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  1. I did a factory reset and the problem is solved.
  2. Hello, I have an issue with my The One bluetooth. It keeps blinking and is not recognized by any bluetooth device (phone, macbook). I tried switching it on and off, reseting by holding the pairing button for 5s, 25s... but nothing has worked. This is the first time this happens for 2 years of happy use. Thank you
  3. Hi ! Today I received my brand new "The One", unfortunately the battery seems to be dead! When plugged it works well (and the sound is really good) but when unplugged I immediately get the red LED blinking indicating battery is lower than 20%, despite having let it plugged for hours. Then in a matter of minutes the speaker just switches off. Did anyone have this kind of problem with The One ? I shipped it back to my Hi-Fi seller to get a replacement. Hopefully this is an isolated case!
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