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  1. WHERE exactly did i mention i don’t remember them???... Im asking for information about a product i dont know nothing about, which is completely different; Im NOT into speakers nor an audiophile like most people here
  2. What is the price range for this year/model Khorns? a fair asking price?
  3. also just saw a “B2” carved in the wood meaning??
  4. THANKS fir the info. i posted more pics if it helps
  5. i see type AA X-over and soldered conection to speakers K55-V With KH ink stamp are these good things??
  6. Hi, im totally new to this site, i was cleaning my late father storage space and i found a pair of big *** speakers, i found this label on one of them; Will anybody please help me to find out what year are these and are these soughtafter?? im gonna sell and just want to be clear with correct information i give out.. Thank you very much in advancd
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