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  1. I apologise to you sir. I was just commenting on the others comments on why an item as flawless as yours was still on the market 3 months later. They were the ones insinuating but didn't have the cajones. I've dealt with so many people both on Craig's list, and eBay that didn't offer what they were representing. I wasn't saying your sale of speakers wasn't anything but a good deal. I'm new to this forum, but have been a regular contributor on 3 others. I didnt mean any disrespectful comments to you sir, I was just springing off the others. I don't pull punches with anyone, I'm a straight shooter myself as I stated. Some don't like that, but to me that's their loss. Ive been an audiophile for over 45 years, enjoy the hobby.I was always taught to be honest, say the truth. Again I'm sorry if I overstepped the line. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  2. You guys need a hobby! If capacitors are the excitement of your day, you need a new solder iron. One to solder those pretty purple caps. What did Plymouth call that color in the early 70's? Plum crazy! That pretty much says it all about most of us. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  3. Royal purple is indeed the king of oils. It's definitely the slipperiest of oils, little pricey for some, but anything great in life don't come cheap. Like all top synthetic oil, litteraly no engine wear. That's what we strive for. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  4. I couldn't have said it better. Like driving a 740 horsepower hellcat Dodge, excess is just right. I'm almost 64 myself, and love to have my heart jump either with my speakers or car/motorcycle. No your on the right track, don't stop till it scares you, then you got it. Definitely calm the room down though. Klipsch are live and loud. Putting traps in the right place makes it all come together. You might want to have someone come by with microphones or do it yourself for optimum sound. A little tweaking goes a long way. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  5. Like what to make them a 4k bump? If that was the fact, these would have been gone the first week! I don't know about you guys, but I look for best bang for the buck. Either that or this guys not a straight shooter! Am I stepping out of line here? I've bought and sold a ton over the years, and I've called and stopped wrongful posts. I'm honest, and expect others to be as well! I don't want to buy these, I'm just participating in this post for others. Everybody seems to be pussyfooting here. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  6. Luddite theirs 2 sets on eBay now. First set looks best, Indiana pickup only. Second set needs all 4 cones redone, but they ship. Take a look, Moose. Their both in $400.00 range Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  7. First off as all of you know, their $12,000 new retail, not $16,000. Second, shipping them from Oklahoma can cost a bit, and be risky, even with best of shipper's. $2500 Off is good, but obviously not enough for anybody to pull the trigger. Time will tell. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  8. I just reread your last post. 10 or 12ft high on the mains? What are you a 7'8" tall basketball player that stands up listening to your stereo? Me I lay back in my recliner, and have my 30 inch high Sansui speakers on 10 inch stands. Puts the tweeter right at ear level, at least for my 6'2" frame. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  9. Years back heard an M&K satellite/sub setup. Pretty sweet 3 piece set. Sub placement can be easy or tough. Usually I've found facing 90 degrees opposite of main fronts about 3 feet from side wall works for me. Your mileage may vary. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  10. When your six, you can poop out a steady diet of Doritos, Pizza, and 2 candy bars a day. Try doing that at 64! Just about all manufactures recommend Dino oil for break in, about 7,500 miles or so for the rings/cylinder wall cohesiveness. Porsche is one of the few I think that says to use from day 1. Maybe they use a different cylinder material. I remember years back seeing that Mobil 1 sticker on an almost new late 1980's Porsche. They might use Nikasil, or something other than cast iron. Anyone here a Porsche tech that can confirm/deny why? Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  11. Ever try to find an audiophile girlfriend/wife? Their far and few. A large sub with large power set low to blend in is a very good thing. I had a friend years back that used a 600 watt sub to blend in with his B&W 802's. Heard a live Roy Orbison DVD on it, pretty amazing sound. You'd swear all the sound was coming out of his 802's. I've always been a subwoofer fan. Just need to find the sweet spot in your room to put it. Preferably where the Mrs doesn't see it! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  12. This is amazing, 135 posts on synthetic oil. Ironically on a Stereo website. We had the same conversation on my Ford expedition site, and even after 2 weeks, we only got like 60 responses. What kills me is 80 percent of humans take a shower or bath everyday, but get them to change their oil when they should, is the toughest thing. Like trying to get your 6 year old boy to take a bath. Folks it's not that hard. Regular clean oil and filter = longer engine life. Been proven for over 100 years! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  13. Let us know what fixes your buzz. I'm sure others will experience same problem soon. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  14. Try plugging in temporarily into another outlet, see if anything changes. Like Khorn said it could be dirty power from outside. Or maybe your wall plug took a jolt, and may have to be replaced. Do you have a plug in receptacle diagnostic tool. The one I have is yellow, and has 3 lights on end to diagnose wall socket wiring. You can pick one up at any electrical or hardware store. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  15. Like that line in Indiana Jones, somethings in life are a leap of faith. Churches make millions, and billions on that premise. How many of you have actually met God? I don't know which one of you guys said it, but changing the oil whatever one you use, Dino, semi synthetic, Diesel oil, whatever, keeping it clean and fresh is everything. On the 2005-2014 Ford Expeditions, especially the 05-07 models, they have oiling problems involving cam phasers, and weak oem oil pumps. What forum members encounter, is the small passages on the advance/retard phasers get plugged and stop working. The motors start sounding like a Diesel, and eventually have to be torn apart. Some as soon as 80k. The owners that keep their oil clean, no more than 5k oil changes, usually don't have the problem at all. My 2000 Expedition with Mobil 1gets a change at 5k. Before using synthetic oil, I used to change at 3k. But what do I know. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  16. Couldn't be bothered with reading all 56 posts, but here goes. Yes it's been proven time and time again that full synthetic does in fact reduce wear significantly more than pure Dino oil, or even semi synthetic. I contribute daily on the Ford Expedition forum as one of the main techs. I personally run Mobil 1 in my own Expedition. I definitely noticed a smoother running engine after my oil change. Increased mileage I did not notice, but being super slippery ,for some it might. Although synthetic oil will protect all the way out to 15k, due to dirt buildup, we recommend not longer than 10k or so. Their was an oil test years back using 3 different New York taxi cabs. One used the cheapest Kragen oil, the second the top Castrol both Dino oils. They ran both 150k, dismantled the engines, and found no difference in wear. They did the same mileage with a full synthetic oil, then dismantled, their was litteraly no wear on the motor with synthetic, their was on the other 2. Companies like Blackstone that do oil evaluations have confirmed that synthetic is better. Theirs more proof, it's not a gimmick. Porsche uses Mobil 1 from the factory on all their vehicles. That should be proof at how good the oil is. I've been a mechanic for close to 48 years now, and very few things impress me, full synthetic oil is one. Well that's my 2cents! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  17. Dave sounds like something went down in the amp. If you have a fuse, or circuit breaker reset it or if a fuse try replacing. Unfortunately sub amps tend to overheat and shut down way more than a receiver or amplifier for main speakers due to heat. You might consider installing a small fan to keep amp cool after repair. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  18. Reflection of most of the sound is what the Bose 901 thru 301 speakers did. With the 901, 90 percent of sound bounced off the back wall. It either sounded great or with the wrong electronics, terrible. My goal in my car stereo, was a full sound stage up front, and a very low crossover for the subwoofer in the rear. I used about 45 hz, from a high end electronic crossover. The illusion was the bass could be felt but not heard. When I had it set right, the small 5 1/4 inch door separates sounded way bigger, and their was no rear deck or door speakers to muddy up the pristine sound. I found Ads separates were some of the best back in 80's/90's. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  19. A salesman at an old Stereo store said to me way back in 1976, was garbage in, garbage out. No truer words about sound or what you put in your mouth ever made more sense. A speaker with the definition and minimum restriction of the heritage line, is always going to reveal the garbage that wasn't cleaned up during mixing or in the recording itself. It always amazes me how an artist or recording engineer could even record such trash. It's always about money. The distorted, lousy sounding recording was done on the cheap. Cheap Mike's, cheap recording equipment, etc. On top of that you get a guy at the controls that doesn't know how to tweak the knobs, and you end up with a recording thats bass shy, too strong in the critical middle, and either dull or too bright on the high end above 12k. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  20. I agree with Richieb, they should send you a Fed ex or UPS return label. This is what happens when profit exceeds quality and customer satisfaction. You'd think a manufacturer like Klipsch would have better shipping. Most speaker manufactures have excellent packing materials and procedures. Now you know why so few won't ship speakers purchased on eBay. It's just not worth having to go through all the crap arguing with the carrier. They bang around the boxes and just don't care. At least that's what's happened to me numerous times with speakers and electronics. I refused shipping a nice pair of Sansui 3 ways just for that reason. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  21. I wouldn't mind a regifted set of cables. Sure beats cheap tube socks. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  22. Shakey's got a good point. Dr Amar Bose tried the higher specs routine on both speakers and amps. What he found in reality, was they mostly sounded horrible. That's what he used as ammo to design his original 901's back in 1968. He found that the room and how the speakers reacted to it was most important. I can't tell you how many speakers I've auditioned over the years, Magnepan was one, that I thought sounded dull and lifeless to my ears. Everybody seemed to love them. Maybe it was the electronics, maybe the room, who knows? I didn't like them . Then on the other end, Everytime I heard heritage Klipsch, or Altec, I loved the punchy sound, especially the voice. Same with B&W 801/802 . The biggest thing I notice about low end components is their cruddy preamp section. It goes from ok to too loud in one step. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  23. I remember when Monster Cable first hit the scene here in Daly City, we had a car stereo shop that had a display with a big throw switch like the one used in a Frankenstein movie, albeit a little smaller. When you listened to the car deck playing, then threw the switch to the monster cable side of heavy cable, their was an audible difference. Don't know if maybe they had a small amp that kicked in, but I surely heard a boosted better sound. Every receiver/amp preamp is going to react a little different to every cable. On a duller sounding unit, a brighter Rca interconnect, or speaker wire will change the sound slightly. Opposite for an overly bright speaker, certain cables will tame it down slightly. These changes are slight though, and won't make up for a shrilly tweeter, or an overly dull sound from electronics. Just what I've found [emoji205] around with this stuff the past 50 years. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  24. I was looking at the height dimensions of your new forte 3's and was thinking to clean up both the bass and lower midrange, you might want to put them on 5-6 inch wood stands. Even though Klipsch makes them solid to be floor mounted, a well made wood or heavy steel stand could only help. Also I'd play around with placement of that 10 inch Klipsch sub. If you can pay someone to come into your home with microphones for optimum speaker and sound deadening treatment. It can make a big difference in sound. The speakers are only good down to 39 hz which is respectable, but getting that sub, or maybe a bigger 12 or 15 inch one, down to 28hz or below is a sound that the wife will say hello, I like your Stereo! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  25. If you ran a direct speaker wire to the raw woofer and low sound was achieved, what else is their to say, it is burnt out, or almost burnt out. It sounds more and more, like the previous owner abused your speaker. I overdrived a small set of mini monitors one New year's Eve. They still played but never sounded right after that. They weren't worth fixing, so I deep sixed them by March. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
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