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  1. No other pictures or description? They remind me of something Atlantic Technology would build.
  2. KSP-S6 Surrounds, $150 Madison, WI

    Yeah, I saw those - great price, nice condition. Just a bit too far to drive for though.
  3. Black KG 3.5s For Sale, Minnesota

    Sold mine the other day for $200......buyers are out there but yeah, might take some time.
  4. Black KG 3.5s For Sale, Minnesota

    I think the KG 3.5's just take a little longer to sell. I've had my 3.5's listed on CL in Minneapolis for a few weeks - not a single bite and they're damn near mint in a desirable finish (medium oak). Most Klipsch fans are looking for the really big stuff like KLF, CF, Forte, K-horn, etc or they're looking for the more recent Reference series. Of course this is just my opinion.
  5. CF4's on The Bay

    They originally had a Buy It Now of $1,100.00 on them. Always interesting to see if the final price goes beyond the BIN price on stuff like this.
  6. CF4's on The Bay

    Looks like a local pickup in FL. Nice condition. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CF4-epic-series-klipsch-floor-standing-speakers/273100275416?hash=item3f960b7ed8:g:nNsAAOSwDqlaoJcK https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/nNsAAOSwDqlaoJcK/s-l1600.jpg
  7. Hi all, up for sale is this Klipsch KV1 center. It has a small ding in the top as shown but is otherwise in great shape. $50 shipped to lower 48 States or $30 picked up locally in the Minneapolis area. I've been selling on eBay for 15+ years under the same Username with over 1,600 positive feedback. PayPal or cash
  8. Quasi-Official CF-4 Sightings Thread

    Well, the story is longer than it ought to be but it's fun to share. I'm into old-school car audio gear as much as I'm into home theater & hi-fi gear. Searching for a JL Audio subwoofer last summer, I landed upon an ad for "a 15-inch JL woofer" for only $50. The picture was garbage but I went any how and picked it up. The kid selling it didn't know what it was or if it worked. I forked over $50 and left. Later at home, I figured I should remove the woofer from its enclosure and determine which series it was. I was guessing that it was the cheaper model. As I'm removing the screws from the sub box, I realize it's not a 15" woofer but rather an 18" woofer. I quickly removed the last few screws, flipped over the driver and discovered I had found a JL Audio 18W6 - a fairly rare and hard to find speaker. Mine was a bit rough but I knew it still had value. Fast-forward to this past weekend; I'm cleaning out a closet full of electronics and re-discover the JL 18W6 sitting there (am I the only one that has enough spare gear to outfit an entire neighborhood with audio?). I decide that it's way too big for me to use in my daily driver car so I list it on a couple local web groups for vintage car stereo gear with an asking price of $250. Within minutes, I get replies from several interested parties and ended up selling it Sunday night. After returning from meeting up with the buyer of the JL 18W6, I see the Craigslist ad for the CF3's but it's too far to drive Sunday night so I tell him I'm interested but can't get there until tomorrow (Monday). Note that the price of the CF3's is identical to the JL 18W6 I sold. To wrap up this long story, I made the 3 hour drive down after work to pick up the CF3's, smiling the whole way home thinking about how I essentially turned my $50 into a pair of CF3's. The gentleman that was selling them said he was moving to San Antonio and couldn't take them with. One owner, some typical scratches, drivers look & sound great, complete set of spikes, decent grilles. I didn't even get a chance to hook them up when I got home tonight. Tomorrow should be fun.
  9. Quasi-Official CF-4 Sightings Thread

    Picked up these a few minutes ago. There are deals out there. Just gotta be patient.
  10. La Scala roadtrip

    Awesome find. Just need another one for a center channel.
  11. Did you see what I saw?

    If I was just a couple hours closer I would definitely pick that up. Nice sub.
  12. WTB Klipsch KLF-30 Near Minneapolis Area

    I'd prefer to see them in person, pick them up in person. Too many shipping horror stories with big heavy stuff.
  13. WTB Klipsch KLF-30 Near Minneapolis Area

    Contacted him and he says they are sold...yet the ad is still up.
  14. FS: RF-7’s, RC-7, RS-7’s - Black Ash

    The cone is suspended from the basket by the surround. The back of the cone is suspended by the spider. The voice coil of the speaker sits inside the gap of the magnet. There is no connection directly between the magnet and the cone. The magnet is mounted to the basket, not the cone, there is space (air) between the magnet and the windings of the voice coil. If the voicecoil is touching anything in the magnetic gap, you'll hear a scratching sound (blown drivers make this noise). The only thing a drop can cause is packing material to slam into the cone. The magnet is not a factor at all unless the magnet is completely breaking off the basket and rolling around inside the box.