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  1. I see your point. I worked in recreation... bowling. Pinsetter tech/mechanic. I enjoyed my job.
  2. If you are in NewSouthWales, it is OK. Queensland, no. XXXX there
  3. anyone else's animals wound up? My cats have gone wild the last two days. Weather? Seasonal? Moon phase?
  4. nice! I've shown wife veneered/finished models... she likes the black ones I have
  5. me too My family is doing OK... I am outliving a lot of younger friends.
  6. if you enjoy your work, don't retire. Knowing you don't need to work makes a job more fun. retirement can be a lot of work. I have been trying for a few years now. I "retired", but ... My wife still works 60+ a week. I do a lot of domestics. I kinda figued 67 for me. Seems to be a critical age in my family. Have revised that. 74 now. I turn 65 in Jan.
  7. I was gonna ask if Morris was the place "downtown". Gussied the place up since the last time I was there. They called it Morris Civic Center back then. You guys forgot your hats and sunglasses
  8. the country was crippled y'all have any experience with Aussie brews? First time there, I tried a bunch. Hard to remember who was who. I did enjoy Power's Bitter. Last time, I don't even remember if or what brand. All I ordered was a schooner. And glad I wasn't driving.
  9. Howzit all? we had a nice evening. nothing exciting.. A nice quiet evening My back isn't as bad as it could be. I can get up and around w/o my stick. That is good Weather people are going nuts. We got a little rain. They are acting, "Get the boats"... just happy to have a different report. Sunny and warm all the time is hard on them. Rainfail report are in the hundredths of an inch. What was predicted. The cats got a little bit damp. It came down in buckets --- none spilled there's a pair of birch LS on cl Phoenix. Make offer. They mention new costing $8000/pair From what I have seen over that passed year, I got good bang for the buck when I bought my system
  10. is 151 Bacardi still available?
  11. I doubt it. jk jk doin' the Monday routine. Housework. Hustling. I have a feeling I may be immobile soon later. Had a vision of a small winter garden and the dirt wrench got me. There are some motions I should avoid. Just a twinge. Experience tells me to get everything I can done before I sit for more than a minute or two.
  12. no like explosions, either. Mornin' All better today Made a pot of ArivacaBlend [dark/light roast] in observance of our anniversary. Hard to believe a school teacher has put up with me for 12 years .... and I am not the oldest kid in 1st grade kinda half a plan for dinner. Depends on what we can get at the [local] store She sez she's a rice type person. lol. That what she sez. Put a t-bone and a baked spud in front of her. Don't be stupid and try to take the bone away before she is done. She might bite. Maybe a bottle of fizzy cider to chase it down.
  13. that's done... now to our regular programming. About half looped from breathing the alcohol. mas cafe neighbor's hound must have known I needed to pet a dog. She was loose and came by. Followed me down the block and waited for me to come back. Then she trotted in front of the car to the front of the house. After she was sure I was parking, she went home.
  14. everclear is 190proof ...$20/fifth at the grocery/liquor store to get much higher %, you need to go to extraordinary measures. "they" say any solvent will work.... if you completely evaporate it. I'd rather not chance it.
  15. sorry don't mean to be unloading thanks for listening I try to keep things on the light side
  16. that's the object. We are concentrating "hemp" oils the Everclear dissolved. RSO is a folk remedy for cancer. We are taking a multifaceted attack to the problem. If nothing else, it relieves side effects of conventional treatment... radiation, chemo.... Everclear is a food safe solvent
  17. Mornin' All Start the day with a pot of Peruvian coffee, then we're making "cocktail".... I have a purpose for the time being. Having to make RSO for a friend. cancer.... My job sucks at times. I'm pretty sad. We do what we can. watching 1/2 gallon of Everclear infusion cook down to medicated goo yes, we are doing this outdoors.
  18. creative geniuses seem to be out of sync and struggle to cope with us.... I worked around a few artists at the lithography shop. They are nuts. I'll save you the trouble ... and that is coming from a guy that wears a sarong. Some of these folks are WAY out there.
  19. these electronic keyboards can be fun. My toy is a RadioShack model. I particularly enjoy the percussion "tones". If all you can do is tap your fingers, you're in business. Get a rhythm groove going. Then switch to a more note oriented instrument. there are folks that believe drumming itself is healing. A sort of meditation, I guess
  20. the arts are therapeutic. I "play", too. I seriously doubt my neighbors would consider it music and would much rather hear the stereo. playing is more for the performer than the audience .... or should be. Otherwise it has turned into that dreaded 4 letter word --- work We're getting our "Indian summer"... 85`. ya won't be hearing any complaints from me. It's even kinda warm this AM. 50ish. No fire, even if a had cut wood. Being lazy, I do enjoy the fire simply because I don't have to go to the kitchen for a coffee refill. Still working on Peruvian beans. Not quite as upifting as their white counterpart, but pretty darn good.
  21. wife had to come into the doghouse. I couldn't hear her knocking [I want to replace these R15Ms, not because they don't make enough loud]. Think she tried to hold her breath the whole time she was in here...the ceiling is "a little low", shall we say. lol
  22. Got into a discussion with a friend over our position in the food chain. He maintains that we are top predator. My opinion is that we are more scavenger than hunter. Take all the thing out of our hands and we are defenseless. I take that back. A bite from a human is very dangerous. Untreated,you are liable to get quite dead Our mouths aren't much more sanitary than a KomodoDragon's. serious I subsisted on protein from the local lakes for a summer. Not like HI, where you can eat your bait, if you strike out. Don't feel too TopPredator when you get smoked by a critter whose brain is half the size of a pea ... bluegill
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