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  1. Have you decided what your final asking price will be?
  2. I own 2 of the KPT-884's and for anyone thinking about buying, you won't regret it. Upon origination I had them hooked up to an older EV-CPS2.8 amp and the result was ... so so at best. I just about gave up. After nearly selling the pair it was suggested I purchase the Crown XLS 2502 for them. I did so and whoaaaa, I had finally found that BOOM and THUMP I'd been searching for! When paired with my Khorns and Lascala's, and it makes for a truly satisfying result. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  3. Tony T


    What's your opinion regarding thump between these and the KPT-884's?
  4. Yes, 510 is familiar within my discovery. My particular driver/horn comes from (on top of ) a KPT-415 configuration. This is the K-69-A driver on an Edgar type wood Tractrix horn Edgar type wood Tractrix horn which is not my horn. I will upload my horn picture tomorrow. I copy & pasted this image more for driver purposes than the horn.
  5. This is a long shot but ... I have one, missing one. Current lens/horn rectangular opening (outside to outside) is 15" x 9", and approx. 5" tall when laying flat upon countertop. Thanks in advance.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has ever owned, or currently owns a pair of KPT-884-SW subwoofers. I'll be hooking up a pair soon and curious what amps have been used to drive them? Any experimentation out there? Looking for some major PUNCH! I want to feel the bass thump my chest! I bought these theater subwoofers with the intention of using them for music, and music only. Tired of being disappointed by 12" & 15" so called subwoofers that do not deliver. Ever been to a concert and you actually feel the tom toms? That point when the bass guitar pushes vibration through you? This is my final attempt at subwoofers before purchasing Jubilee's or something from another maker.
  7. Some people have no pride whatsoever.
  8. I saw that ad when it first generated a VERY long time ago. Those have been relisted several times. I'd say the asking price is a little … inflated? 🤣
  9. I cannot be certain of the actual horn lens itself as the speakers are not with me just now. I only have a clear picture I took of the drivers when I was at my second residence. I'm guessing the lens' have a raised stamp on them no different than other Klipsch horn bodies.
  10. I have two KPT-415 bass bins. one has the mid and high horns and drivers. the other doesn't. Existing mid and high drivers are kp-1133 and k-69a. I'm needing to figure out how to complete the second cabinet. Anyone with ideas? I'd love to find the twin to what I already have but it doesn't seem likely. Might just have to go with an entirely new configuration which would be a shame.
  11. WHOA! I don't even need them as I already have but WOWZA, what a deal!!!
  12. thanks for the heads up. Needed and bought 2 of them. Great deal even with shipping costs!
  13. how much are you asking and, what is the make & model of your center speaker?
  14. I have a pair of KPT-415 LF's one of which is absent the 402/Grand HFN combination horns. I do realize this is a tall order but hey, nothing tried nothing gained!
  15. NEWSFLASH! … Klipsch dealers are now better suited to answer technical questions than the actual manufacturers. Who would have thought?! Silly me for contacting the people to whom design and produce the product. What on earth was I thinking?! Hard to believe the hassle I experienced attempting to obtain information from what I now consider to be, a merry-go-round operation. Who's in charge of customer relations at Klipsch headquarters anyway?
  16. Yes, that is correct. The 415 bass cabinet is used for a variety of overhead speakers/HORNS. I had questions about other horn combinations. I will take your kind advice and speak with MetropolisLakeOutfitters and feel blessed if they can assist. Thanks for your assistance!
  17. In addition, Klipsch does not refer to the "speakers" on top as mid & high horns. This according to one of the front line individuals I spoke to early on. Obviously another frustration I've experienced. Looks like HORNS to me! Chances are, the next person I speak with will correct me (yet again) regarding proper horns/speakers terminology. Grrrrrr I'm about to throw the entire subject out the window, and go buy me a Bose Wave machine! Hey, we all know they "fill the room" with unprecedented sound quality … right?
  18. Within the thread (not shown here) it's abundantly clear that I am referring to the full cabinets with Drivers, etc. Picture if you will, two KPT-415's standing side by side … complete. The only exception is, ONE of the 415's is missing the KPT Grand & KPT-402 on top of the large cabinet which contains the 4 each 15" woofers.
  19. Fellow Klipsch Forum Pals, After numerous corresponding's within the Klipsch building, this is the frustrated message I recently sent to "prosystemdesign@klipsch.com" ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Klipsch Sirs, The email message below was sent to a Kimberlee White. Will someone please help Kimberlee? She's nowhere near the basic understanding level. Dear Kimberlee, Your Turn. Did you read my response? I wrote; Who do I speak with who actually understands the internal workings of the KPT-884-SW & KPT-415-LF's? Okay, let's try this another way; Perhaps the employee who builds these boxes? Maybe someone who understands the internal crossover networks? Who is (or was) in charge of the building of these boxes? They might be able to help! Someone who might shed light on technical KPT-884-SE and KPT-415-LF questions? A person with a basic understanding of KLIPSCH speaker questions. Not a salesman, not someone on the front line that doesn't come close to understanding professional, cinema, movie theater, "PISS OFF THE NEIGHBORS" woofers?! Been there, done that already and got nowhere. A simple voice with knowledge behind it would be greatly appreciated! Is this truly KLIPSCH I am corresponding with? As in, the building where the engineers, fabricators, cross over network designers work? Maybe I am dealing with a store somewhere within the USA other than the people that work in the building that develops, patents, and houses all the knowledge? If this is the case, I am truly sorry for my abruptness. Please forgive me but, if I am not clear enough this time (within my explanation I previously stated) I am completely out of options. I am really hoping to speak with a human so as not to type back n forth, and back n forth, and back n forth, and back n forth, and so on. You get the idea. Thank you, Tony from Utah
  20. In response to CECAA850's question; I recently acquired 1 pair of each woofers although, one of the KPT-415-LF's is absent of the mid & high range speakers atop the woofer cabinet. Those two speakers are identified as a KPT Grand & the second is identified as a KPT-402. I'm hoping to find out if I am able to substitute another set that will correspond properly with the pre-existing (KPT Grand/KPT-402) set or, eliminate all together and just use the 2 - 4 each 15" woofer cabinets without the upper speakers. It would be a shame to lose the upper speakers! Especially since I already have one set. I have a bad feeling the Klipsch OEM's are no longer available but, how does one find out these questions if no one at Klipsch seems to know how to correspond? Getting tossed from one department to another is most frustrating and to be honest, at this point I'm not sure the people I need to speak with even exist.
  21. I've become highly surprised with Klipsch Headquarters and their reluctance to correspond with me regarding the KPT-884-SW & KPT-415-LF's. I get tossed back n' forth to different departments that are not sufficiently educated in the basic understanding of SUBWOOFER 101. "Take a ticket" is the only affirmative thing that's happened so far! When asking to speak with a person who has sufficient knowledge, professional Klipsch people are nowhere to be found! This has become most frustrating. I mean hey, how can a person get past that fancy curtain and speak with a down to earth, true knowledge person? Am I the only person who's ever experienced this? Anyone?
  22. What's your thoughts on the differences between this sub and the KPT-884-SW you sold me? Klipsch Audio Subwoofers GSG Audio MBM21 Subwoofer Review Follow 2
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