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  1. weziewoo


    Huh. I didn't know Sunfire had receivers. Sweet! GLWS!
  2. weziewoo

    La Scala pair $880 in Nashville

    I can't stand facebook. But will open it in order to look at some speakers 😁
  3. weziewoo

    Emotiva Ebay store sale

    Also, promo code PFREEMINI for a "free" Google Home Mini, on purchases over $150. Ebay has been having quite a few promo code sales lately, so keep an eye out. I think the last one was either 10 or 15% off (max discount of $50 or $75 I think). I had a UPA-700 a few years back - nice gear.
  4. weziewoo

    PSA 15S or 15V?

    Awesome! It's one helluva sub. The ICE amp is pretty sweet - play with 'room size' and see how that works best for you. If you wanna dive into the rabbit hole, download REW (Room Equalizer Wizard)... but most of all, enjoy the sub and have fun!
  5. weziewoo

    SOLD RB 61

    Just FYI, make sure you create a (free) FedEx account. When I shipped things, I saw a nice discount.
  6. weziewoo

    The Right 7.2 Speakers For My Theater?

    Depending on location, budget and luck 😛, putting speakers behind an AT screen means you don't have to worry too much about how they look... focus on the sound. Opinions may vary but, when possible, always have the same LCR, to have a seamless front stage. I would keep an eye on the used market around your area, maybe you can find some deals.
  7. weziewoo

    PSA 15S or 15V?

    As an owner of two PSA XV15se, I highly recommend their subs (and customer service that Tom offers). Where are you located? Keep an eye on their outlet section, because you can save a bit of money as well. I really like the finish on the subs - industrial, super durable finish.
  8. I'm not exactly sure what this does, or what it's worth, but vinyl people may be interested. This isn't my ad; no affiliation either. Ad: http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649431187-nitty-gritty-10-record-cleaning-vacuum/ " I have a fully functional Nitty Gritty 1.0, purchased new from NeedleDoctor. This has served me well over the years, but I have moved on to another vacuum. Note that my price of $195 includes PayPal and shipping fees within the US (I'm estimating $50+ in costs I'll be eating on this). Why is the price so low? The top plate needs to be glued back down. This may be as simple as just pulling out the glue gun and recreating that seal, but I already had my eyes on moving up the vacuum chain so it's a good time to just let it go. Without that top plate being glued down, I've been manually holding it down with my hand when I run the vacuum in order to get the seal needed for suction power. If you're interested in having it professionally refurbished, Kevin Berg took over Nitty Gritty in January 2018 and is now producing new units again, and will be servicing existing units again, having taken over the business from Gayle. When I inquired with Gayle last year, it sounded like a ~$50 job to perform that resealing work + put new velvet cleaning pads on the unit. There is zero water damage to the wood, and the vacuum runs as reliably and strongly as it did on day one. However, unit is sold AS-IS and is photographed and/or described with everything to note its condition. Note: Back up for sale 5/1/18 - previous buyer was using a fraudulent account. "
  9. weziewoo

    Cornwalls -- DFW

    Screenshot of all the pics, just in case the ad goes MIA.
  10. weziewoo

    Klipsch RC64 Klipsch Rf63 Klipsch RSW10 forsale

    That bungie cord/rope or whatever is keeping the doors closed... do you have cats/dogs/kids? 😁 Great deal indeed!
  11. weziewoo

    KP-362's FOR SALE 2 to 12 Available Any Interest?

    A quick and easy option is to "edit" the picture on Paint, click resize and shrink those images to an appropriate size.
  12. weziewoo

    Bicycle valuation

    I'd check out pinkbike classifieds and see if there are comps regarding price
  13. weziewoo

    RB-75 - $500 - Brooklyn, NY

    No affiliation whatsoever, but I am hesitantly posting the ad for other people to see... since I'd love to get these puppies myself! 😁 Pics in case ad is deleted; description below: " I am reluctantly selling these wonderful, but fairly larger stand mounts because I am running out of room in my small apartment. The RB75's are the best monitors Klipsch has every produced outside of the Palladium RB 17's which list for 4K. They are dynamic, immediate, have great bass for a monitor, and are just plain musical. The RB-75's have a 1.75" compression driver and an 8" ceramtallic cone woofer. I truly wish I could keep them, but they are taking up too much space. I have the shipping boxes, but I want a local deal. This pair is in the much more desirable cherry finish and I would rate their condition 7/10. Paypal add 3% and please check my perfect Audiogon feedback under guppy. Please see more pictures on the Audio Asylum Classified. Thank you for reading my ad. "
  14. No affiliation. I think the Palladiums seldom pop into the market, may be a good deal, may not... here are the pictures in case ad is deleted. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649432193-klipsch-palladium-p17b/ " These are really great horn loaded monitors which are the best monitors Klipsch ever produced and are now discontinued. They have the immediacy, detail, and excitement of horns with a good deal of refinement and smoothness that makes these speakers high end. This particular pair is in great condition and I would love to keep them, but they are a little large for my small crowded bedroom and finances dictate that I must reluctantly sell this beautiful pair of dynamic and musical monitors. Erick Lichte stated in his excellent Stereophile review "The Klipsch Palladium P-17B is a world-class bookshelf loudspeaker. Yes, it's a bit expensive, and it doesn't play the lowest octave of bass. However, its performance and appearance reflect well-grounded engineering, thoughtful visual design, and immaculate execution. I've heard many other speakers that cost much more that don't offer this level of performance and beauty of appearance." John Atkinson added "Not only is Klipsch's Palladium P-17B a beautiful-looking speaker, it seems equally well engineered, and a genuinely 21st-century horn design." The Palladium 17-B's were Class A rated by Stereophile. Please add 3% for Paypal and a discount will be given for a local transaction. The price is $2295. or best offer. Thank you for reading my ad and please check my perfect Audiogon feedback under guppy. "
  15. weziewoo

    SW-12 Dual 12" - $100 - Denver CO

    No affiliation. https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-sw-12-dual-12/6574501710.html " Up for grabs is a Klipsch SW-12 subwoofer. It's an old school beast of a sub. See pics for reference. It has two 12" woofers in a sealed enclosure, I'm pretty sure the one on the rear is passive. The volume knob is a bit touchy, one of the spikes is missing it's cover and there's a water ring on the top. But for $100 this is one good sub. This is for pick up only, price is firm. "