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  1. Surprised these haven't sold. The pictures and description could be improved.
  2. Is there an existing thread that documents the various badges that Klipsch has used throughout the years? It would be helpful for identification and restoration. I'm trying to ID the copper colored badges on the right that need a good cleaning. I know the gold ones on the left are from KLF and Epic Series. Thanks!
  3. 100% agree with this. I've been living with CF3 v1's for a couple years now and recently picked up a pair of CF4 v1's (big thanks to local forum member Shaun K!). The sonic signatures of CF3 versus CF4 are extremely close. Both benefit from the excellent tweeter and large horn lens found in the Epic line. The CF4's play just a bit louder, lower and present a bigger sonic image. I use a sub in my setup that's crossed over at 60Hz and the resulting sound with either my CF3's or the new-to-me CF4's is stunning. This is another good note for Epic owners. I cut some 2x2 (actual dimensions are 1.5"x1.5") to about 18" and wedged them underneath (just behind the front trim piece). Night and day difference with the throat of that big horn pointed right at your face. I might try making some platforms this summer to give it a more finished look but raising up the front of the cabinet has worked great for my CF3's and CF4's.
  4. Beautiful - these should sell quickly. Friendly note for the Buyer: those spikes on the bottom are just screwed into the wood cabinet (there's no threaded steel insert) so avoid "walking" the speakers on the spikes. I learned that one the hard way. ☹️
  5. He also has it posted here on the forum for $400 shipped.
  6. KV4 would be a much better match than those Martin Logans. Other Epic owners (myself included) have also found the KLF-C7 to be a very close match.
  7. My current setup uses a high quality AVR functioning as a preamp-only. Tube amplification, a subwoofer for the bottom octave and modern digital sources. Denon AVR-5308CI Dynaco MkIII amps Klipsch R-115SW (now powered by Dayton Audio SA1000) Sources: Denon DVD-3800BDCI Bluesound Node2i Denon DCM-560 Pro-Ject Debut Carbon I like the sound quality & convenience in the preamp of the AVR-5308. Plus, these flagship receivers can often be purchased for a fraction of their original MSRP on the used market.
  8. Lots of options. Budget? New or used? Solid state or tube? Primary listening?
  9. RP-500M bookshelf speakers have the same mid/woofer and tweeter as your center. The RP-600M would sound very similar but give you better midbass on sounds like kick-drums.
  10. Based upon the frequency response of those little cubes in the theater pack, the Denon appears to be correct. Crossovers are typically not a cliff where you don't get any output above or below the crossover frequency - they're more shaped like a hill or slope. Additionally, the frequency response of the speakers isn't absolute- they can increase or decrease certain frequencies based upon placement. Bass is enhanced in corners is a common example. The placement of those speakers in your room is likely causing some mild boosting of certain frequencies so that's why you're seeing a crossover point that doesn't exactly align with Klipschs documented frequency response. You mentioned that you're not happy with the sound. Compared to what? How it sounded in the store? Or compared to full-size Klipsch speakers? How your buddy's system sounds? Usually I'd start by assessing placement of each speaker. We might need some pictures or a diagram to make recommendations on that.
  11. Well clearly I'm not making the progress I had originally hoped. I did however make a number of baby steps over the last few weeks. 1. Wife agrees that she'll paint if I just move stuff & take off outlet covers and such. 2. Moved lots of big, heavy gear from main floor to the basement. 3. Dropped off 2 amps to get them looked over and have out-of-spec parts updated 4. Purchased 3rd amp (needs to be dropped off for repair) 5. I "test-fitted" the gear in the space I'm working with. Still needs a listening session to verify it'll work. Preamp/Processor: Denon AVR-5308Ci Amplification: Dynaco MkIII for Left, Center and Right. Dynaco ST-70 for Rears. Full tubes list is TBD. Main Speakers: Epic CF3 version 1 for all 5 channels Subwoofers: Pair of R-115SW Disc Players: Denon DVD-3800BDCi, Denon DCM-560, Denon DVD-3910 Other Sources: Sonos Port and (hopefully coming soon) Bluesound Node 2i, TiVo for OTA HD signal and Netflix, Prime, Hulu... Display: 60" Pioneer Elite PRO-151FD Power Management: Monster Power HTPS-7000 Control: Harmony 900 Cables: Monster and Audioquest Future Goals: 1. Re-do lighting 2. Demolish old gas fireplace and shelving for more seating room 3. Some sort of platform/stage setup
  12. Very nice. If I was closer, I'd be coming to take a listen. These should sell quickly.
  13. The plan for the new space includes several upgrades: Sub upgrade TV upgrade Receiver upgrade "More" CF-3's.... The space I'll be using is in my basement and while it's not perfect, I think I can get pretty good sound in an area that's about 13' wide and 21' long. I should also mention that there's adjoining areas so it's not an enclosed space. Phase One: The first step will be getting the area cleared out as it's currently full of boxes. Next, I'll place all the gear in there to "get me by" until Phase Two can begin. I hope to have Phase One completed later this week with some pictures and details on future plans.
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