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  1. And definately don't do it again, when you get that electrical burning smell. Ya thats cause something is burning, your wallet.
  2. I actually bought the 2600 about a month and a half ago. My picture wasn't better nor was my sound better. But here's what I did get out of it. 1) Another component that my friends ask about cause they don't know what it is. 2) Security knowing that I'm protected 3) Another component that fills up my racks more, looks great, and has cool lights. 4) It fixed my ground loop with my cable TV that was unbearable when playing MP3s from my computer. So I guess it did sorta clear up the music in that manner. 5) Did I mention that its just another cool component to add for ****s and giggles. I paid $240 after shipping from EBay brand new out of the box. Clicked on one of those 'buy it now' icons.
  3. I was going to vote for Gone in 60 seconds, but yes the jump was gay. I would recommend the transporter, that has some good scenes. Also Dumb and Dumber. When the cop pulls them over and drinks the "Beer".
  4. Thanks everyone, I'll tell him the results.
  5. that would be awesome, I wish we had one
  6. I found when I installed a new CD player in my F-150 it dramatically improved my sound from my speakers. It could go louder, clear, and an amazing increase in bass. go that route.
  7. I don't think you would actually hang that in your HT room. For that I would do a theater design, and build a second room in back and have the projector back there. On some very strong supports I might add.
  8. My brother is looking for a good 300 Disc CD Player. He currently has an Onkyo receiver. He would like an Onkyo or Denon, but they don't make any large storage CD Players. I know Sony and Pioneer make alot, but are they any good? Any input would help.
  9. I would just like to complement TheEAR on his dis to the m00n, even the m00n is a good guy, but the whole "Sony Walkman" for an amp was funny.
  10. 608 is the area code for most of southern and middle WI including Madison. Maybe a bit out of your way. The 414 area code is mostly the Milwaukee WI area, which would be closer.
  11. I agree with using a monster cable line conditioner. Other people use them and it gets rid of the ground loop hum caused by the cable tv. I just got cable in my appartment and experienced the same problem. I plan on getting the monster cable HTS 3600 as a cure.
  12. Since you are using cable it may be a good idea to get a line conditioner. Monster Cable makes great ones. People use them for a variety of reasons: use as a surge outlet, clear up dirty electricity to make music clearer, for another component for looks, helps take the humm out of the speakers when a ground loop is present caused by cable, and of course some even testify that there cable is clearer when they use one.
  13. My Denon 2802 does the 5 and 6 channel stereo. I'm sure that all the new ones do too, it would be rediculous to get rid of it. That is how I listen to all my music. I gives better bass and powerful sound from all 5 speakers. After listening to 5 channel stereo I can't ever go back to PLII.
  14. Best placement for a sub usually is in the corner of a room so you are in luck. Typically the worst place is in the middle of the room, so you whouldn't have to worry about that... Unless of course you wanted it for a leg rest.
  15. You can still find the rc3II and rc3. They are under the classic reference speakers because now the new models are out and they are listed under the reference series.
  16. Too big. Never. Cause some day your move out of that room and wish you had bigger. Or the upgrade bug will bite you and your be kicking yourself.
  17. Dual SVS Ultras or a Sunfire Signature sub will do nicely.
  18. Many people have debated this question before and neither one stuck out to be dominate. Both are digital and to my ears sound the same. If you can here a difference you have owl ears or your mind is just making the decision for you. I agree with the 370. I have the 270 (a gift) and love it. I wish I have the 370 for the digital output. Never listened to the 380 but I'm sure they didn't decrease their quality. The 370 retailed at stores for 300 but that price is negotiable and you can most likely find a cheaper one on the internet.
  19. I found mine work better when set to small. It will be much easier to send to much bass to the dual 8" drives than a nice sub like a velodyne. On my Denon 2802 I set the receiver cross over to 80hz and turn the subwoofer hz to its highest setting. If you set your sub to 50 hz your losing all that bass between 80 & 50 hz. Besides there are many smart people on this forum who know a heck of a lot more than me and have the RF3II's and they recommend small.
  20. "Would that be the lighter feel of your wallet?" Partially. I have a friend who got a job at American. Now he is going to be my ***** and by my stuff for me with his discount.
  21. 1). 16 guage will be ok for surrounds, but I would try to find 12 guage for your center channel and towers. 2). Banana plugs really help make connections easy. I move from college to home and back and it makes it much easier connecting both the speakers and receiver. Also they are necessary if you are going to bi-wire you speakers in the future. 4). I think you interpreted his question wrong. Yes you need a Y adaptor if you are running two subs. But I think he is asking about the sub connection on the back of the sub. I don't know what the RW12 has but most likely there is a mono input and a LFE input (both RCA connections). But you want a Y adaptor to use both of these. It will dramatically increase your base even to the non-sensitive ear. Better cables do help. I went from the skinny basic black cable to a monster cable and I could notice a difference.
  22. I'm finishing up a summer school class and then next week I'll be home for the summer again. It will be nice cause in this dang apartment I never get to crank my stuff. Then again at home I don't get to much either but every so often I find time alone and get to admire my well spent money. Its amazing that we can own this stuff and years later still be amazed at what it can do and how it can physically make your heart pound.
  23. I can't exactly remember but I do think people didn't recommend the RC-7 with the RB-5's cause it drowns them out. You might need bigger fronts/towers to use a RC-7 in your system.
  24. Where did you get those THX cards or things you have. One is on top and the other is by your PS2. Nice to see Klipsch get some free advertising.
  25. Just wanted to add that the H/K and Denon are very similar as you can see, both prety much have the same options and features. I was like you and went with the Denon because I liked the name, I went through the checklist of both the features side by side, and finally like you said the Denon looks better. So alot of people can decide which to get because they are so similar, so if they are the same why not get the good looking one and leave the plastic looking one for the boys. Like m00n. J/K had to put that in.
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