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  1. Very nice. If I was closer, I'd be coming to take a listen. These should sell quickly.
  2. The plan for the new space includes several upgrades: Sub upgrade TV upgrade Receiver upgrade "More" CF-3's.... The space I'll be using is in my basement and while it's not perfect, I think I can get pretty good sound in an area that's about 13' wide and 21' long. I should also mention that there's adjoining areas so it's not an enclosed space. Phase One: The first step will be getting the area cleared out as it's currently full of boxes. Next, I'll place all the gear in there to "get me by" until Phase Two can begin. I hope to have Phase One completed later this week with some pictures and details on future plans.
  3. This has been in the works for a while now. It all started nearly two years ago when I fell in love with the sound of Epic CF-3 version 1. I obviously enjoyed how they sounded with music so why not a theater setup using the CF-3's? This was the first iteration at the home I sold last fall. CF-3 mains, KLF-C7 center, RW-12D sub, Denon AVR 4806 receiver. Nice setup but improvements can be made.
  4. Yeah, I've already got a few different stereo preamps that I use in other systems- both tube and SS but I think you'd be surprised by the sound from my current Denon. It's the AVR-5308Ci; priced at $5,500 when new, it has a stellar preamp section.
  5. Yeah, I drive mine with a 35x2 tube amp and they get plenty loud. Worth noting however that I use a powered sub for the bottom octave.
  6. At first glance, I don't see any issues with what you're proposing since it sounds like your Denon has the necessary preamp outs to connect to your Emotiva 5 channel amp. Likely the only change you would need to do is run the Front L&R outputs from your Denon to the tube amp instead of sending those signals to the Emotive amp. I started down a similar path about a year ago. My previous setup was a Denon AVR-4806Ci with Epic CF-3's as my main L&R, Klipsch center & rears. I found myself listening to more music than anything else so I began to dig into tubes, finally buying a Dynaco ST-70 with all the VTA/Bob Latino upgrades. I connected the Dynaco to the L&R preamp outs on my Denon and used the internal amps on the Denon when watching TV & movies for powering the center & rears. No regrets, it was a very good setup - so good that I recently purchased a pair of vintage monoblock tube amps that are being updated with some new parts. Should be fun to listen to this fall & winter.
  7. Kudos to Jim. He helped me get a pair of KLF-20's with damaged woofers back to a usable state.
  8. Couldn't remember if I had posted this pic in a different thread or not but this was my main system for watching TV and movies at my home I sold last November. Unfortunately, with work, moving and projects at the new house, I haven't had time to setup the system in the new house. Hopefully soon though... Here's the "old" setup. New setup is going to have some gear changes/updates but the CF3 v1's will definitely remain part of the system.
  9. I'm sure once this all gets sorted out you'll love the way the sub fills that bottom octave.
  10. I too use a sub with my CF3 v.1 and while it used to be RSW-12D, I recently upgraded to the same 15" via Cory at MLO. Mine was good out of the box, showing only a few handling marks. I run my sub out to a Velodyne SMS1 so that I can control the peaks and valleys before passing the signal to the big Klipsch 15". Sorry to hear about the bad amp. I'm sure Cory will take care of you.
  11. Those are early enough in 95 that I'm thinking they are V1...love to hear anyone else's thoughts.
  12. Also, check to be sure nothing is out of phase.
  13. I would try swapping components between speakers so you can narrow it down to a specific piece....crossover or driver is likely if changing the amp, wires, etc didn't improve it
  14. I agree with Ned. If the transport is of good quality and you have a coax or toslink digital out, consider feeding the digital signal to a quality DAC.
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