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  1. Looks like we're less than $100 apart now. Let me know if you're willing to meet me somewhere in the middle.
  2. mimalmo

    Vintage Heresy San Pedro CA

    Not mine. https://reverb.com/item/15488285-klipsch-heresy-1-alnico-hwo-12-1972-hwo
  3. mimalmo

    WTB Klipsch Epic CF3 v1 or CF4 v1 in the Midwest

    These are CF3, not CF4
  4. mimalmo

    WTB Klipsch Epic CF3 v1 or CF4 v1 in the Midwest

    Probably going to be a while. We sold our house and the buyer's closing is about 3 weeks away. Unfortunately, we have not found a new house as of yet so my entire setup is going into storage for a few months.
  5. mimalmo

    WTB Klipsch Epic CF3 v1 or CF4 v1 in the Midwest

    I found these posted on Facebook Marketplace; looking at the location, I noticed that they were only about 30 minutes from my house. Upon arrival, I took off a grille and checked the ports......yes, we have the longer port tubes.....checked for the OFC wire...yep got that too. Serial numbers indicate a 1994 build date and are sequential. Cabinet condition is excellent with only a few marks. Grilles are in great shape (no pets or kids at this guy's house). Even came with the original sales receipt and brochure. These are Medium Oak just like the other two pairs of CF3 v1 I have. Asking price was $600 and I was happy to pay that. So my first pair was a bargain, second pair I overpaid a bit and these were priced just right. Sounds like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  6. mimalmo

    Epic CF3 v3 Minneapolis

    Not mine but I did go check these out today: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/klipsch-cf-3-oak-perfect-shape/6717545665.html When I originally emailed the seller, he wasn't really interested in sending me a picture of the tag on the back and he had no clue if they were version 1,2 or 3 so I knew I had to lay eyes on them to determine which version. 1. They most definitely are version 3. Short port tubes, black horns, colored wiring and a serial number from late 1995 2. They're in amazing condition. Edges of the cabinets are sharp, grilles are near-perfect, sequential serial numbers, very nice examples. 3. He's pretty firm on his price but I think he's open to offers that are close to his asking price. 4. Super nice guy and he's got some quality gear that you can listen to them on.
  7. mimalmo

    Khorns and vintage Mcintosh

    That's a great package price.
  8. mimalmo

    Unavailable...Parts Available on eBay

    Yeah these need to be picked up to avoid being handled by shipping companies. Beautiful speakers.
  9. Sorry man, wasn't trying to be insulting. When the average sale price for CF3's is a little over $600 and you're offering CF2's with a blown woofer for $600 you gotta expect people are going to be making some lower offers. I never let low offers bother me - a negotiation has to start somewhere. At the end of the day, you get to choose what you're willing to sell them for. BTW, are they version 1,2 or 3? I don't think I have the pictures from the original seller any longer. **EDIT** Took another look at the CL ad and based upon the colored wiring, these look to be Version 3. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/klipsch-cf-2-controlled-focus/6716190180.html
  10. Considering the blown woofer I'd be a buyer at $200 for these and I'm local.
  11. mimalmo

    CF-4s in Alaska Version 1

    If I was in WA state I'd seriously be considering the drive.
  12. mimalmo

    Epic CF-3, ver. 3

    Tightness of kick drums on the version 1 was better than version 3. That could be from the difference in the cone material or the difference between the 10" and 12" attack.
  13. mimalmo

    Epic CF-3, ver. 3

    Actually it was that I preferred V1 over V3.