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    Near Zion Nat'l Park in S.W. Utah / SLC near Hogle Zoo
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    High end audio, Jeeps, Hiking, Easy, Relaxing, and fullfilled Retirement.
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    4 Khorns, 4 Lascala's (one pair currently under remodeling), 1 pair Belle's, 1 pair of KPT-884-SW Subs, 2 of KPT-415-LF's, Vintage 70's Marantz receiver collector, 3 of Crown (XLS-2502) amps, Denon amps, etc. Too much to list individually.

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About Me

Retired about 3 years ago. Focusing retirement time on a professional, long awaited stereo system. Living life without good sounding music has been torture for FAR too long!

Soon after retirement kicked off, Klipschorns & LaScala's took first priority. Second pair of Khorns came as a sudden and lucky surprise.

Learning more about, and trying out different tube amps. In short, I continue seeking out various avenues surrounding hi end (professional) systems.  

Always shopping for higher quality listening reproduction and therefore, accumulating KPT (Klipsch Pro Theater) speakers & subwoofers. Getting rid of non-satisfactory equipment and speakers accordingly. Upgrading to reality!

This has become a fun hobby for me. I always look forward to the next "audiophile" road trip (mostly speakers) while deciding which combination of amps, equipment, & speaker systems suit my listening pleasure best. Meeting lots of good people along the way.

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