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  1. Gymnasts are frig strong. I dated a little gal... Incredibly strong. She put you where she wants.
  2. them gals been eatin' too much spinach We have weather! Started right on cue. 11AM/ Light rain and thunder. Had me scrambling to get the wood ricked up and covered. Gathered a nice load w/o leaving "town". Wife doesn't like me going cutting solo. If something would happen, it would be BorderPatrol or smugglers to find me no cell coverage where I normally go. Wind is huffing and puffing.... from the south. Still warm/ish 55`. That's as good as it gets today. Cold front blowing thru today. All the curtain/plastic on the windows made a difference in the sound. Almost wanna bump the treble up. just checking cl. A pair of LS $1800 local. Wife and I are getting along good ... maybe a good time to test the waters? She'd shoot me
  3. About wired on coffee. Waiting for the insurance adjuster. Expecting him any time now. Winterizing the house. Plastic on the windows. Weather stripping around the doors. When the adjuster goes, I have dead tree scoped out. Right along the road and not on the wildlife refuge. They get pissy about cutting their dead trees. Not a monster tree. A trunk full.. Steppin' lively today. Rain is in the forecast. Spose to start midday and go on and off until Friday. Accumulation? 3/4 - 1.5in. That will make wet. Wind tomorrow and breezy Thurs. The Chamber of Commerce weather is gone. Lucky to make 60` Wed - Thurs. think I'm needing to winterize my wardrobe. Dig out the long handles, socks .... clothes.
  4. may be. dinna wear it to the store. wore my "civies"... bib-o's. You might be better to think of it as a beach wrap... something to cover your speedo when you go in the store for a beverage. I used to swim competitively... believe me, you would rather see me in a sarong than any of the tank suits we had to wear.
  5. I'd hold out for LS. It's getting holiday season. Someone might get their Jubes and bust loose.
  6. this is how I get in trouble shopping. The grocery was not busy, at all, and I managed to strike up convos with several gals. Even had one lady [not an employee] looking for a couple items for me.
  7. Hey Elden, If my wife' soup looked like that, she'd have a better chance of me eatin' it dinner is ready to go into the oven grabbed a few spud to cook. I found a bad one ya know the old axiom about 1 bad apple.... a rotten potato will ruin a barrel. They are almost as bad as rotten onions.
  8. They always said that stuff would make you blind... making some Mexican Shepard's Pie Mashed potato and meat burritos in green enchilada sauce. Sour cream, chopped cilantro and cheese in/on. We have queso fresco... that gets the go instead of the usual Tillamok cheddar. Or in addition to...
  9. CBD farms in KY. Looks good, smells good. It's a dud from a recreational point. There were some patches of local that were worth burning. RaspberryRd or something like that. And NappaneeNasty.Watch out for the farmers. They guard their patches. My shorthair pointer made a great believable lie
  10. it could be one of those shirts with the physique painted on.
  11. Holy cats!!! I got to the grocery. Forgot half of what I wanted. Boy drank half a pot of my coffee. That was my OK, I'm awake... now to think, portion. Didn't fall in lust with any of the old gals... Had a pleasant time anyway. I watch tractor pulling. on the show yesterday was an AgriKing tractor named Vi-Agri King. Below the name, something about stiff competition. Truth insurance adjuster is supposed to come by tomorrow for a look/see at the car. Grill and bumper, for sure. Then we get to decide whether to take it to the shop of our choice or one associated with the insurance co. The shop we like is in GreenValley. They do good work AND I can get a ride from the shop and back when the car is done. The insurance company's... their shop is in Tucson. Well known automotive group. I don't think they will give me to and from... My ill friend... She survived surgery for her bowel obstruction. the cancer.... Unfortunately, it looks as if I will be helping her thru "the transition". Did I tell y'all how much I dislike my job sometimes. We are hoping for a miraculous remission. Otherwise, the holidays may not be so fun this year.
  12. you should see the list of crap they test legal weed, in CA, for. It's scary. Lots of fertilizers and grow products for appeal. Pesticides/fungicides ... personally, I don't trust commercially prepared products I trust my own. I KNOW what is in/on it.
  13. Weed? In Indiana? I saw CBD "shops" all over the place... but WEED? Rotsa ruck
  14. I grind beans one pot at a time. Always fresh. If you must pre-grind, for sure. And refrigerate that "good smell" is flavor escaping
  15. mason jars work just fine. big thing to long term storage. keep it out of the sun/light. I have examples 3 years+ old. Still quite palatable.
  16. Was reflecting to my trip last year and the car. I made maximum use of cargo space in that little car. It has a space 37in wide [between the wheel wells], 2 feet of clearance thru the hatch/rear door and 4 feet plus an inch or two for padding, if I moved the seat forward an inch from its rear position. Some "smaller" cu/ft speakers, thinking of the tall ones would not fit. plywood LS just fit
  17. nissan off to a better start this AM. Still plenty of time for that to change. @Dave1290 the robe is in conjunction with winter sarong. I'll be digging some warm clothing out next week. A fall/winter storm... with rain!! Talking snow to 6500ft. Interesting set up. Cold ramming into a late season tropical disturbance coming up western Mexico. Could get exciting east of here. NM, TX east of here. Be cutting some wood this weekend. It will be a week after the rain stops before I will be able to get out. It takes a few for the water crossings and things to dry out.
  18. I used to hang with some folks that used a guns for a flyswatter
  19. I just aired 'em up at 7 AM. Call that a cold tire. I am wondering if the kamakazi deer had anything to do with the idiot light... none of the tires were low enough to [supposedly] trigger it. the bumper is popped off it's perches on one side. Grill is toast.
  20. uh huh and gittin' time to dig out "the robe". about inch thick dark blue terry.
  21. I agree I'll just air them in the AM. went to Tucson today. In and out. Time for my annual visit to the Dr. We had a nice visit and made an appt for next year. She's the only Dr I see with any regularity.... if you can call once a year "regularly" Tossed a batch of spaghetti sauce on and went into neutral for a few minutes. Couldn't relax, though. A friend had surgery for a bowel blockage today. The same one that has cancer. Waiting for a phone call. Success. the blockage was not cancerous either.
  22. I get what you are asking. Gel coat? like on fiberglass, maybe
  23. mummification would have been all different if the Egyptians had twinkie cream
  24. kinda looks like some cigars I have met Never tried 'em or know if it was real, but I have seen lollipops with scorpions cast is clear sugar They [the scorpions] looked real.
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