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  1. Chris. ‘Since you like pipeorgan music. Have you heard Cameron carpenter play? He’s amazing. I love his rendition of ‘sleigh Ride”. And he plays it on a church organ. It sounds amazing. This organ uses a rotary subwoofer for the lowest tones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ygb-IQNUCJI
  2. Any update on reliability and support? I’m looking at buying the Klipsch stadium now that the price is down to $600? Thanks.
  3. Side note: I admit I’m somewhat of a grammar Nazi. It should say “an excellent” not “a excellent”.
  4. Lol. 😂 WOW!!!! 🤩 What an AWESOME setup you have there!!!
  5. Yes. I have been looking at the very impressive Klipsch stadium or the Devialet Phantoms. I saw that amazon lowered the klipsch to a excellent $600. I’m debating if I should get it or continue saving for the devialet. In that process I saw in forums the word ‘la scala’ speakers and didn’t know what they were. When I went to Klipsch and saw the information I was impressed. Saw the price and figured they must be really high end. But I was disappointed when I saw the frequency response only went down to 51hz. So I commented on here about them. I love music but I want to hear all the frequencies especially the lowest tones. That’s my quick background story. 🙂
  6. No need to be rude. I’m not peddling anything. Just having a conversation about something I’m passionate about.
  7. Thank you Chris. I think I’m going to go with the devialet phantom golds in my quest. This impressive review gets my attention. Considering that law, I guess that accounts for the 4500watt rating. Fortunately, the amp is built in. http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2016/12/01/hifi-the-devialet-phantom-gold-speakers-full-stereo-pair-review/
  8. Why is it either or? Why not demand both? U can still have super clean undistorted bass while delivering the lowest lows as well. To have one without there other is incomplete. That’s just my opinion. To each his own. 🙂
  9. I’m suprised at the number of folks on here who are satisfied with denying their listening experience the lowest of frequencies present within recordings. In my mind, it’s an injustice to the musical experience. From pipe organ registers, to electronic signals, to the deepest bass drum reverberations, those deep bass notes add a special fundamental grandeur and gravitas to music just as the artist intended. Why spend all of that money only to deny yourself the full audio spectrum? It makes no sense to me. This is one reason why the devialet phantom golds are so impressive to me. They deliver the lowest of bass (although a rotary subwoofer still has them beat).
  10. Thanks! Glad u are enjoying yours 🙂
  11. Given your extensive collection and you still “hearing bass notes in songs you’ve never heard before” that’s pretty impressive for those phantoms. I wonder what deep bass I’ve been denied? Do u think the Klipsch stadium has as much bass as your phantoms? Thx.
  12. Has anyone heard the two? Which has stronger deeper bass? They both seem to be strong contenders. The stadium does 112 db +/- 3. The devialet does 108db +/-6. The devialet rates down to 14hz and the Stadium 26hz. Any input would help me. Thanks!
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