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  1. I remember seeing the same ad on Usaudiomart in Phoenix last year for... $12,000! So, this is almost half-off its original asking price! 😀 Pricing and opinions aside, the finish is undeniably gorgeous.
  2. https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/d/vintage-klipsch-klipschorns/6727931062.html Pictures for posterity.
  3. weziewoo

    What are your most memorable Klipsch moment(s)?

    Please elaborate
  4. weziewoo

    La Scala's $900.00 (Denver)

    Good lord - it looks like one of those treasure chests you find at thrift stores 😁
  5. weziewoo

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    I would try calling a furniture/cabinetry shop and ask about touch up work. Regardless of what you choose, good luck!
  6. weziewoo

    REW for Dummies?

    From personal experience, perfectly flat graphs usually result in somewhat "boring" sounding speakers. But this is such a tricky and touchy subject, because each and every one of us thinks/hears certain speakers sounding "better" than others. I like extra oomph depending on what I'm watching/listening to, so a house curve is mightily recommended (and fun to play with!) This is an interesting read: https://www.stereophile.com/reference/book_review_isound_reproduction_loudspeakers_and_roomsi/index.html Also, Floyd Toole is a well of knowledge, his articles, books and papers are insanely good. As far as the ups and downs in your graph, I wouldn't worry too much about them because I don't think you can measure a flat, native response from any speaker unless you are in an anechoic chamber. Lastly, if you have about 75 minutes to spare, this is absolutely worth watching: Cheers
  7. weziewoo

    REW for Dummies?

    If I remember correctly, smoothing = masking certain ups and downs in which certain frequencies may or may not be (noticeably) impacted. Sort of a vague idea, sorry. For the overall range of, say, 20hz-20khz, you would apply a certain smoothing, for just your fronts, center, subwoofer, etc, another... But I think it has to do with what are you looking for in the graphs? I remember measuring my subwoofers and the scale was something like 5-120hz, but was also told to increase to 300hz because of how it would blend with the other speakers. Quite frankly, I ended up storing my Umik-1, uninstalling REW, and simply enjoying my speakers. I was getting too obsessed with all that, but there is a plethora of knowledge in that guide, allowing you make you system sound better*** ***depending how much effort you want to put into it 🤪
  8. weziewoo

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Upon cleaning up the boxes, they would have to change the name to "dirty, dusty, brownish glove service"
  9. weziewoo

    REW for Dummies?

    REW is a rabbit hole: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdhq72a1puyyxpr/REW 101 HTS Current Version.pdf Austinjerry from AVSforum created this guide.
  10. FYI, I believe Target is having a sale on the Chromecast audio :edit: 25%off: (ending today, 07/17). I'm going to pick one up on my way home.
  11. weziewoo

    What I Got Today!

    Found a HK 630 in a thrift store; seems to be working fine... I guess? Missing a knob, little dusty and dirty, but the sound is sweet. Upon powering it up, the woofers of my Rb61 kept moving in and out for a few seconds; no clue what that was. Going to clean it up and perhaps find a tune up place in Albuquerque. So excited!
  12. weziewoo

    SOLD FS Klipsch RS-10 $100

    Would you be willing to ship these? Zip would be 87110 Thanks
  13. weziewoo

    Ebay 15% off today July 11th with code!

    There are tennis courts near my house. Do you guys have any recommendations for racquets, for me and the wife? I haven't played in years, so we would both be beginners (and goofy at it, as well). Bit off-topic...
  14. weziewoo

    1980s Klipschorns Long Beach, CA $2500

    Link: https://offerup.com/item/detail/355043992/
  15. weziewoo

    Klipsch LA Scalas Westminster, CA $1000 Offer up

    This should work: https://offerup.com/item/detail/499069931/