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    RF-7 & RB-75
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  1. If you plan on passing through Vegas anytime, I have a pair of RB-75 and RC-7 in Cherry that I would most likely part with. The RC-7 is mint, I'd say 9/10. I'd say the RB-75 are 7/10 considering one has a nickel size chip in top right corner from original owner transport. I have all grills as well. I have successfully shipped RB-5's before, but would be a little nervous about shipping the RC-7. I've read stories of the tweeter snapping apart during shipment. I'd most likely pull all drivers and tweeters prior to shipping them but would need to research this a bit.
  2. Following. Only bc I'm waiting to see a super cool KLF 30 minivan system 😉
  3. Wow, those are minty. GLWS! Those will move FAST
  4. In search of a single RF-7 Woofer...anyone have a spare? 🙂 Let me know!
  5. Travis5454

    KLF 30

    Where in NV are you located? If near Las Vegas, send me a PM
  6. Hello, stumbled across this older thread and am now curious about my setup. I have RC-7, RF-3's, and a pair of RS-3's in living room. They sound great but should I do any updates as far as capping or resistors given they are about 20 years old?
  7. That's A LOT of speaker for the price tag. That would assemble to into quite an impressive HT setup.
  8. they look mint...hefty price tag though
  9. @pzannucci I know, I have found that out quickly lol
  10. On the hunt for a pair of KLF-30's. Anybody selling near Las Vegas? 🙂
  11. Heresies are without question better speakers, but I'd argue that unless you have a lot of room behind/around MLP to play with, you'll get better surround performance with RS-7's due to their flexibility in positioning. A bigger speaker like Heresy is much harder to position for surround effects IMO.
  12. Thanks guys. They are fantastic. I know I'll regret selling them, but just don't use them enough. Plus, I'm the hunt for the KLF-30's :-)
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