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  1. 6 minutes ago, Olorin said:

    If you're handy with the wood tools and run out of patience waiting for a set to come along, they're easy enough to make out of baseboard.  Would just need to veneer the flat face and paint the accent.

     I thought about that.  I moved back in November to a smaller house (renting) and most of my stuff is in storage.  No tools to make much of anything right now.  I'll be buying a house within the next year.  If I don't find any by then, I'll make them myself or come up with some sort of stand.  For now though, I'd like to find a set.  

  2. Hello, anyone have a set of risers for Chorus IIs they'd be willing to sell?  I recently purchases a pair that did not come with any.  They're in Walnut and that's what I'd prefer however I'd be willing to sand and stain if the price was right. 


    Located in the VA Beach area on the East Coast.




  3. Hey Soundbound, I know this threads been around awhile but if you still can make those bases, I'd love to buy a set off you.  I need to find the wood bases for my Chorus IIs first.  Bought them used and both bases were missing.  But when I find them, I'd like the base like you have on them too.  

  4. 37 minutes ago, Kdenn011 said:

    I’m in Fayetteville. 


    Maybe there is detour in order !!

    He's got a McIntosh c2200 and a Hafler dh-110. Then the Khorns. They're in the back of a storage unit so I didn't get pictures but he's going to send me some later with the prices. 

  5. 6 minutes ago, Kdenn011 said:

    Love a good turntable find. Sounds like a nice buy. 


    I found a NOS Sansui SR-838 in a basement in Carolina. I’m now done searching for turntables. 


    Any my ideas what the McIntosh pieces are ? 

    I'm meeting him in 10 minutes. I'll ask him.

  6. 21 minutes ago, bkwa1959 said:

    Located in NC?

    I sent him an email just now. He has a broker who's selling everything for him. He sent me a picture of one of them showing the one mark/scratch that's on them and they look more oak to me, then Walnut. He's asking $3000 but that number is negotiable. They're currently in storage. I'll find out more tomorrow. 


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  7. 2 minutes ago, bkwa1959 said:

    Was he selling his Klipschorns 

    Yes, all that's for sell. He's an elderly gentlemen and he's selling many of his belongings. I'm meeting him in the morning. I'll ask then. I hadn't ask prices because I'm running out of room and wasn't Interested. :)

  8. 8 hours ago, Kdenn011 said:

    What’s the turntable ? 


    Good purchase on the chourus. Those are nice. 

    I'm in Charlotte now. I'm buying a PLC-590 to set next to my PL-570. It's a one owner and in prestine condition. Has the sme 3009 tonearm and a shure v15 mk v cart.  The gentlemen has a pair of khorns as well, walnut and again in prestine condition. He has a few more pieces, McIntosh SS Amp and a Hafler preamp but I'm only here to buy the turntable. 

  9. On 2/8/2018 at 5:55 PM, Kdenn011 said:

    I’m curious-are these yours now ? 

    Yes they are! Extremely happy with the purchase. I'm headed back down to NC this weekend to pick up a second turntable. With all the people in the VA Beach area, it seems like there'd be nice stuff around for sale but that simply is not the case. Maybe everyone's just keeping it for themselves!

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  10. Here's a few more pictures he sent. Small scuff on the speaker in the rear but other then that, he said zero damage and that my friends is music to my ears!  I'm taking off work this Wed and driving down to pic them up.  


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  11. 10 hours ago, Tarheel said:

    Hey TL are you in Wilmington too?  If so we should get together and check out those speakers!  I'm off Greenville Loop Rd.

    No sir. I'm in the VA Beach area. Going to be driving down to pick them up. I wouldn't mind at all if you came along. 

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  12. 12 hours ago, jjptkd said:

    Congrats, mighty fine speakers you got there! Crites drop in Crossovers and titanium tweeters will put these over the top IMO, you'll be spoiled on extreme detail and clarity from that point on so be warned! 

    Yeah, the guy said he's had them for about 5 years and he's the second owner. They're bone stock. I'll listen to them for awhile first but I've already gotten the itch to see what all's out there to freshen them up a bit. Between Crites and Simply Speaker, looks like there's nearly anything you'd want to replace/update them. 

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  13. 14 hours ago, Maximus89 said:

    Looks like these were just picked up as the ad has been deleted. Hope it was a forum member that got them!

    Never seen Walnut Lacquer.  Looks much better than the Walnut Oiled that came bit too red toned for my taste. 

    Yes sir, it was me that got them.  My SX-1250 is Walnut as well as my PL-570 so that Walnut was a major bonus.  I'm going to see how they sound first with my ss receiver but now I'm thinking about tube amps. The saga never ends! 

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  14. I sure will.  He hasn't replied yet so fingers crossed but CL email relay can be that way sometimes, going to spam and what not.  I was in the market looking for some Heresy's with plans on possibly upgrading the parts then these popped up.  They'll sounds leagues above Heresy's.  I'll be hooking them up to a Pioneer SX-1250 and my PL-570 Turntable.  Hope it works out.  Pics will come for sure.   

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