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  1. Hello, This is my first time writing a post on this forum. I am an avid Klipscher and owns two Klipsch earphones right now. I am looking to buy X6i because it has superb ratings and affordable price (compared to other X series). I have conducted some researches and found out that Amazon has X6i listed at a much cheaper price, $69 (authorized sale by Beach Camera, the link is here), meanwhile, the official Klipsch website has it listed at $179. That is a $110 difference, which is huge. But my instinct is telling me that there's gotta be a catch because the official price is $179. So, may I ask what the difference (like quality, warranty, etc.) is between the products sold on Klipsch and the products sold on Amazon by authorized sellers and why it's so much cheaper? Thank you very much.
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