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  1. been super busy and kicked out of the listening room for a while. hiss was definitely just on one side when I switched the speaker cables. Then I tried moving the tubes Left to the right and the hiss followed. Now I gotta figure out which tube or tubes is the culprit. Given my upcoming month's schedule, should get this sorted by Christmas....
  2. got my bottle. still awaiting for the other products from Ama&on. we'll see if everything works out for this weekend, cuz next weekend is a busy one Mucho Mahalos, olomana
  3. I have a older jolida jd 1000 RC amp, I am wondering what type of amp design this has and whether I have the same problem?
  4. I'm interested as I have a set of old ALs sitting around now. How do these modified ALs sound? Did you have another crossover to compare them too?
  5. Not sure which crossovers you were talking about? Al's Universals cost $320 and Bob's AA's cost $310. I just bought a set of type A from Bob. Happy with the build and trying to make time to get them installed. Would have loved to have a few trial sets to see which one would work best for my type of music and room. Gonna keep the old AL and see if I can do the conversion as described in another thread to build a AA just for kicks. olomana
  6. Good idea. Will try that before installing the new Crites type A crossover
  7. my jolida amp seems to acting up with humming in the right channel. I am trying to find schematics and if folks know of people who repair/upgrade tube amps. mucho mahalo, Olomana
  8. @DizRotus Just found this thread and super interested. I couldn't access that pdf. Is that something easily found on the web? or was it a scanned document? If you still have a copy, I'ld love to read up. mucho mahalo, Olomana
  9. bored waiting for me new crossovers. Has anyone else tried this conversion, particularly the @wdecho one? Might have some time with a solder iron in the summer?
  10. sweet setup, I'm planning to play around switching my vintage LSs from the jolida tubes to a solid state amp just to hear the differences once I get the crossovers replaced
  11. Thank you for your help. excited to call Bob and make my order, gonna go with the type A crossover. Don't you hate it when work get in the way with ordering stereo gear or a new album. I saw an interesting thread about transforming the AL to a AA or something like that for less than $150? I may try this in the summer when I have time to find my soldering iron.
  12. Jolida 1000 RC integrated tube amp 100 watts (I forget what tubes I have installed) I bought it off my uncle. He was the audiophile. TT is a VPI prime Phono amp is Hagerman Bugle 2
  13. room is 8x12 but more of an alcove with the entire rear wall missing rather than a door. I am about 8-10 feet away and the speaker are about 6 feet apart. I primarily listen to Jazz and classical. But when the full moon is out, some U2 or Daft Punk might break through. Volume is on the low to low moderate side since I usually listen in the PM with family across the way in the TV room. I used solder batteries and motors for my RC cars when I was a kid, but am no artist with the iron. ps only a pair of LSs and no hearing aids (yet)
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