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  1. Wow. I just learned that my Pre-Amp, an HK Citation 17s, has two sets of Power Amplifier outputs. The manual even says that two Power Amplifiers may be used at the same time as long as the input impedance of the Amplifiers exceeds 2200 Ohms. I guess I way-over complicated this. I did learn allot though, so thanks again!
  2. John, thank you for your reply. If I understand you correctly, I would simply install the Adapter on the input of one Amplifier, and then interconnect each Adaptor with the same channel on the other Amplifier? This certainly would be a cleaner set-up, especially for a 2-channel home audio system. Other than high line level impedance, will there be any "degradation" by splitting the signal out of the Pre-Amplifier?
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies. Circuit Analysis course was 35 years ago for me, and very little of it was applicable for me back in the day. Hey, now it makes sense. I had no idea you could even connect speakers in series. Looks like I will need to buy more speaker wires since I will require 3 runs per channel (but only using one half of each run - ugh). I can only assume that all wires should match, so I will need to buy another pair of same wire I am using. Thanks again!
  4. I have two pairs of Kg-4s that I'm considering powering with two Harman Kardon Citation 19 Power Amps. The Citation 19's can be operated in bridge mode so that both channels operate as one. HK warns against operating in bridge mode for speaker loads at 4 ohms since it may cause the amplifier's current limiting circuits to operate and distort the signal. The KG-4 is rated at 6 Ohms. If I operate both amps in bridge mode (one for each channel), but with two speakers per amplifier, will this potentially cause a high-current situation? The manual says each amplifier will deliver 3.7 Amps to a 16 Ohm load, and 6.3 Amps to a 8 Ohm load in bridge mode. If yes, should/ can I add fuses between amplifiers and speakers? Thanks!
  5. Thanks everyone for your input. I recently purchased four KG4's from their original owner. Two had Risers and two did not. He had taken them off to stack the speakers and misplaced them over the years. I'd like to make them complete and keep them matching, so I will continue to pursue either staining a set of Oak oil Risers or finding a set of Walnuts. I was hoping that staining the Oak would not require allot of prep since it is lighter than the Walnut. Thanks again. tigerwoodKhorns, Nice railings! That must have been a big job.
  6. I have the opportunity to procure a set of Risers for my KG4's. Unfortunatly, they are in Oak Oil and not Walnut Oil. Has anyone ever successfully changed the Oak Oil finish to Walnut? I realize the grain is different, but its just the Risers so I'm not too concerned about the grain appearance. I'm not a wood worker, so I'd like to get an idea of just how much work this would be if it is indeed doable. Maybe I just need to be more patient and wait for a set Walnut Oil Risers to come available. I appreciate your input.
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