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  1. Hello all!


    I just bought the RP-440WF speaker bundle and it works great!

    However.. I'm having issue with the HUB not turning on automatically with the TV, here is my setup -



    Vizio Smart TV -> Optical out to RP-HUB ---- CEC and ARC turned on within TV

    RP-HUB HDMI out -> Visio TV ----- CEC and ARC turned on within RP-HUB

    PS4 and other devices connected to the TV HDMI


    Turning off the TV turns off the HUB = OK.

    Turning on the TV doesn't turn on the HUB automatically = PROBLEM.


    Can anyone help with configuration? Any ideas?


    FYI: The exact same setup works perfectly with my old Samsung Home Theater - TV power turns on/off the Receiver automatically.


    Please help!




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