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  1. Were you able to get the testing completed on both Xovers yet? Thanks, Tony
  2. Tony T

    Sub feet/spikes

    I also like these ...
  3. Tony T

    Sub feet/spikes

    BTW, I'm guessing you'll need two per corner (16 each) on both speakers to give them that lift you need.
  4. Tony T

    Sub feet/spikes

    Yes, those are exactly what I use. I use the 2 x 2 but you can use the larger sizes if you like. They're all the same thickness so your really not gaining much by going larger. Also, that's a good price. That's about what I pay at my HVAC vendor. I also use them for compressors, spa's, or anything at all you want to use them for. Their primary usage in, once again, out door condensers. If you don't already have them on your outdoor AC unit, put one on each corner. You'll be surprised how it removes vibration noises.
  5. Tony T

    Sub feet/spikes

    Hello SDDP, I personally use what's called "isolator pads" for my subs. They're purchased at any HVAC supply house for a reasonable price. One of the most common usages within the HVAC world is to put underneath outdoor condensing units ... 4 each, 1 under each corner. Sounds to me that's exactly what you need! If you want to message me I can even help you by sending you some if you'd like.
  6. "Moving equipment and speakers around to move connections over and over is an accident waiting to happen if you ask me though." I agree with this statement Muel. It's not the time and hassle I'm worried about as much as safety. I imagine a minor loss of sound quality is worth that accident waiting to happen. Thanks for your input!
  7. Does anyone know what "going stick" means? Cause if it's a good thing, I've decided I wanna go stick too!
  8. Okay thanks guys. I'm amazed at the affordability here! I figured at least 300 bucks.
  9. I'm in need of a good quality Amplifier Switcher that I can use between amps. I have 2 twin tube (paired) amps, 1 older classic Marantz amp/receiver, and my good ol' Denon amp. It might be a god idea if it had the capacity to accept up to 6 amps as I am going to be testing different tube amps from time to time. I have 4 Khorns and I need something that will not compromise sound quality. Anyone with experienced advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  10. I previously mentioned a subcontractor of mine that installs the "TRUAUDIO SubTerrain" brand (mentioned above) in backyards. The luxury home market within my area are buying these things right and left! You're right, the guys in the area are buying 15's &18's for their backyard pool areas. According to my friend, he's installing (burying) up to four 18" subs in backyard areas. I'm still waiting for him to call me for the in person demo so I can hear it with my own ears. Can't wait. On a side note, I'm very true to Klipsch everything! Although, sometimes affordability factors into matters. I'll eventually have the opportunity to hear both TruAudio and Klipsch in ground subs.
  11. Yeah, I kinda thought about that too. Since I live in a rather sandy area, I already fear the wind blowing sand into the chamber. Then again, I don't expect they're designed for wide open 5 acre areas. I'll have to ask my friend about the bugs and sand thing. No doubt there's some form of internal screen material within the riser pipe.
  12. My friend (who introduced me to this today) is the leader within my area for high end theater sound systems. He pushes, and sells Klipsch A LOT! He claims this particular brand is the very best bang for your buck. Can't wait to hear the system he's currently finishing. Always wanted a great outdoor sound system. One that actually sounds ... decent. I can honestly say I've never heard an outdoor, buried in the ground sub.
  13. Forgot to mention, this was a 12" subwoofer within the large direct burial cabinet.
  14. Has anyone had experience with the Underground Subs? A friend & subcontractor of mine is installing these things within the high end, luxury homes' back yards. I looked at one of them today (before he buried it) and they're very simple in design. It was somewhat large and the landscaper had to dig a sizeable hole to accommodate it! About 2'x3'x 3' deep. The direct burial subwoofer cabinet certainly wasn't small! Has a thick plastic mushroom looking thing sticking out of the ground that the bass bellows out of.
  15. Makes sense. Also happens to be the date of my high school graduation. Ironic
  16. UPDATE; Investigated, found & acquired second Khorn! One of my luckiest days.
  17. Please remind me of the dates. I suppose if there's sufficient notice, I could look into it. I reckon I could exercise the liberties of recent retirement.
  18. I didn't really plan on attending the gathering. But the idea has interested me.
  19. I suppose I could try and dig deep but you know how estate sales are. These came from a deceased individual and my understanding is they were one owners. One never truly knows in these situations.
  20. Nope, I recently purchased them from an estate sale. I wasn't going to purchase them since I already own a pair but I barely picked up on the signature. I stole them (figuratively speaking of course) knowing the seller didn't even know what he had ... speaker wise not signature.
  21. If Paul actually did sign this, I wonder what the numbers meant? Must have been for a reason. Inventory purposes perhaps?
  22. Certainly. It also appears the numbers 770524 were written by the same hand just after the signature. Maybe?
  23. Is there any significance to a "Paul W. Klipsch" signatures on serial tags of 1977 Khorns? The signatures are vertical on the left edge of tags nowhere near the Inspected & Tested signature lines . Clearly signed in ink. Just wondering ...
  24. Whoa, quite a setup he had ... sounds very nice. So if I understand you correctly, he disassembled the horn section of the speaker, lifted it up and moved it higher above the bass bin?
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