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  1. These are the one peice, mids are K-55-M, AL cross overs. Can submit pics tomorrow. I will be moving out of state in couple of weeks and have considered selling these, but not sure.
  2. About 20 or so years ago I traded for a pair of Klipsch LaScala's. They have been the most awesome speakers I have ever owned. I got them out of an old Crystal Palace skating rink that had closed. I have often wondered what they were worth and year they were made. Only serial numbers I see are 3056 and 3057. The nearest I have come up with is 1980, but I am unsure due to the number not looking like other serial numbers I seen the forum.y best guess on value by my research is $1200 for the pair. This is based on what I have seen a similar set sale for on-line in comparable condition. Only repair ever made in my 20 year history with them is the one plug terminal on 3056 visible by the bright shining gold. See pic.
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