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  1. Temp going down, rain, 30mph wind gusts and 2-4 of snow? Already? Time to get the blower ready to go and close to the garage door. Can it wait maybe? Ha!
  2. Welcome to the Forum. Heck of a nice price on that Yammer Integrated. In your price range and would do the job nicely. Got it ALL in a pretty lil black box. You'll be a happy fam and those Klipsch should shine!
  3. That was a nice Sparty win today Neil. Schiano and crew bumping off Purdue? Pitt rolling thru Ann Arbor? IU pulled one out but they're rolling and have a great team this year. I'm thinking OSU is gonna have to make good on Coach Day's statement to Harb's about hanging 100 on them in Cbus. Might be the only way they get into the Natty. That's ALWAYS a battle though but... I guess I never looked at the scoreboard to see if they COULD ring up 100. Think it's just double digits. 😂
  4. This showed up on my porch a couple weeks ago and I've been sitting on it for just the right time. Today it's ON! No more Ohio State football because of Covid so I get the day off. Gonna make the best of it too! Didn't make this one but the next one is back in Chicago and free is always good! Sooo, thanks for the box EC but what do I do with the Blue-Ray that came with it since I'm only two-channel? Might have to play with the Oppo a bit. Yaaas, MicroMara hecho in Germany! Sweet thru these lil cranked Heresey's. Next time around it'll be on the LS cause I know I'm gonna be a repeat offender! Great so far!
  5. @jimjimbo Where they going with their record? We might just get a shot at them but look at it this way. Could save Harb's job! 😂 As far as the Natty the playoff committee has already said they would not require a minimum number of games for teams to qualify for the playoffs. We're off this week and prolly next week against green but there's ALWAYS that final game of the season as you WELL know! 😂 ✌️
  6. @JohnJ game has been cancelled due to even more positive tests today according to my AP feed. Done with the season. NOW it's gonna get interesting for the B1G front office. I told a few friends it would shake out like this but that's the report. Done! Covoid wins!
  7. Gonna be interesting to see if OSU gets to play the Illini on Saturday. Coach Day and a couple others tested positive on Wed and are OFF the travel list and isolated as are the players. Defensive Coach Larry Johnson is taking over the play calling. The team tested again today but no results yet. Supposedly they're within the covid limits established by the B1G now but tomorrow? Flying out, bus rides in and out, suiting up @ the stadium and gone IF they play. The new B1G Commish should have either started the season on time or not played at all imo. Actually, as far as I'm concerned, the NCAA should have stepped in early and cancelled all athletics for 2020 or until a vaccine was found. It's ALL about the money imo. Can't wait til they have to pay the athletes for playing. ANOTHER inevitable wrinkle in their checkbooks. It's coming.
  8. Wonder if any will surface since Christmas is coming. Almost had to be someone in the know I'd think. Either that or someone got darn lucky and knew what they were taking. I'm sure there were other things on that truck that were worth some bucks. Good one to watch shake out.
  9. Just found out I lost a good friend due to cancer a while ago. I'd heard she was denying anymore chemo and didn't want to suffer thru it. She sucked it up. Even though she was a year older we shared the same birthday and always wished each other a Happy Birthday. Losing someone you played with as a kid is tough and the entire group we hung with are all pretty much in shock. She was much worse than any of us thought. So here's to Pammy and the rest of the crew. Yup, we all stood in the receiving line after the Beatles show and touched whatever we could as they ran by. So many laffs and good times over the years.
  10. Dave1290


    Ha, guess I'm not the only one! About two weeks ago I ordered a set of king flannel sheets @ 50% off. They were normally $200 but priced at $150. Great deal for $75 plus shipping I thought. They only had one set left so I jumped. Typed in the discount code @ checkout and BOOM all done. Got an email telling me they were mine and they would notify me when they were shipped. The other night I decided to check into it since I hadn't heard anything. Used their chat format and asked. Nope, no order she said. So I went to look for the confirmation number and the email was gone. Then I checked my bank statement and their post, which hit my bank the same day was gone. I had an immediate WTF moment! How? So I was hot, changed my bank pw, then the email pw still wondering what happened. Called the bank Tuesday and they showed no record of anything on my statement and the money looked fine to her she said. So I called the oldest and laid it on her. She said don't worry about it cause they prolly didn't have any more. I was like I got a confirmation but now it's gone too. She started laffing and I grew even hotter. Yesterday I got an email from them "Owing me an apology" cause they didn't have any left. Of course not, not at that price cause they prolly lost money on the deal. I won't even tell you what my "reply" was to that email. This morning I looked again at another pair of them BUT now all are "excluded" from the 50% off deal for some reason. Imagine that! Grrrr... Quit laffin! Don't ask "why" I have a king size bed either! Be prepared I guess.
  11. Watched a Ferrari tech in a suit "tune up" and F-1 once @ the Porsche dealership while I was waiting on something to get done to my old 928. He took the hatch cover off, plugged in a puter, broke out his lil screwdriver set in the briefcase and tweeked this and that while watching the puter. Thing smoothed right out and was done! The owner's gardener and wife crawled back into it and drove back to Cleveland. The tech closed his briefcase and drove back to Detroit. Total cost? $4k for the 15-minute tweek and an over night for the tech and a drive back to Detroit. I offered to take it back to Cleveland for that gardener. Was even gonna let them take my 928. Talk about a beautiful ride.
  12. When I was searching for a phono pre another old geezer who knows more about McIntosh than anyone I know told me to go with the Schiit Mani phono pre. It's killer for $150. He said it's the best bang for the buck on the planet UNless you're going w/McIntosh. This dude KNOWS his Schiit too. Go figure...
  13. The only thing I'm saying is the kid travelled w/the team and is a member of the team, therefore if he's a positive or whatever he may be it could affect the entire team. Clemson will be there for sure when it comes time to play. EVERY team that takes the field should be negative imo. Nebraska, Wisconsin and the rest of the B1G teams wanted to play. Day along w/the parents/fans petition is prolly one of the main reasons they had to sit down and make a decision. ALL the B1G teams/fans were "whining" solidified the decision to play. That was the major factor in the B1G's decision TO play. EVERYone wanted to play a full schedule yet the B1G couldn't get their act together w/a new B1G Commissioner this year. I think blue is still trying to decide whether or not they're playing since the were the last ones to ratify some kind of covid protocol. 😂 Hope that doesn't haunt me down the road cause on any given "Day." Dabo is Dabo just like Urban was Urban or Nick is Nick. They can talk all they want but they can't make the final decision. It'll ALLLL sort. That kids pretty amazing throwing that ball. 85 yards is a chuck at his age. They say he's better than Burrow was in high school. He's gonna totally burn out the receivers and the defenders. Short stuff he's fantastic they say. Gonna give new meaning to the word "fly."
  14. Preservation of species perhaps? According to ESPN: Multiple sources told ESPN that a Clemson player tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday after practicing with the Tigers during the week. That player was symptomatic but had tested negative twice during the week, according to sources. That led Florida State to say it was not comfortable playing Saturday's game, the source said. Sounds like we need an atty in here to settle this. I'd tend to think FSU was within the boundaries of the ACC Covid rules especially since the kid was from Clemson and travelled down there w/the team. Have to look out for the kids. The money is just another whining point for Dabo. It's actually on him if he had the report and took the kid along. If the kids positive he just jeopardized the entire team by doing so. Dabo just wanted another scrimmage anyway. lolol Now we can see what shakes out for them this weekend. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30357787/clemson-tigers-florida-state-seminoles-game-postponed
  15. Just flat dirty marks on the grill cover. I could see them easily on the black cloth. Soooo, never thought she'd do it to the bottom of the mid yet she did. Then poof, dropped right down thru the bottom of the cone.
  16. Hmmmmm, didn't know a twitter feed wouldn't work??? Well I guess it does. Kinda maybe. Either way that's a long 85 yards from any high school kid.
  17. Welllllllll, the cat doesn't have any front claws but I saw paw marks on the black grill covers. Never thought she'd paw in the bottom of the mid-horn then poof there went the bottom. I'm going to ship the lil kitty to @oldtimer. Something needs to soften him up a lil bit.
  18. Seriously? Class of 22? 85 yards at his age??? I feel that need for speed and I hope we find it somewhere. Lawd have mercy!
  19. Like Neil? Feelin like a groove and a half? Jump while ya can! 🤘 ✌️ Recorded in 2003, which was a far better year than 2020, while live on tour and now re-mastered! It's a sweet one for sure! You'll be stompin that foot in no time!
  20. Time for a road test throw down! Put the Crites bottoms in the cat's pair of Heresy's last weekend soooo today I dragged the battery cables around and hooked them up. Good job @Fido they're sounding great! I actually forgot how much fun these lil boxes can be! Might just have to put them on the floor surrounded by chicken wire. 😂 😂 ^^^^^^^^ Yasssss, we have bass now! vvvvvv 😂
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