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  1. SOLD - Thanks for the interest! Chrous ii Crossovers (Pair) - Removed from a second-hand pair of Chorus II's, that were replaced with Crites. Both were in working condition prior to removal. Not Tested - Sold As-Is. Contact me for more pics. Make me an offer!
  2. It did not come with any hardware. Ordering requires calling, I have the internal part number on a previous post in this thread but it's not required. They will verify that it's a 15" passive for a Forte iii, to which I just replied: "yeah, sure". Easy peasy. Maybe call early to avoid a long wait. good luck!
  3. Haha yeah, if I could go back and re-title this thread, I would. Not sure how the Kd-15 and -16 compare, but I had to replace both so if there is a discrepancy, I wouldnt be able to tell. I just feel fortunate that this option was available.
  4. Im in Orlando, FL. Let me know if I can help.
  5. UPDATE: Package arrived. Took about 5 business days UPS Ground from Arkansas to Florida (weather delay en route). Fit: Very snug, but didn't require unreasonable force to place it in location. Just an observation - If I were nit picking, once screwed in, I notice the lip is not completely flush with the cabinet on one half. They were tightened progressively in a star pattern. That said, it's a non-issue and I'm not nit picking here. Sound: Significant improvement in bass clarity and presence. You can "feel the air move". It has balanced the sound and I am very pleased with results. Tight bass makes me wonder if they need time to break in, or if it's just a speaker placement/location issue - I installed and tested them in a smallish room. Again, just an observation. Summary: i love what i am now hearing. I can't pinpoint any flaws or weaknesses in sound, though my experience in audio is limited. Id have to hear another set of Chorus ii's to have a reference, but compared to my KG4s, Precence and Effortless are the most notable differences. If you're needing to replace your C-ii passives, I wouldn't hesitate to order the KD-15. Glad I went this route, thankful it worked out great and grateful to community for their input!
  6. Installed new crossovers and ti diaphragms and tested the sound using the woofers that came with it, just for kicks, in the passive radiator spot. Sound is better, but those woofers hamper the bass significantly. Spoke with Klipsch Parts Dept. - Total for 2 new passives (KD-15 / #1063995) was $90, including S&H/tax. Considering the price for a quantity of 2: SS Recone kit - $90 (incl S&H) Matierials for Porting - $40 (not incl time and travel) ...thats a no brainer. I'll update once i receive and replace them.
  7. My intent with these was to hopefully restore them to sound they way they designed. That said, before i got too carried away, I wanted to ensure that they were in good enough condition to warrant spending more for repairs. I still need to check out the other drivers, but if all else is well, then I will probably try to be patient and wait to find one on ebay or I'll end up going the forte iii way. Until then, I might experiment with the rear ports as a temporary solution - if they sound good, then im probably going to be more patient in my search for the passives. I took a chance with this purchase, and with little prior audio experience, i was not fully aware of its condition when i bought them. Im hoping to get them back to sounding right and being able to enjoy them for quite a while. It has been a learning experience and I am thankful for all of the feedback I have received. I'll provide an update once I get a chance to spend time with these, this weekend.
  8. @Chief bonehead or anyone else who has knowledge of this - I am curious about what your opinions are regarding fabricating ports vs. passive radiators in the Chorus iis. I think I am going to give this a shot..
  9. The confidence in his reply alone sold me, but that is very reassuring to know - thank you. I'm going to call to see how much they are. Im guessing $100+ for each, not sure if they have a recone kit. I may end up getting the Simply Speakers Recone Kit at $40/ea, removing the magnet and reconing both. But perhaps there is something to be said about using Klipsch parts vs 3rd party?
  10. I'll look into specs for the KD-15 and report back. Another thought: The metal cage of the woofer and passive i removed look very similar, if not exactly the same. Any thoughts about removing the magnet and using a recone kit like the one in this link: https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-speaker-passive-radiator-recone-kit-rk-klpkd15.html Just realized this question was addressed in the previous post
  11. @moray james - would love your input regarding this topic. I asked the Klipsch rep about using the passives from another speaker i.e. Forte, but he didnt really give me a clear answer and it seemed as if he were leaning towards 'No'. I'll research this possibility a bit more, but perhaps someone else has already? It was also suggested to me that i could simply remove the magnet from the Woofer (the one i removed from the passive radiator location) , and use that as the passive. Is this feasible?
  12. UPDATE: Spoke with a Klipsch representative who informed me they no longer carry this part/ KD-16. He recommended a place called Simply Speakers, but it doesnt seem that they have the whole assembly - just a recone kit. I guess I'll be posting a "WTB" ad here soon... Not sure if finding another drop-in 15" passive radiator is plausible.
  13. Im also in the market for one. Dont know if this thread is dead though..
  14. That is correct - Both of those woofers in the pic were removed from the rear of the speaker. I believe the real woofers are in tact, but will have to wait to get home to verify.
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