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  1. According to "Youthman" (whoever this is) I was in fact, breaking the rules. Bummer! I know I would love to hear about those really good deals from others. Oh well.
  2. I'm confused and needing some clarification please. Not long ago I posted and ad (regarding a great deal on Khorns) that I saw on Ebay. Soon afterward, someone made a comment that it wasn't for sale by "a private individual within the forum" and my message was deleted. What gives? I see these ads come and go which to me, is a good thing. I mean hey, if we're showing each other interesting subject matter and potentially good deals why not? Since that happened I've followed the stated rule and let a fantastic deal on a pair of Lascala's slip by without posting due to the Forum Rule. I comb the internet via Tempest quite often. I sometimes wish I was able to pass the good deals on to fellow Klipsch enthusiasts without breaking "the rules".
  3. It clearly says "AA crossovers recapped with Sonicaps" within the description.
  4. Thanks to wdecho for your advise. For a mere $100.00 resale per pair of AA's I think I'll hold on to them to use for future comparison. The thought never did enter my mind to retain for comparisons. Hmm, GREAT idea!
  5. Forgot, sorry bout that. https://rvrb.io/la-scala-speaker-9f74qb
  6. Been there, done it all … Starting with a utility trailer with tents pitched on the bed of trailer. Hey, it got you off the ground! Then my first tent trailer! A Coleman Destiny. Stripped down bare bones tent trailer. Then a pickup bed camper. Then our first regular bumper hitch trailer. Now comes the first fifth wheel trailer! Nice enough but only made us want more. THEN the "condo on wheels" we called it. Triple axel monster! Then our class A motorhome. Granite, REAL wood cabinets, tip outs, ect. To summarize, Khornukopia hit it right on the head. When we realized how much time, money and effort was directed to registration fees, insurances, maintenance, storing fees, not to mention the dreaded monthly loan fees … FORGET IT! We could have easily afforded air tickets, stayed in luxury condominiums, eaten at finer restaurants, and packed very little by comparison. *On a very important note, the one thing we have (that is irreplaceable) is the memories of camping with the children. PRICELESS!!!*
  7. Private message/selection sent. Thank you!
  8. To be clear, you have the AL-4 crossovers?
  9. I'll take em. Let me know your method of payment. Thank you. Tony Tullius 2392 S 5400 W Hurricane, Utah 84737
  10. Hoping for someone that's upgraded their Lascala's and wanting to part with their stock crossovers. Thanks much, Tony
  11. I should also add, the old AA's seem to be working fine. I don't have any idea on how to test them but, to my ears they sound just fine. No cap leaks, bulges, etc.
  12. Finally reached a point where I'm going to order new AA crossovers for my 4 Khorns and wondering, what's the range of value of the original AA's? ALK will provide new crossovers (Super AA's) with the exchange of the old AA boards for $99.00 plus shipping. Anyway, it seems there must be some value to the old AA's if ALK wants them right? I'm wondering if there's actually a sales market for the old ones. Thanks, Tony
  13. I'm intrigued. I'm so caught up in Khorns and Lascala's that I never noticed this design before. What is the diameter of the rear woofer? I'd really like to hear these one day.
  14. Best deal I've seen in awhile. I'd be surprised if they last a day!
  15. I was offered a very nice Marantz 8B tube amp for a very good deal although, I was told by the owner I will need to purchase tubes as some of them are not working. My questions are; Has anyone ever owned one of these? If so, what's your listening experience? With "quality" tubes, what would a person expect to pay for full replacements? Price range perhaps? Now I realize there's a great many different preferences on tubes. My problem is, I'm just diving into the tube arena and I haven't a clue of actual values yet. Thanks for any help
  16. Interestingly enough, I just realized they're not sequential by just 3 digits. Oddly enough, they're signed 7 months apart from each other. Hmm, love to know the true story behind that one!
  17. You'd need to correspond with the person who listed the ad back from back east. Just thought I'd put the ad out there after observing earlier. I wonder, is it true that only 48 pair were ever produced?
  18. Klipschorn Shorthorn Corner Speakers From 1960! - electronics - by ... https://newlondon.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipschorn.../6615804428.html 12 hours ago ... Pair of wonderful Klipschorn Shorthorn corner speakers from 1960 in walnut cabinets. I had them connected to a same period McIntosh stereo ...
  19. Whoa, I like those panels! Where did you obtain them? I especially like the difference in patterned design. Nice to the diversification instead of just bland flatness.
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