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  1. No I have the Pa3s, it's pretty good. I switched out all my tube amps in three different systems for small form factor class d stuff from China and have been happy so far. I had been considering going all out with Hypex or Purifi but this new PA5 might scratch that itch. I also have two Topping E50 DACS which I am very satisfied with.
  2. Mine is on the way. It's replacing a Topping PA3s(which btw sounds extremely good) that replaced my Musical Paradise tube amp a few months ago. So far I don't miss the tube amp at all and I thought I liked tubes. Then again I used to like vinyl. Topping is keeping secrets about the technology involved, I'd really like to see a tear-down. It'll be a few weeks 'till it arrives and I will give my impressions then.
  3. Made in 1980. The 97,122th and 97,140th units made up until that time. Any tags on the back? They would tell you what cabinet finish was used.
  4. These are my babies. I bought them new for 626.00 in 1977, adjusted for inflation that's 2850.00. What are new IVs going for?
  5. One of my Heresy III special editions. The other one looks just like this one. What makes it special is the titanium grill with the script logo, the flat black finish and a signed tag on the back.
  6. I still have my cd collection. I consider it to be archival. I've got a half way decent cd player that I run into a good DAC that gets used every so often. But for me streaming is the way.
  7. Many of the reviews in these forums are not reviews at all. They are subjective opinions given by people who purchased a product that they are excited about. Take it all with a grain of salt and while you're at it take a chill pill.
  8. A lot of noobs probably see "This section of the forums is strictly for technical questions...." and that's as far as they read.
  9. I like your minimalist approach. Simple but effective. The AO7 is a very very nice sounding amp. I had one for about a month but returned it because it did not play well with my sub. I exchanged it for a Sabaj A10a which has a proper sub-out. Kinda wish I had kept it just to have it in reserve though.
  10. It's a lie. It's a classic David Culver scam. Notice pic #7 in this warning post. https://houston.craigslist.org/ele/d/houston-vintage-audio-scamming/7389123897.html It's the same one used in a CL listing in Boca Raton that was posted right here in Alerts about a week ago. In that ad the phrase “ footprint is similar to Belles” is used. Same spiel, just different pix this time. He never shows up anywhere he just fishes for cash through paypal.
  11. Probably a scam. Very similar wording used in other CL posts. Be wary.
  12. Crack the Sky, wow. Their debut album in '75 was good I played that one a lot on my Bose 901s. That was two years before I bought my first set of real speakers. I got my Heresys in '77, I still have them and they still sound way better than the 901s after all these years.
  13. I bought a pair of Heresys at the Music Box in 1977. I still have them and they sound great. Maybe it was you who helped me load them into the back seat of a VW Beatle. If it was, thanks again.
  14. People pay extra for guitars made from sinker mahogany. Supposedly it makes very good tone wood. In this instance(as regards to guitars) there is probably some truth to the claims made.
  15. That's nothing. I 've got a ancient pyramid atop my Pi streamer that focuses the positive energy of the entire universe onto it. It sounds magnificent and only cost a buck at a yard sale.
  16. wetowne

    Miracle whip

    If you live in New England this is the stuff.
  17. Looks like someone used an acidic cleaning product on the tweeters and it reacted with the anodized metal.
  18. Anybody here still using cassettes?
  19. I do miss tape to a degree. I had a NAD 6050C back in the day that was pretty good. Chrome tape with Dolby sounded OK. I used to record a lot of my vinyl onto cassettes. The two things about vinyl I hate is noise and the hassle. I will admit vinyl can sound superb. I had a few direct to disk pressings that sounded amazing, pure analog is closest to reality. But overall, no.
  20. I threw all my vinyl in a dumpster in 1983. No regrets. I ripped all my compact discs to flac in 2020, once again, no regrets. I don't use anything that spins.(not entirely true. I have a cd player for when the internet is down, which is hardly ever.) Too much effort involved. I just tap on a screen now. Life is good.
  21. Why would a producer or engineer use this plug-in? I mean really, adding sound effects of pops, clicks and rumble to a clean recording.
  22. Well there's this : http://www.duy.com/product/duy-dad-vinyl/ 🙄
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