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  1. Nice choice. I saw fairly good reviews about the MPOW.
  2. woralph


    I have a Vizio SB3621. It is a decent soundbar. I noticed an improvement in depth and quality of sound.
  3. I have a Markus chair that I bought from Ikea. Bought it because I prefer a mesh backrest.
  4. I remember that my brother had those Ramblin Rose. They looked really cool.
  5. Nice DIY project. Can't wait to see the outcome.
  6. I have both. I like the portability of my earphones when traveling. I like using my headphone at home when playing games or listening to music.
  7. I have a pair of Ariat boots that I rarely wear now.
  8. woralph


    I like eating Hawaiian pizza while watching movies at home.
  9. Awesome pic. May I know what camera do you use?
  10. Have no complaints with my S7, though I'm planning to upgrade and get the S9.
  11. woralph

    Car Thread

    Nice to know that. I just ordered a set last weekend. Hope they will perform well.
  12. woralph

    Car Thread

    Does anyone have experience with ContiWinterContact TS830 in the snow? I know X-Ice and Blizzaks are some popular choices, though I'm thinking of trying the continental tires for winter use.
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