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  1. Ah, Guys and Gals, I'm not trying to do anything except to salvage something out of all this for wdecho, who has departed, and who felt strongly that he was treated unfairly. I agree with his assessment, and I do hope that Klipsch adopt my recommendations. Now let me assure you wdecho has not asked me to do this and probably doesn't even know this is occurring. Also please understand that I have no particular quarrel with any moderator because I honestly do know that it is hard to satisfy everyone. I am actually weary of all this, weary of the forum, and weary of several of the so called stalwarts of all this. I see click-ish behavior and snobism. I see a prevailing superior attitude, and other things that are sort of disgusting. I also see quite a few folks who genuinely want to help, which is good, because the need for a Klipsch forum devoted to helping people is there. I don't intend to respond further except to say that all my recommendations could improve your forum if you decide you want to do them. Whatever you do I am relieving you of my burden. I thank all who have helped me with my problems. This is my last post. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  2. Thanks, that's cool, but it would be nice if it doesn't appear except maybe at the individual's personal info...not on his posting to the forum.
  3. (Not the place for this I am sure, so move it to wherever you wish.) Sellers should not promote their wares. Moderators should clearly show they are moderators, and a moderator should avoid use of the term "judge" or "lawyer" indicating that they perceive themselves to be superior in their censorship decisions. Moderators should not break a thread leaving a result that favors one poster over another. Grave insults should not be deleted (maybe only x'ed out or a line drawn through). We are not babies that require shielding from the real world, so leave the posts with the minor insults alone so others can forever see how reasonable or unreasonably a poster is being. Only moderators should moderate. If you don't like what someone says, leave it to the recipient of the posting to respond to it. The picture id associated with the poster should not editorialize. When some poor lost soul shows up with a problem and has a very desirable item or items that you covet, don't immediately try to relieve that person of their stuff. Either help the person, or if you can't control your desire for what the person has, PM the person. The number of Klipsch products you own and the equipment running it shows up with your every post. Get rid of those listings. Ownership of all sorts of loot does not make you an expert, and only makes the threads more lengthy to read. Minimize your quotes so you don't add unnecessary length to a thread, don't repeat the pictures unless absolutely necessary to make a point. Yes, I know I irritate, but so do a bunch of you!
  4. Oh, I know they are meant not to hum, it's just that it always came on a bit quickly in the life of a Dynaco Stereo 70. Then when Dynaco bit the dust I gave up on them and went SS. Then replaced my vinyl with CD's, and converted all my irreplaceable vinyl (still have them and protected all of them) went all cassette once too and even reel to reel too because I didn't want to ruin my vinyl by playing it...yeah went through the turntable phase and strove to have the lightest and fanciest cartridge. Then converted all to digital, then ripped everything that wasn't available on CD into flac and loaded all onto a 'puter, then into a DAC-equipped integrated amp to my speakers, then Premium Spotify and now I just play my music as 320 mp3 and I can listen to one song 1500 straight times if I want. And I finally figured out how to play my library music, that Spotify does not offer, using Spotify and any loss of quality doesn't worry me at all. You know Neil Young and his Pono player...he says 320 mp3 only has 10 percent of the music that is available. For someone who gripes about corporation dishonesty, he sorta joined corporate dishonesty with his 10% statement. And I love Neil Young's music, although I don't appreciate him slamming the South; I have purchased some albums more than once possessing I suppose every album he ever made, but he is a bit full of you know what and takes his BS a bit too seriously. Since this thread pretty much turned into BS, thought I otter contribute.
  5. I expect I would. I guess I have not been a member long enough to witness his doing a rant, except for this thread. He was always a gentleman with me, and I am not a tube-type low-watt, amp feller, and he knew it. I reject tube-type because of the inherent hum associated with them. Never met a Dynaco amp that didn't have significant hum and back in the day I went through the full gamut of them. Oh well, piss on it, I just hate to see a knowledgeable fellow, who helped me a couple of times, leave the forum under the circumstances in which he left, but I ain't getting a whole lot of folks to agree with me on this, so I am going to get off this dead horse I'm riding, and get back to reading this wonderfully valuable thread.
  6. Ok, I don't own these, but will try one little stab at helping him/her out. If you are dealing with blinking lights, it sounds like you are trying to connect to it using Bluetooth rather than wifi, and that maybe your Bluetooth no longer works? If that is the case, you can get a standalone Bluetooth device at an electronics store or the Internet, and plug the new Bluetooth device into your Stadiums using the RCA inputs on the Stadiums. The new Bluetooth device also needs house power. This method bypasses the Stadium Bluetooth feature, but the new Bluetooth device will work just like the one the Stadium came with. The Bluetooth device will probably have all the accessories that you will need to plug into the RCA's on the Stadiums. Also, some cell phones have an aux out that you can wire right into those same RCA inputs on your Stadium allowing you to input your cell phone music or Spotify, Pandora, etc, through your Stadiums without using Bluetooth. I am sure Schu knows how to do this, probably even better than me...
  7. Subjective/objective was not the purpose of my post, but no matter...my sense of it is that subjective can guide one when making coarse adjustments, but with fine adjustment, we can be lead to become sort of drunk on our own BS and head down a primrose path, and when a person thinks he/she has such fine-tuned hearing to the point he/she says to others that "my way or the highway", then he becomes like the preacher who says he has all the answers, I run like mad away from the person. Conversely graphs, examining hard data, etc, is great so long as it is tempered by the fact that just because a curve supports our subjective conclusion, where is the proof that the ears hear music in agreement with the curve data we are measuring. Maybe ears cannot even be defined sonically, mathematically or scientifically. Anyway, we have to hang onto something that is more objective, there is that word again, not just what we think we hear. My feelings about what happened with wdecho is that it was poorly handled. It should not have been met "head-on". Before the moderator jumps in there and takes sides, he should give time for calmness to prevail, maybe two or three days. He could have just suspended posting to the thread if it was going to stay "hot". Heck, let things happen and come back to it later; it's not like people are going to start shooting at each other. I think it would have had a different outcome, if the moderator hadn't been so quick to choose sides. Now, Mr. Moderator, please don't think I am jumping on you, yours is a hard job and hindsight is 20/20.
  8. Good grief, instead of offering to take them off his hands, shouldn't you try to help the newbie?
  9. This thread has the dubious distinction of running off one of the best among us, and then, almost in celebration for having done so, not contributing one iota toward anything worthwhile. Several pages now of discussing capacitors etc, all with purely SUBJECTIVE nonsense about what people perceive they hear when small changes are made. Not one "superior" set of ears or well-heeled pocket book testimony will bring wdecho back to this forum, and we are all the poorer for it.
  10. I have casters on my Heresy, Fortes, Chorus, LaScalas and my Crites Cornscalas. All except the Heresy had risers that help hide the rollers and all had those little factory buttons installed in each corner of the riser or the bottom corners of the speakers that had no risers. I was able to mount the rollers so that the gap under the speaker and the floor was no greater than the gap that existed with the factory buttons. Of course I removed the buttons when I installed the rollers. With the Heresy speakers without risers, I installed a rear skirt having like 1/4" clearance from the bottom edge of the skirt to the floor to prevent bass response loss. My reasons for going with casters was to make them easy to move, for cleaning under them, and to prevent someone from tilting and "walking" them into position. "Walking" the speakers easily damages the bottom edges. For the larger speakers, I used 6 rollers per speaker, and I used casters that had a 1" dia ball roller. Of course when I move them across door thresholds, I still have to have the help of another person to keep from damaging the bottom edges, so it doesn't cure every opportunity to damage the bottoms of the speakers, thresholds can still do major damage.
  11. I am not giving you, @stealthcheetah, good advice if you are going to change out your midrange horns to K55 or the a55g. If you do, that you don't need to spend money on new E-2 capacitors. You would get new E-2 caps only if you are going to stick with the K53's. The crossover that you would use with K55's or a55g is the Type C, I believe. The only difference between the E-2 and the C is the capacitors. You can compare the two crossovers by looking at their wiring diagrams, which exist over in the Tech/Mod area, I think. You prob ought to digest that Super Heresy thread of Claude's now and decide whether you are going to keep the K53's, so you don't waste a little bit of money on capacitors you may end up not using.
  12. Would have to see what the capacitors are in the E-2 crossover to be sure it is the E-2 that it says it is, and if the caps are right size for E-2, then it can for all practical purposes be treated as a "forum designated" Heresy 1.5 (latter-day Heresy 1) and the OP can go from that point. Toss the woofers, previous owner used up the K22's and current ones are wrong, most likely. If they were mine I'd replace the caps with new correct ones for the E-2, confirm that the tweeter and midrange produce sound (don't be concerned they won't sound worth a hardly that way, that's normal). I would then find some K-22's and install and listen to the speakers all closed up to see if I am happy. I did Claude's SH mod with both a Heresy 1 (K55 mid) and the Heresy 1.5 (K53 mid). Imho (my ears for proof only) the K55 is a better mid than the K53. Before I would buy new diaphragms for a K53 mid, I would consider changing to Crites a55g sitting on his new JA mid horn, the g700.
  13. Look, I didn't see what all was said, and I have not been here long, but I have been here long enough to note that wdecho is a steady, no nonsense helper with his posts, and I have noticed that Deang, also a very good resource for the forums, can be a bit of a subtle needler. I expect wdecho was already mildly PO'd at Deang and it took only one response by Deang for it to all sort of gush out, causing the moderator to become involved. Then the moderator got it from wdecho. I recognize this because I am a bit like Deang myself. Right now, I bet he is on the sideline LHAO as to how angry wdecho got with the moderator. We ain't gonna lose Deang, and shouldn't, but we really don't need to lose wdecho! Really this is all just a bit humorous, but unfortunatly, sxxx can happen in these situations.
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