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  1. mimalmo

    RF-7II 's And Krell S-300i Integrated

    If I remember correctly, Dan felt that all the power conditioners out there were current limiting and therefore robbing his design of performance.
  2. mimalmo

    RF-7II 's And Krell S-300i Integrated

    I still say a powered sub is the way to go if you're craving quality bass though.
  3. mimalmo

    RF-7II 's And Krell S-300i Integrated

    This is exactly why I purchased a Krell 300i; back then I owned Martin Logan SL3's which are known to go as low as 1.5 ohms at the upper end of the frequency spectrum. It was a wonderful pairing that I miss.
  4. mimalmo

    RF-7II 's And Krell S-300i Integrated

    I owned a Krell 300i back in the day and while it can deliver the right amount of power for strong bass, there's no substitute for a properly placed subwoofer that's been dialed-in when it comes to the very bottom octave.
  5. mimalmo

    Not sure

    So you're only considering brand new speakers? The used speaker recommendations from the other members are very good suggestions considering your budget. You'll get a much better speaker if you buy used than if you buy new. $1500 would easily get you a pair of KLF-30's which would absolutely blow away rp8000 if your goal is to get as loud as possible.
  6. mimalmo

    KLF-10 $400 Minneapolis

    Yeah, I know him through the Eurowerks show and his photo/media/journalism work. Good guy. He's pretty passionate about cars and has some strong opinions which can be quite entertaining. He's also put together some pretty amazing cars over the years with him and his wife doing much of the work.
  7. mimalmo

    KLF-10 $400 Minneapolis

    I sold those to Kris about a year ago. They sounded great on his Mac/Dynaco setup. Cabinets are a bit rough but could be restored with some effort.
  8. mimalmo

    Klipsch CF-4s plus - $4000

    Looking at the pics again, those are v3. Check out the gloss black front:
  9. mimalmo

    Klipsch CF-4s plus - $4000

    I'm thinking those are not version 1 CF4. Looks like v2 or maybe even v3.
  10. mimalmo

    CL: KLF-10/KSW-12/SS-1 (Lakeland)

    That's a bargain
  11. In my opinion: CF3>Forte
  12. mimalmo

    WTB (1) Klipsch K-1022-KN woofer (for CF-3 v1)

    Those don't show up for sale very often but you might get lucky. Great speakers. Worth getting the proper woofer for them.
  13. mimalmo

    1979 La Scalas Eagan MN

    Not mine. I don't follow La Scala pricing and these don't have original drivers but looks like a nice restoration on the cabinets. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/inver-grove-heights-klipsch-lascala/6804068985.html https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/220283258925965/
  14. mimalmo

    CF3's in Minnesota, Nice Price Too.

    Hah, did you even get to dial-in the black CF3 before the Oak ones showed up?
  15. mimalmo

    Free RW 12d Subwoofer

    It could be the amp or it could be the control piece on top. My limited bit of swapping around parts on my two RW-12D subs has led me to believe that there is some functionality in the amp that depends upon a signal/connection from the display on top for it to work. I'm not a tech, that's just my anecdotal experience when fixing one recently. If someone was to have a functioning sub, they could swap parts on this one to narrow it down further and perhaps pick up a replacement part on eBay.