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  1. My mains are a set of Chorus 1's that I modified with 7" port extensions & internal bracing & are fed by a Yamaha M-60. They'll blow these puny Quartets away πŸ˜‚
  2. Maybe they don't need it since they're a little smaller, but bracing made a big difference in my Chorus 1's. It'll only take me a few hours & we all have time to spare right now πŸ˜‚ Plus, I wanted to rotate the woofer 180 & redo the gaskets/seals for the woofer & passive so I might as well brace em while I'm in there...
  3. I/He will ! & since I will re-inherit them someday (my Dad is 82) I'm doing them like I want em before setting them up for him. I just sent the crossovers to Mr. Crites for a recap, & I will be internally bracing them like I did my Chorus 1's. ( 🀣 Probably post another thread over in "Technical/modifications" when I get everything done)
  4. Grand-kids, & their friends πŸ€ͺ I've seen MANY pushed in center dustcones on all three models (Quartet/Forte/Chorus II) Once they're pushed in it's VERY hard to undo.
  5. And finally, the magnets I used (in case anyone wants to duplicate the idea)
  6. You can see the six silver neodymium flat disc magnets sitting on the passive frame here
  7. I like my modified Chorus 1's so much, I recently picked up a mint set of Quartets (Chorus's little brother) so I can set up a music room for my Dad. The rear passive radiators are both perfect, but I was worried they wouldn't stay that way forever... After alot of thinking, here's my "fix" : Ordered a set of metal car audio subwoofer grills from Amazon. 2 packs of small neodymium disc magnets from Ace Hardware. A pair of knockoff (IE:fake) Klipsch pie logos from ebay I think they look awesome, I even like em better than before! The cool thing is the magnets are just stuck to the passive frames & the grills are then stuck to the magnets. They grills came with a piece of rubber/trim which helps them not grab the magnet too tight for easy removal (neodymium magnets are CRAZY strong) The Quartet's have a 12" passive & I checked specs on quite a few grills before I found a pair that were just right & fit the factory cutout EXACTLY. They really look like they were made that way πŸ˜ƒ. The same concept would work for Forte's & Chorus II's if you used 15" grills.
  8. If you REALLY want to hear those cannons, get a copy of this Telarc CD. They're unbelievable & will scare your friends if you crank it up 😁
  9. Get the "Crites" titanium diaphragms for a MAJOR sound improvement for minimal $$$. If you're worried about them sounding harsh, they won't πŸ˜ƒ. If you want to do more, here's some ideas
  10. Try some KSF S5's. They're on Ebay alot. They come from the early part of the "synergy" line, which was many years later than the Heresy II. But believe it or not, they sound great together. Small, efficient, & disperse sound well. (I have both in my 6.1 setup)
  11. I sold my La Scala's after I modified the ports & internally braced my Chorus 1's (thread is on here) I listened to both & in the end preferred the "impact" (in my chest wall) of my Chorus 1's at higher volumes... A year later, still no regrets! 😎 I say it's a lateral move at best (but try em & see)
  12. Thanks for the + review, & YES I'm still enjoying my Chorus 1's. I actually sold my La Scala's afterwards & have ZERO regrets (may shock some to hear that...) I actually think my Chorus 1's sound better in my listening space. (& searched for Chorus 1's & did the mods so I could put em flush against the rear wall)
  13. This one is the correct "Build" thread, the thread you linked I was still asking ALOT of questions myself 😎
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