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  1. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    Whether the KV3 will stay or be swapped is still a question. Haven’t been able to watch a movie, but listening to music and just enjoying the KLF30s. I should have more time over the weekend, so I’m pretty excited!
  2. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    Yeah, I got lucky. The little we listened to them last night was enough for her to tell me that if they go in the living room (despite looking big) it's alllll good. She was enjoying the sound coming out of them and smiling beautifully, while I was grinning like a teenager and I was smiling like a hipster doofus. She already called the speakers the "little mammoths" and said I need to set them up tonight so we can listen to some music after dinner. I don't have facebook, so I will have to keep an eye out somewhere else. I will absolutely take pictures!
  3. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    The KLF-30s have a new home! I met with the lady and husband selling both the KLF-30s and the KV3 at their house yesterday after work, and I brought my wife with me for an extra pair of hands (and because she's slowly getting into this speaker mad world we nutsos live in). It was actually kind of sad that she had to let go of the speakers. The husband developed a pulmonary disease and has to move to a new city. Considering these speakers are big and cumbersome to move, she decided not to take them. Her son gave her a soundbar and she told me "that thing isn't nearly as cool or sound as good as one of these two!". For a craigslist experience, this went incredibly well. The few things that really stood out in my opinion, specially for speakers that are 20 years old (?): The amount of dog hair on and around them wasn't as bad as my wife made it seem, but it gave her an allergy attack for a couple of hours. Oops!; No broken pegs. Not a single one; Badges, tags, binding posts, feet and whatnot: all still there; Although not consecutive serial numbers, the hue/shade of the oak finish is pretty darn identical. I am not bothered by it at all; All drivers are in excellent condition, and even my wife couldn't believe how they were in such good shape; The amount of bass coming out of these speakers makes you grin quite a bit. I do wish the ports were on front, but I will have to tweak with placement. They are going in my dedicated home theater (hahaha that sounds silly... it's really just a 11x14 room that we use to play games and watch movies). The KV3 left me underwhelmed, but I think almost anything would not be able to hold a candle to these KLF-30s, so I will set everything up and see how it goes. I didn't have time last night to set everything up as I want, but my wife is going out of town for a few days and I will very soon have a KLF-30, KV3, RB61, and dual PSA XV15se for a 5.2 system. Pretty excited for this weekend. Best case scenario: I keep the KLF-30s where they are now and be done with it (yeah right... like you can ever be done with this hobby) Worst case scenario: I move the KLF-30s to the living room and get a RF7/RC64 combo from Cory within the next few months. Ok, that could not possibly be a "worst" case scenario, it would only cost money. Thanks for the input, @Woofers and Tweeters , , , unless you're looking side by side, it is hard to tell they have different wood/cathedral grains. Funny you mention cathedrals, because I work on a furniture shop and a coworker gave a hard time that I kept calling them stalactites or stalagmites... because that's what they look like to me! haha I was just about to post here! Perfect timing, haha.
  4. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    That's wonderful feedback, @billybob, thank you! I will try to curb my enthusiasm and not jump the gun. I'm really excited for the opportunity of owning some legend speakers, but will be cautious. Thanks again
  5. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    I owe your @TasDom finder's fee on those cherry Heresy IIIs from last year! Thanks everyone. I will report back later tonight. I am pretty excited to check out these KLF-30
  6. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    The other tower's SN is xxx99150061. Any thoughts on this, guys? edit: should I be concerned/worried over non-consecutive serial number?
  7. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    Going to see them right after work! I had been eyeing RF7/RC64 combo... but this seem like a sweet deals.
  8. weziewoo

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    Oh my... tough to resist this one
  9. weziewoo

    What I Got Today!

    I'm driving a red Cruze... the damn thing's actual color is "Pull me over Red". My wife giggled and told me it's a matter of time before I get a ticket. That's a nice looking Silverado. I miss my truck days
  10. weziewoo

    Klipsch Forte III Walnut (single) Houston, Tx

    Chorus and Forte is a great front stage. GLWS!!
  11. Not affiliated: https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/englewood-klipsch-forte-speakers-black/6815351287.html
  12. weziewoo

    First 7.2.4 Klipsch Theater Room Help!

    Ali, The PB16 is one heck of a sub... but for duals' pricing, I'd be looking at JTR (Cap 2400) and Rythmik (FV15HP) for deeper base; PSA (V3611) for more mid-bass slam. Depends what your expectations are and if you have any limitations on size/placement. Regardless of which path you take, it'll be a pretty amazing room. Best of luck
  13. weziewoo

    Which 4k blu ray???? Without spending $1000

    Another vote for the Oppo. I have a 93 myself and love the damn thing.
  14. No affiliation: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649488105-klipsch-rf-83-reference-series-previous-flagship-model/
  15. weziewoo

    Show us your great photography thread!

    I love scrolling through this thread on my lunch break. You guys have posted some incredible pictures!