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  1. Thanks, I just asked for a quote. Cross finger!!
  2. Indeed Eric Winston confirmed me there Is no stock.
  3. Really? Because there is apparently stock on the website. I will call them today.
  4. Good idea, will try to call them today.
  5. Yes I bought them a pair of P27S two years ago for $2,000.
  6. Just found them here http://www.sounddistributors.com/productlist.asp?searchprod=&searchtxt=Klipsch+p-27s&dosubmit=Search
  7. Thank you Shiva Funny isn't it. Indeed there is apparently an extra 2% fee on fx that I am ready to pay for and indeed I will be in the US for the month but there is no hurry on my side as I have friends in NY who can keep my P27S if needed.
  8. Dear all, Big fan of the Palladiums from Klipsch, I would like to complete my collection with a pair of P27S, any color. Please let me know if you have a pair that you want to sale. Gigi
  9. Admin, could you please close this post. I do not want to pollute this forum with this stupid story. I will open a new topic for my search. Thank you all and sorry again for this drama!!
  10. Check that!! On February 27th so before the transaction.
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