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  1. mimalmo

    WTB: ADS L710 speakers

    L1290/2's over here. ADS made nice speakers back in the day. Good luck with your search!
  2. That's a new one to me. Please cite your source for this.
  3. mimalmo

    Epic CF-3 version 1 walnut in New England

    I know but I don't trust shippers to get them here without damaging them.
  4. mimalmo

    Epic CF-3 version 1 walnut in New England

    I would be all over these if I had a way to get them here.
  5. mimalmo

    Anyone here get this good deal in Iowa?

    I saw that a day too late. Looks like version 3 (short port tubes and shiny black horns).
  6. mimalmo

    KLF 30's and C7 Center

    I've compared my KV4 to my KLF C7 (using CF3 mains) and I prefer the KLF C7 so yeah I'd agree with keeping it.
  7. mimalmo

    Klipsch Epic CF-3 version ! for sale

    Well, those are exactly what I need but the drive is just too far from Minneapolis.
  8. mimalmo

    Adcom 555se

    There's an Adcom GTP-400 on Audiokarma right now for $140. That's a lot of preamp for under $150.
  9. If there's no rubbing or scraping, I'm wondering if one of the leads just came loose and needs a spot of solder.
  10. **SOLD** These Epic CF4's were ran for several hours with a variety of music and home theater content to ensure they functioned without issues and they performed flawlessly. Cabinets have a few small marks but I have cleaned them and used black polish to touch them up. There are taller feet in the front to better angle them towards the listener.Version 3 models with the shorter port tubes and the colored wiring. Serial numbers are consecutive.Only issues I saw were as follows:1. The front baffle of the CF's have a black plastic finish that's basically a thin piece of plastic shrunk over MDF to give it a durable "formed" look. This plastic is coming loose on the right side of one speaker. Appears a person could squirt some glue under there, press and hold it to fix. I didn't bother, it's minor.2. One of the woofer's dust caps is a little loose. Would recommend a tiny amount of glue to solve.3. One grille is the original graphite color and has a badge. The other was recovered in standard Black at some point and does not have a badge. Personally I think they look better off but that's up to you.Local pickup/dropoff available in the greater Twin Cities areaCash only, no shipping, no trades (unless you have a pair of version 1 Klipsch Epic CF3's). Asking $800 **SOLD**
  11. mimalmo

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    Both version 1&2 had the OFC Monster style cable. Version 2 has the shorter ports and an altered crossover.
  12. mimalmo

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    What version CF4 were you comparing them to?
  13. mimalmo

    Want to buy: Used Fortes near Minneapolis

    I've watched several pairs of Fortes that were advertised in the Minneapolis area over the last year. I'd say $500 in mint condition would be a very good price in this market.