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  1. Opinions on Heresy ii

    Thank you for all the replies! I'm so excited to get these puppies in the new house. That's what I wanted to hear. Thanks, willland! I will do that - thank you, jimjimbo! I will check the driver, as you and jimjimbo mentioned. For now, I will wait on the risers but depending on where these end up in the living area, I may purchase the risers. I will keep an eye on a sub or two. Thanks for your input, Peter P.! I didn't know squawkers was the mid-range. Funny. Thank you for the tips - I will bring a thick towel or some cardboard for sure. Thanks, DizRotus! This is really cool! I will save the video for later. Thanks, EJC!
  2. New Listening Room, and New House

    As someone who is closing on a new (for me, old overall) house, this is both inspiring and exciting. Congrats on the house and what awesome room!
  3. Opinions on Heresy ii

    Good morning to you all. I apologize if this is a redundant post to some, but I was hoping to get some input on these Heresy IIs that I am thinking on getting. 1988 year. They have consecutive serial number, have been under the same owner and have not been used for the past couple of years (in storage). My wife and I are buying a new house and, although I'm getting a room for a dedicated home theater, we both (well, mostly me) really like the idea of a 2-channel system in the living/dining room. Is there anything that I should be concerned about these? They are in good to very good condition, there are no risers, but grills are in good condition as well - this coming from the seller. Any feedback is much appreciated!
  4. Jokes?

    I went to the zoo yesterday and saw a baguette in a cage The zoo keeper told me it was bread in captivity.

    Really digging that burl veneer. I think $750 is more than fair. Shame it's too far of a drive from Albuquerque though GLWS!
  6. RP-160M’s

    Do you have a Frys near you? I think the RB61s are on sale there. For surrounds, I think RS-62s or RS-52s should work. If you're looking for bookshelves, RB-61s and RB-81s.
  7. WTB: Iphone SE

    I would recommend swappa. I got my iPhone back in December from there - used, but I think it was a deal and the seller had good reviews and quite a few sales. Worth checking into it, imo.
  8. CHERRY RF7-II's

    Yes, sir. Albuquerque. You?
  9. CHERRY RF7-II's

    Never find a deal like this near me. GLWS! edit: if you come this way, I'll provide as much green chile as you may want!
  10. These look awesome. Wish it was a closer drive to Albuquerque... GLWS!