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  1. I have a '14 Tunda, I bought new. It is my work truck so I immediately bought an ARE fusion tonneau cover to protect my stuff in the truck bed. No major issues so far, though I find the fuel tank too small and it has a bit poor fuel mileage.
  2. woralph

    Margarita Recipe

    Here's my fave recipe: 3 shots of tequila 1 shot of triple sec 2 shots of lime juice
  3. This made my day! What a clever idea?! 😂
  4. S8 is a solid phone. Or spend a little more and get the S9 for much better camera.
  5. The Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi is my second fave.
  6. Lots of them on amazon. I like this one-- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MZE0O8U/ because it swivels.
  7. I just started reading Citizen Soldiers by Stephen E. Ambrose.
  8. I'm very happy with my heresy speakers. Easy to drive and the sound is detailed.
  9. I have a Bose SoundLink wireless headphone. The sound quality is good. It is very comfy. I can wear it all day.
  10. Nice choice. I saw fairly good reviews about the MPOW.
  11. woralph


    I have a Vizio SB3621. It is a decent soundbar. I noticed an improvement in depth and quality of sound.
  12. I have a Markus chair that I bought from Ikea. Bought it because I prefer a mesh backrest.
  13. I remember that my brother had those Ramblin Rose. They looked really cool.
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