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  1. That's A LOT of speaker for the price tag. That would assemble to into quite an impressive HT setup.
  2. they look mint...hefty price tag though
  3. @pzannucci I know, I have found that out quickly lol
  4. On the hunt for a pair of KLF-30's. Anybody selling near Las Vegas? 🙂
  5. Heresies are without question better speakers, but I'd argue that unless you have a lot of room behind/around MLP to play with, you'll get better surround performance with RS-7's due to their flexibility in positioning. A bigger speaker like Heresy is much harder to position for surround effects IMO.
  6. Thanks guys. They are fantastic. I know I'll regret selling them, but just don't use them enough. Plus, I'm the hunt for the KLF-30's :-)
  7. Selling pair of Klipsch RB-75 in Cherry finish! I am second owner and have kept them in mint condition. I'd conservately them 8.5/10. There are a couple blemishes on top of one speaker as shown in photo. There are also scratches on bottoms of speakers from moving on entertainment stand. Drivers and grill covers in perfect condition. Original owner lost jumpers so I used speaker wire as shown in pics. Asking $700. Prefer local pickup in Las Vegas, NV. Do not have original boxes but I will pack them up securely if someone wants them shipped at their expense.
  8. Hello, fairly new to this forum, don't visit too often. I have both RB-5 and RB-75, both in Cherry. I use them both for music setups. They both sound amazing, but as others have said, there is just something about the 75s that make them sound fantastic and sweet. I love the large compression driver even though others have stated it is harsh? My ears love the sound.
  9. I'm in Vegas too...bad time for me to be broke Lol
  10. Not mine. Real nice looking. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/las-vegas-klipsch-speakers/6781457052.html
  11. @Skichuck77 haven't heard of this website, I will check it out. Thanks!
  12. @Fenderplayer thanks for the reply. I'm starting to realize that I will most likely be road tripping to So Cal if I really want a pair (which I really do). I know they'll be a nice upgrade from RF-3's. There's finally a pair locally for sale but $1200 is WAY too much IMO. I will be patient
  13. What did they go for if you don't mind me asking?
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