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  1. Here's a pair of the mighty Klipsch KLF-20's in Medium Oak from the Klipsch Legend Series. Only selling because I bought a different pair of Klipsch speakers. Excellent condition with only a few marks on the corners. Grilles are in good condition, missing one badge. New grilles are available from Klipsch if you need perfect ones. Excellent sound quality, never abused or over-driven. Serial numbers are sequential. No shipping, local pickup in the Twin Cities area only. Asking $700 OBOSensitivity: 100 dB @ 1 watt/1 meterFrequency Response: 34 Hz-20 kHz±3 dBNominal Impedance: 8 ohmsCrossover Frequency: 750 Hz and 7 kHzPower Handling: 200 watts maximum continuous (800watts peak)Enclosure Type: Bass reflex via dual, wide-flare, rearfiring portsDrive Components: Three-way system using one 1"(2.54 cm) K-79 tweeter compression driver with a90º x 40º exponential horn; one 1.5" (3.81 cm) K-52midrange compression driver with a 90º x 60º TractrixHorn and two 10" (25.4 cm) K-1036 woofersWeight: 86.5 lbs.Height: 40.75"Width: 12"Depth: 16"Finish: Medium Oak
  2. mimalmo

    Receiver for Palladium Home Theater Speakers

    While I might agree with your dealer if we were discussing the entry-level lines from Denon Marantz Onkyo, etc but if you're looking at the flagship from those brands that's a different story. I've been using top-tier receivers from Yamaha & Denon since the late 90's (anyone remember the Yamaha DSP-A1?) and have been impressed with the build quality, sound quality and features list with each of them. I still have an old Denon 4802R that isn't being used but I'm reluctant to dump it because no current receiver under $1,500 can touch its sound quality. Someday I'll setup a second home theater in the house or give it to my son when he moves out.... Ask your dealer how long he'll let you compare the ones he's pushing to your current setup in your home. If he really wants a sale, there should be a reasonable return period offered.
  3. mimalmo

    Cherry Epic CF4 V2 - Milwaukee(ish) WI

    Interested. I'm in western WI near Hudson.
  4. mimalmo

    Epic CF-3 version 1 walnut in New England

    I wish these were closer to me.
  5. mimalmo

    WTB KLF20

    I have a pair but I'm in western WI near Minneapolis Minnesota.
  6. mimalmo

    Altec 511b horns $200

  7. mimalmo

    Denon PMA 1080R, TU 800, and DCM 440 $300

    Can't believe this hasn't sold yet.
  8. LOL, if anything I've bought too much stuff as of lately. Currently looking at 8 pairs of speakers and a few subs in my family room.
  9. Yeah, I agree that the price is very optimistic but kudos to the guy that at least puts a price out there as a place to start. Too many "make me an offer" dreamers lately that treat pricing like some top-secret guessing game. Figure out current values, decide if you want your price to be lower than average, above average or right in-line with current prices.
  10. Not mine. Great color, wish I was closer. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-CF-3-Speakers-in-Walnut-Version-1/302758624453?hash=item467dd1fcc5:g:x8oAAOSwfshbFEax
  11. mimalmo


    Why are you re-posting the same thing? https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/176650-klipsch-rt-12d-digitally-controlled-subwoofer/ I get it, you're trying to sell your sub but don't keep creating new threads every time you want attention for your eBay auction. Why not offer it to members here at a discounted rate since you won't have to pay eBay's seller fees of 10% if sold here instead of eBay?
  12. mimalmo

    Single La Scala $400 Minneapolis

    So tempting. I wonder if my wife would notice if I upgraded my center channel speaker with this.
  13. mimalmo

    The $150 system

    I love putting together stuff like that - my go-to for budget built systems is Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, etc. What was big $$ 10-30 years ago is often available today for pennies on the dollar (or free!). It's fun to see what you can put together on a budget.
  14. mimalmo

    Did you see what I saw?

  15. mimalmo

    Denon PMA 1080R, TU 800, and DCM 440 $300

    Very nice, wish this setup was closer to me.