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  1. Then I could also see how it may have been easier to glue the factory corner bracing to a veneered interior panel vs a plain mdf one.
  2. Then I have a 3rd question 😃 I wonder what the cost difference was between a sheet of "double veneered" mdf -vs- birch plywood ? Was it a significant savings ?
  3. Two "Chorus 1" questions: 1. Why did they use both plywood (front/back) AND mdf (sides/top/bottom) in the Chorus 1's ? 2. Why veneer the INTERIOR side of an mdf side panel (see pic) Interior side panel pic, & front motorboard ply on the R
  4. Thought so, & both are 1", but it appears to have less layers (& they are thicker) than the front motorboard plywood pic. I retook/edited the previous front motorboard pic to show layers better. I can count maybe 6 layers on the rear board, but either 10-11 on the front, & those #'s don't include the surface veneer layers on them either. Thicker layers = my Mr. Plywood - Mrs. MDF joke 😂
  5. Here's a woofer opening closeup pic for comparison (on the front motorboard panel)
  6. Well, to add more to the "mystery" I just took a pic of the rear panel where the crossover mounts. What is this rear panel made of? layered MDF? (& I'm not asking as a smart aleck, just asking to clarify/learn... It looks like "Mr. Plywood" & "Mrs. MDF" had a baby 😂
  7. Hard to "quote" an answer to all 3 of you at once, but here's why I said plywood This is a pic of one of the interior sides. (& other side is the same) I'm no woodworker, but sure looks like plywood to me... opinions ?
  8. Upper crosspiece is on & clamped. Tomorrow I will glue a small block/brace on "top" of each end (actually it's beneath once speaker gets flipped upright). This ties the crosspiece to the side walls which REALLY firms it up & gives it that solid "thunk" when slapped 😃 & the Chorus side panels sure look like plywood to me (all the brochures say it's "mdf")
  9. I know the "timbre matching" is supposedly off, but I've used a KSF C-5 more than once with Heresey's & it works great! Roughly the same sensitivity, & if anything the tractrix horn makes dialog super clear. Check ebay/FB marketplace, they're available & reasonably priced all the time (or maybe a forum member here has one to sell...)
  10. Bracing is in progress! I included a pic to show the "method" I use. It's a combo of wood clamps and/or weights. I could pull the mid-horn & use two clamps, but I don't want to mess with their woodscrews... A "side to side" brace across the middle will be glued on next. (Adding 1 above the woofer & 1 below the woofer dramatically stiffens the speaker sidewalls) & Crossover is coming out soon for recap
  11. Here's a list of the songs (all on CD) I play LOUD. All are filled with clean dynamic mid-bass & sound great with these mods! (try em on your favorite model of Klipsch) Songs to "show off" your Klipsch: ZZ Top: "Fool for your Stockings" (best mixed version is found on "One Foot in the Blues") Pat Donohue: "The Road to Kingdom Come" Police: "Murder by Numbers" Dire Straits: "Six Blade Knife" Los Lobos: "Kiko & the Lavendar Moon" Steve Winwood: "Higher Love" Pink Floyd: "Time" Thin Lizzy: Cowboy Song KD Lang: "Constant Craving" Tracy Chapman: "Fast Car" Cowboy Junkies: "Sweet Jane" John Secada: "Just Another Day" Shannon: "Let the Music Play" Ace of Base: "All that She Wants" Copeland: "Fanfare for the Common Man" Pachelbel: "Kanon" (On Telarc)
  12. Yep, I recall you encouraging me! It's cool that all of us here get to decide for ourselves how far we wanna go down the "modification" path. There's nothing really wrong with their factory stock sound, I just happen to think that some of these "improvement" mods possibly weren't done @ the factory b/c it would have added additional costs (time & labor) w/o increasing their selling price/profit margin. Even now (years later) to gain any benefit, it depends on HOW we listen & WHAT we mostly listen to. Realistically, port extension & bracing mods probably only make a difference when the volume is up to a pretty good level. (IE: Chorus cabinets don't resonate at Iow & medium volume levels) I don't always have mine playing loud, but certain songs sound best "cranked up" & that's where the port mods & bracing shine 😎
  13. I know not everyone agrees with bracing (which is OK ) & may not think it's necessary. But since I just bought a 2nd pair of Chorus 1's I am easily able to do a side by side comparison/experiment. If I gently "slap" the sides of my new pair, there is an obvious loud hollow echo/resonance coming from the long sides. But when I slap the one's I braced a few years ago (build thread on here) It is a SOLID quiet "Thunk" w/o any resonance. I'm reasonably sure the unbraced box would resonate in a similar way at high volumes when the big 15" moves ALOT of air. I'm not into crazy bracing, just two above & below the 15" pro woofer, & then a wider crosspiece going side to side which stiffens the sides at the 1/3 way up & 1/3 way down points. I believe it cleans up & "tightens" the mid-bass, & makes a difference you can hear, so I'll definately be bracing my new walnut one's the same way as my oak ones...
  14. I just bought ANOTHER pair of Chorus 1's, & adding the port tubes plus front/back & side/side bracing above & below the 15" pro woofer are the 1st two things I'm doing. I am still 100% satisfied 2 yrs later, & would never consider NOT doing both... (again
  15. & as a "public service announcement" for ALL Klipsch owners, you owe it to yourself (& your Klipsch) to play "Murder by numbers" (Police / Synchronicity) cranked up loud. It's a hidden gem of a song, MADE for Klipsch demo/testing 😂
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