being one of them ppl who "perceive" a difference with grills off, I soon removed them and continued listening. After a few days I felt they looked a lil ugly that way and also being Black Ash they seemed to be trying to hide in the corner. I started thinking on some Idea's for custom grills that could solve all 3 issues. Then took the faceplates off and started searching the net for grill cloth. Found site Mojotone and ordered some http://www.mojotone.com/Cabinets_x/Grillcloth_x/Mojotone-Black-Tan-w-Gold-Sparkle-Grill-Cloth-33-W and http://www.mojotone.com/Cabinets_x/Grillcloth_x/British-Style-Small-Weave-Cane-Grill-Cloth-32-W When the grill cloth arrived I contacted a local guy who had an add , https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/st-catharines/custom-made-speaker-grills-paradigm-polk-klipsch-energy-b-w-more/1309697406 for custom grills and invited him over to discuss my grill plan. A week or so later we came up with these. Face plates Logo's for these came from Russian guy on E-Bay Have pics of second set with the British Cane but hit limit so will post below.
  4. You can call Klipsch directly to see if they still have any or just do a search on E-Bay where you can find an assortment of aftermarket badges/logo's .
  5. I have the R-115SW with my La Scala ll's. Works fine, I set my xover around 50-55hrtz so it just takes over where the LS's leave off
  6. I have the R115SW which is the 15inch version of your R112SW. Mine is dead quiet powering on or off so yes I think you should look into this.
  7. This is what they did here in Canada about 10yrs ago...I'm surprised the US gov'nt took this long to get to the issue
  8. Hi Vagas, I'm going to assume, by looking at the specs on that amp, that you are set up for 2 channel listening with left and right passive subs, and you are using the amps DSP controls to set up your xovers/channel. If so, I don't see anything wrong with your set up as long as you're just lookin for that "rock the block" system. If you also want to be able to sit and do some "critical" listening, then I would change things up starting with the amp. But before getting into that I'll state what experience I have had with my RF-7iii's. First I tried using an Onkyo avr rated at 100 watts/ch 2ch driven and found, just as you did, not enough power. Now for the ppl who say "but these are Klipsch and very eff,100db 1w/1m, and don't need that much" all I can say is these are not Heritage,there a diff animal and even on a diff lvl from the rest of the Reference line. Next I went with a Crown XLi-1500 amp(330w/ch @8ohms)...WOW!!...now these puppy's are starting to bark :)....but this amp starts to clip at about 50% power,leaving both me and the speakers crying for more. So I got another Xli-1500,set them both to bridged mono and used them as 900w/ch @8ohm monoblocks. BINGO!! All the power and headroom I could ever need...just don't let yer drunk friends near the volume . My subs are active so I just used the sub out on preamp and set xovers on the subs. This leads into me getting a pair of LSll's(but applies to any decent speaker)..learning a new way of listening to music and why you should change amps "if" you want to get into more critical listening....and diff ways to set up your subs. ...and leads to a dozen or more threads on the subjects......
  9. Some cool stuff there, but I was hoping to find speaker grill logo's. I need a pair of the Heritage pie shaped for some custom grills I want to make for my LS ll's. I'd think those would be good sellers and surprised they don't have them up.
  10. Looking at that,I think you may also be able to use weather striping tape available at most hardwear stores. Something like this https://www.amazon.ca/Frost-King-V442H-Vinyl-8-Inch/dp/B000BQRQA0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1527570949&sr=8-2&keywords=weather+stripping+tape theirs tons of variations /sizes got to be 1 out there that would work
  11. is this where ppl come to boost ther forum post count ? 😜
  12. I believe tat amp has dps for setting xover , check the specs, pretty sure it can be used like an active xover.
  13. You may want to look into one of these crown amps, I believe you can set your xover with them. https://www.parts-express.com/crown-xls-1002-drivecore-2-power-amplifier-2-x-350w-at-4-ohms--245-507
  14. Unfortunately the sub for these was also the amp/control ,it had 3 3.5 inputs used to connect to 5.1 sound cards and an input for the controller (for volume bass/treble) ,and the speaker connects for . Like a sub/amp/receiver all in 1. These were the first to die so very rare to find 1. TBH any 8-10 in sub will do but I was using a Klipsch sw-110 and a 5.1 avr Here,s a pic of the back of unit..this ones dead
  15. These are the satellites/center from the Klipsch 5.1 Pro-Media Ultra computer speaker system, heres mine. The amp/subwoofer/control for these systems tended to die but leaving the rest of them to live on. When mine died a picked up a powered sub and a cheap avr and they lived on for years, they still do I have them for sale in local classifieds. The sub had 2x 8in side firing drivers and amp was 500w rms. For $500 CAN this lil system sounded better than a lot of $1000-$1500 5.1 systems I had heard. Ppl who came over couldn't believe they were comp speakers lol.
  16. Pics, or it didn't happen. Got the LS ll's today spent the day re-arranging the basement.
  17. try this https://www.amazon.ca/4-20-DIAMETER-FELT-LEVELERS-PIECES/dp/B00O66SWPO/ref=pd_sim_196_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DD0RW3ZYS867SPNBY9GV or something similar.
  18. thnx again for imput. TBH I'm not sure how "discerning" my ears are, more than most ppl I know but " audiophile guru " (for lack of a better word) I have no Idea. If I'm not happy with the Emo I'll do the 30day return, if it sounds good to me I'll stick with it and may down the road test out some tube amps( the "what I haven't heard wont hurt me approach" ).
  19. After doing some more research based on your suggestions and consumer reviews of sound quality I decided to order this https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/xpa-2-gen3 I know its way more power than I need but the quality and expandability/versatility weighted in heavy on the decision. Also buying new factory direct was only slightly over budget. Once again thank you all for your input.
  20. Would love a Mac but waaaaayyy out of budget lol, if I opened that door I'm also in Anthem territory
  21. Cool I need to check Integrea out more , Parasound is a ***** to get in Canada, Emotiva also pulled out of Canada but now seems they will ship direct this is a serious option as I can expand on channels and add a processor later if I decide to go HT set up, But also would break the budget unless I could find used.
  22. I was gonna go D class for my RF7-lll's ,was gonna save up for a pair of Hypex NC-400 mono blocks,hmmm too much power for the LS's or should I put them back in the possibile list ? TBH tubes may come some time in the future, but for now I'm tryin to stick to what I know better sound wise,also my head just about rdy to explode as is with out tossing them into the mix now
  23. For pre-amp atm I have either this http://www.onkyo.ca/Products/model.php?m=TX-NR676&class=Receiver&source=prodClass or https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/usa/en/products/hifi-and-home-cinema/dacmagic-plus to choose from on hand. In a nutshell in Dec I bought a set of RF-7lll's and did a lot of knee jerk purchases on a budget,now a good deal came up on the LS's and this time I'm trying to do a better job of it, I figured to start with the amp. Over time I can save up for other parts to go with it. I cleaned out my savings on the RF-7 lll's and stuff and am dipping into RSP's for the LS's...so need to sell the RF7's and other stuff to get my finances back in order before I go past the amp. .....the bug bite my hard this winter lol
  24. Hi all, I have a pair of LaScala ll's arriving in a few days along with this https://www.paradigm.com/products-archived/model=sub-15/page=overview sub, and after some searching I came up with this http://ca.marantz.com/ca/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVSeparates&ProductId=MM7025 amp to go with it. I'm mainly going for 2 channel stereo listening so not real concerned about movies although I will use for that also. I like real loud (if and when I can get the house to my self )so some headroom would be nice(power wise). Also I'm a SS guy so plz no tube suggestions ( no offence intended to the tube guys ). Budget is in the 1000- 1500 cnd range. What I'm looking for is some opinions on the MM7025 with LS ll's, or some other possible suggestions plz. thnx in advance.
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