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  1. I need help with crossover settings on my speakers in my surround system. This is my system: Denon avr-x4400h surround reciever Emotiva upa7 7 channels amp Klipsch rc64 ii center Klipsch rf83 ii front Klipsch rp250s surround(4 of them) Klipsch rp140sa atmos(2 of them) Klipsch r-112sw subwoofer(1 sub) What would you recommend ?
  2. Hi and thanks for replie. i forgot to say that i got 7.1.2 setup with 4* Klipsch rp250s, will it be enough power from my onkyo alone to power those? i play music in all channel stereo so i dont want to have to low power on any speakers
  3. Hi, im looking for help to get some more power for my surround by adding an amplifier and wonder how much power i need for my speakers My setup is : Receiver : Onkyo TX-RZ810 B Amplifier : adcom 7705 Center : Klipsch rc64 II Front : Klipsch rf83 Surround : Klipsch rp250s Ceiling : Klipsch rp140sa Sub : Klipsch R-112SW I was wondering if i could use 4/5 channels on the adcom 7705 for my Klipsch rf 83 ? and how much amp power i should use for the Klipsch rp250s and rp140sa? i can get an almost perfect condition used emotiva upa 7 cheap and wonder if that is enough power for those 6 speakers ? (my adcom 7705 is not in use atm because it needs to be fixed so atm im using only the onkyo for power and its not even close to handling my speakers so im playing at low volume, which i hate!) do you have any good recommendations for a good amp if the emotiva upa 7 isnt good enough for the speakers? Thanks in advance for any help i can get, Thomas
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