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  1. Good idea. In fact, I had the same thought so I tried that swap yesterday with some KLF-10 woofers I had picked up and the magnets are about half the size of the KLF-20 woofers.
  2. Hi all, looking for a pair of the KLF-20 woofers; model K-1036-K. Let me know if you have a pair you'd be willing to part with. I'm located in the Minneapolis area. Thanks!
  3. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/csw/hsh/d/carver-klipsch-la-scala-speakers/6866456357.html
  4. We are also in the middle of purchasing our next home (sold the old house 11-18) and I've said "no" to LOTS of homes that didn't have good spaces for audio. I like the kitchen analogy someone else mentioned. I met Jill a couple times in the early 2000's when she was still relatively new to Klipsch. I was working in the CE industry back then and we crossed paths at a couple industry events. She's super down-to-earth and is passionate about her music. Congrats to Jill on her new home and speakers!
  5. Love the Epic Series.
  6. Any more pictures available?
  7. Clearly son, I'm not the one in need of relaxing.
  8. Please allow me to reiterate that in a public forum people express opinions and ideas, we see it all the time in just about every post. "Wow, great price" & "Those are in rough shape" are two common examples of opinions stated by individuals not involved in transactions here. Also, it's clearly not just for those in SOCAL. OP states "...unless you can arrange a shipping service to your location." This implies it's available to most of us. Cheers.
  9. Maybe it's just me but I think I'd hang onto a spare for the parts, maybe do a center rear or when you sell them to the next person you'll have a matched pair....
  10. If I remember correctly, Dan felt that all the power conditioners out there were current limiting and therefore robbing his design of performance.
  11. I still say a powered sub is the way to go if you're craving quality bass though.
  12. This is exactly why I purchased a Krell 300i; back then I owned Martin Logan SL3's which are known to go as low as 1.5 ohms at the upper end of the frequency spectrum. It was a wonderful pairing that I miss.
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