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  1. Hi I'm looking for a set of Las callias I'm interested in these if you want to sell them please let me know. I'm in Iowa so what state are you in?
  2. Yes I have a big room to fill so I guess the al-3 is my best option unless I can find a nice tube amp to just drive the klipsh
  3. yes AL-3 I keep hearing the AA is what I want? What do you think?
  4. I will do that ASAP they sounded good until I started pushing them that's when the bass sounded muddy
  5. I'm thinking of getting a small low power amp just to drive the lascalas so not to hurt them I wish I could find a nice tube amp for them. What are your inputs on a small amp? I'm runingtwo Carver M1-ot's and they will kill the vintage speakers!
  6. ok so the AA's are better for my speakers then the AA-3's?
  7. OK so I should replace my crappy crossovers with AA's?
  8. I wish I could do this on my phone I have to keep running over to the PC each time there is a message. LOL A chat room would be a good idea
  9. ok I'm sorry if I started something annoying
  10. everyone has told me to get the old crossovers out and upgrade them you are telling me not to?
  11. what is the difference between the aa and the aa-3?
  12. http://www.critesspeakers.com/crossovers.html
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