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  1. Where are you located? Any opportunities to demo? I've demoed the Forte IV next to the Cornwall IV and preferred the Cornwall IV -- my local dealer has both. The room was, however, larger so that is a consideration. CW to me seemed to perform quite effortlessly. Price as always, is a consideration. I own Forte III and Chorus II. Have not heard RF7 line.
  2. Doesn't the Sphinx (integrated amp) have tube pre-amp section (12AU7), while the amp section is SS? Seems to me to be a good option.
  3. Thanks. I did open er up and looked over the manual. Couldn’t notice anything obvious so it’s time to realize my limits and get this to a tech. Thanks for suggestions.
  4. Thanks, Randy. I'll look for screw A. Billybob --- my daughter has been using this for over a year. Sat before that, but I had it looked over before she started using it. It looks to me like at least some of the parts are lubed, so I image that occurred when it was looked over. Of course, she hadn't complained about anything until recently.
  5. Thanks, MicroMara. This gives me a few things to look at.
  6. Hi --- before looking for a tech, I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has suggestions for me to try here. Have an Akai AP-004 that spins and functions fine with one exception -- The unit has a typical tonearm up and down in the back, but doesn't have a start button. Rather, in the right front of the unit, there is a button that can be moved back for "Repeat", and if it is moved forward, it is the "Start/Cut" button. So, in an ideal world, hitting start/cut either starts the process of the tonearm playing, or stops it whilst playing. The issue is that when playing, and then hitting the start/cut button to stop, the tonearm just re-starts over and over. No way to end the cycle without unplugging. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  7. First image search is from Reverb ad in Plano, TX (allegedly): https://reverb.com/item/45708857-klipsch-klipschorn-kb-wo-l-f-walnut (also seems like a scam --- "owned by an older gentleman who never played at high volumes"
  8. Thanks. Maybe it was "Pro Cinema"? I thought there was a post by Cory (Paducah), but can't find it now. Thanks for the info.
  9. Youthman did a side by side between Forte III and RF-7 II that may be worth a view. He also has other reviews of RF-7 line that might be helpful. Here's the F3 v.s. RF-7ii
  10. I thought you couldn't buy from the Cinema line unless you owned a movie theater or something like that (bulk buys). Assuming someone, in theory had Forte or cornwall, or chorus in the front, would the Cinema line work well for the back match-wise (assuming the person couldn't get or fit another chorus, cornwall, etc., because of space concerns). Curious.
  11. No affiliation. Can't see wood grain on pics, so might ask about that. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/462677538644130/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Aad94b3f0-afdc-4857-8420-b5af35368aef
  12. No affiliation. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/637601274225284/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Aad94b3f0-afdc-4857-8420-b5af35368aef
  13. I agree with this (above). YMMV, and FWIW, I swapped out the diaphragms in a pair of Kg2's I've owned since 1986, and thought it was a nice improvement.
  14. Already pending….unless something is just down the street, no chance of much these days.
  15. Are you sure you want to sell them? If you are keeping the other pair you have these might make for a great center in a HT setting or as rear surrounds. It’s your choice of course and prices now are crazy and you could sell easily if you want. We are seeing things of this nature go in the $1k neighborhood, give or take, as others mentioned, which is a large increase from just a few years ago. Kids don’t want them? Whatever you decide to do, best of luck.
  16. Curious—you mentioned the carver 275 and tube cube threads. Would it be appropriate (or not appropriate) to mention the Reisong A10 (6w), $399 or A12 (also 6w), $499? Seems like these offerings hit that “affordable” range and are recommended by many. Just asking’.
  17. Wow. I’ve nowhere near CA, but have a newer zenith allegro that looks nowhere near as swanky as this one. Price seems a bit high but it sure looks like it’s in great condition. Good luck!
  18. Sam S.

    OTA DVR’s

    Thanks. Looks interesting. If I read correctly coax into the device, then Ethernet out to router, then since I have 2 (or more) TVs on the same network, I can watch recorded shows on either of them? I have rokus on each tv, sounds like just install the home run app on each of them? Looks like the 1TB is around 279, while the TiVo is 299, but multiple TVs would be a +.
  19. Looking for recommendations for a basic OTA dvr, as my DTVpal recently died. Never liked the guide on the Pal — looking for something ideally that has decent storage (at least 500GB but ideally 1TB), simple (plug in coax from antenna then hdmi out to AVR), and maybe 4 tuners. The Pal had 2 and was ok most of the time. Looks like TiVo with lifetime sub might be good option but wonder if others are out there. Suggestions appreciated.
  20. Marantz might be a good option, as the built-in DAC is pretty good IMO. I have the Marantz CD6007. I think the 6006 doesn't support FLAC, and for that reason I'd recommend the 6007. I have the majority of my CD collection ripped on my laptop to FLAC files (use exact audio copy), and it's pretty easy to copy those from your PC or laptop to a USB drive. The 6007 has a USB port in the front, and the navigation is pretty basic, but it works well (plug n play). I do see that the prices of the 6007 have skyrocketed. I purchased mine for (I think) $399 refurbished a number of months ago, and it looks like current prices are almost double that. For awhile, there were chip shortages on these due to a factory fire. Others can chime in on the NAS questions. I decided against that option because it seemed too complicated for my tastes and sometimes I just like to pop a CD in and hit play. Good luck.
  21. Sam S.


    Thanks for posting! I'm about 3 hours away, but as I was looking over the list can't imagine how I'd haul everything else (besides the KP-301's) in that auction away. 2 plasma TV's and that massive whiteboard. They probably would've done better separating those things out. Who knows, maybe it'll ultimately go cheap and be worth hauling the other stuff off. I did note the ad said KP-301, but the pictures clearly show KP-301 ii.
  22. Good luck. PrimaLuna 200, 300, or 400 all have HT bypass. I found my e-mail from Mark @ Rogue from Jan, 2021. At that time, the Cronus Magnum III or Sphinx could add HT bypass for an extra $150. Might be worth consideration as price-wise that'd be in the same category or less than the PL200. Rogue made in US and Primaluna China if that matters to you. Another consideration might be the Rogue Pharoah (tube pre-amp and SS amp) which comes standard with HT bypass. Specs here. Pharoah (just on the high side price wise from the PL200) would have way more power than your CW's would require.
  23. Few suggestions --- Have you considered offerings from Rogue -- either the Cronus Magnum or the Sphinx? I don't think they come standard with HT bypass, but when I was looking a year or so ago and considered HT bypass to be something I wanted, I emailed them and it was available as an option to add for like $100 or $200 more. I'd think either would pair well with the CW's. Or for a more pricey option, the McIntosh MA352 has a HT bypass. I realize this may start a tubes v.s. solid state debate, but you didn't specify in your post, only asking for the "perfect integrated". Such a thing may not exist. I'm assuming your post is asking for suggestions for an integrated to play 2-channel sources through the CW's, but with the bypass for an AVR since the CW's do double duty for HT? Also - as Fido mentioned, some of the PrimaLuna's also have HT bypass. Might be worth a look.
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