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  1. Can anyone share their experience in doing this? Thanks!
  2. Tilt the speakers - definitely noted. And yes, the wood is definitely coloring the sound right now. I can hear the resonance. But say that I still want to get them off the floor - would concrete blocks be a solution? I'm thinking that along with a nice looking skirt around them would be workable. (If the word "skirt" triggers you, than maybe "kilt" would be a good substitute... lol)
  3. Hi, I've got a pair of R28 floorstanding speakers in a small studio, and my desk is a height-variable (standing) desk. When I'm working and standing I am feeling like the speakers need elevating based on that vs. sitting - so I've put them on some pressed wood tables to at least get them off the ground, but I think the tables are coloring the sound and giving me some boxy frequencies I don't want. Any suggestions on how to get them off the floor about 18 inches without coloring the sound too much? Thanks...
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