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  1. you're right. should be a tall boy can of beer in the hole or a qt of colt45
  2. Brand specific, decaf or regular..side by side, yes. I'll bet you can taste a diff. can one tell non-alcoholic beer from regular, by taste?
  3. another ad Get instant results ...... in 10 seconds. Not that instant, I guess
  4. Mornin' All Winding up this bag of Peruvian. Next up Sumatran. Was half tempted to get some Kauai... one problem. It's dirt coffee.... ground. No like ground coffee. dropped $100 at the store and came out with one bag. $40 gas. $40 tobacco, $10 coffee and a handful of edible stuff. The gas will last for quite a while. The car doesn't [much] leave town. It goes to the dump [some day it will stay there]. Out to gather wood and, if I have time, to the lake. I do not recall the last time I fueled her up. It really needs to be run more than the 5 miles I give it. That's only when I go to the dump. I take a little cruise. The coffee shop and back. Wheeeeeeee. Used to get a lot of miles when I was working. Now I have to run it to keep the battery up.
  5. When they ask if I'm interested in ------, I ask if they are selling the car warrantee, zero interest credit, too and where is Karen?. She keeps calling. I keep thinking there is or should or can be a way to "interrupt" their dialing system. tbh I don't think it matter whether you pick up the phone or not. The systems dial every number.
  6. tarheel being awfully quiet. You OK, Chuck?
  7. and can't escape because your hands are stuck to the steering wheel.
  8. Your memory is good. Change left in the seat of the car can leave a mark. Don't park your motorcycle on asphalt. The kickstand will sink into it. Don't wanna leave tools in the sun, either. I remember that from working in Tucson/GreenValley. We don't see 100` [very often].
  9. I answered "WHAT!" yesterday... it was a friend with a new # I am always interested in their ad "warning" that this is your last opportunity to ... I self-censoring a rant
  10. it's about 15` cooler here. and Yes... difference between being in the shade is 40` cooler than being in the sun. Quite noticeable Was talking to a buddy about a sub. He is a DJ... Reaffirmed what y'all been saying... Don't really NEED a sub for the music I listen to. Nonetheless, asked him to keep his eyes open for a Danley unit. He still has connections. And a moving van... and 2 young/er men..... wife's secretary has folks she chefs for. They have homes in HI and AK... soon to have a place in AZ... for her. Must be nice. Maybe they will spring for a sound system. Since they aren't pinching pennies... There is a pair of RF7 II or III with a center speaker and RB81 II for less than a pair of CWIII that are also on local cl. Either way. https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/amado-klipsch-rf-7-ii-rc-62-ii-rb81-ii/6972192231.html https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/tucson-klipsch-cornwall-iii-like-new/6968750184.html
  11. it is different. instead of suffocating from the humidity, we get a gentle sear from the inside out. The high humidity is tough, I won't deny that. Semi-dehydrated is normal state. I gained a couple lbs of water while I was in Indiana. Plumped up like a raisin. Feels like fall is coming. I'll be doing some fuel wood cutting this year. I kinda like doing a little. Can't cut much if I am using the Olds to haul it. I always see BorderPatrol when I go cutting. I expect to see them. I'm w/i a few miles of the border. They see the beater car, trunk open and a gas can... Ask if I need some help. Yeah, see the wood up there? Never gotten any takers. They do make me feel more comfortable. They will tell me if I might see UDIs. The travelers, I don't worry. It is the smugglers. Don't wanna be the guy with a chainsaw at a gunfight.
  12. noticed this with a pair of rear ported speakers. Glad that I'm not going crazy/er. Won't go into the discovery process. Relating to a member with a new pair of CWIII falling flat at 60hz. Had everything to do with the room dimensions. might try running a sweep at MLP.
  13. been cooler here. Heat index is prolly near 100. Temps have been around 85`. Not raining. Was cloudy all day yesterday. Sunny today. No complaints. Not about the weather.
  14. I don't have that many left. Down to one and it's fleeting.
  15. not much here. They do grow here. It is a colonizer type plant. Takes advantage of disturbed soil. Doesn't compete well. Almost to Tucson, in the flood plain... YES. Eat your car size.
  16. we had a family of them. I learned how to trap and relocate them w/o getting nuked. In some ways, I'd rather a skunk than a coon. there is a story that goes with the skunks. Long to short, I moved them because of rabies incidence in the area. Our cats played with them. We have a country vet... I still don't think he would go for giving skunks rabies vaccinations.
  17. it isn't all reptiles, bugs and spiders here. Don't get that idea. Lots of birds. Javelina, deer and coyotes run the streets with the skunks and coons.
  18. I can't say that I wouldn't feel the same about gators. We have some very alien looking critters. Jerusalem Crickets, sun spiders ... Those are beyond ugly. Not "so ugly, they're cute" either. sun spider. these give me the creeps. They aren't venomous. Tarantulas are fuzzy and mellow in comparison.These dart around. Can chew up June bugs. out here everything bites, stings, impales or is otherwise poisonous.
  19. FWIW there is a pair in/on Flagstaff CL for $799. Not affiliated https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/ele/d/flagstaff-fantastic-klipsch-cornwall/6968953555.html
  20. i don't own one, either. wife has a flip phone. I barely know how to answer it. I-phone... HaHaHa I get handed one and I don't know what to do with it beside like the Corona ad and skip it across the waves.
  21. had to dispatch a rattler last night. I was in the kitchen and heard it sound off. Yes, it was outside. 4 of our cats had it surrounded. Snagged the cats and brought them into the house. After a few minutes of debate, we decided to do away with it. Asked the wife for something to bash it... She started bringing me things... No, I need something better than the broom. Eventually she found something adequate... My broadsword. Snake was coiled up... I got a good [lucky?] blow and hit it an inch behind/below its head. Done deal. then dtel's buddy came in for a visit. Had to usher a tarantula out of the house. busy evening
  22. they do take a little getting used to. @dtel don't you have cottonmouths and gators?
  23. We appreciate green here... so much that you can get your grass painted green in the winter. .... and TucsonTurf is in the artificial turf biz. ... truth was walking from the doghouse and scared a tarantula back into its burrow. Been waiting to see it. We have several "gopher holes" in the yard. We don't have gophers. There is a little topsoil under the grass. Spose that's enough. Webs in the top of the hole is a tell that someone is home.
  24. Texas pride is fun. Can't tell that joke In Australia Queensland and NewSouthWales pride themselves. especially their state's beer. In NSW, the beer is Foster's. QLD, it's Castemaine's XXXX A gent from NSW asks why they put 4X's on Castlemaine's... They [Queenslanders] can't spell beer
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