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  1. I sold my La Scala's after I modified the ports & internally braced my Chorus 1's (thread is on here) I listened to both & in the end preferred the "impact" (in my chest wall) of my Chorus 1's at higher volumes... A year later, still no regrets! 😎 I say it's a lateral move at best (but try em & see)
  2. Thanks for the + review, & YES I'm still enjoying my Chorus 1's. I actually sold my La Scala's afterwards & have ZERO regrets (may shock some to hear that...) I actually think my Chorus 1's sound better in my listening space. (& searched for Chorus 1's & did the mods so I could put em flush against the rear wall)
  3. This one is the correct "Build" thread, the thread you linked I was still asking ALOT of questions myself 😎
  4. I'm the one with the "other" Chorus port mod thread, & I would ABSOLUTELY do it again !!! I bought a test tone CD just to have a measurable before & after reference point. (info is in my earlier thread) & mine went from being able to hear a 45 hz test tone down to a 39 hz tone after the mods... That may not sound like alot, but trust me it's SIGNIFICANT difference when listening to music. "Six Blade Knife" by Dire Straits will put a palpable thump in my chest wall across the room & knock stuff off my shelves πŸ˜€
  5. Pic that shows them "out of the box" looks downloaded from the internet to me... Probably a gamble to buy them sight unseen. I Check here (goodwill online) usually just for fun, because alot of the time things get bid up to where the "deal" is no longer a good deal. Trust me, these will go WAY up as it gets close to ending πŸ™„ Dave
  6. Goodwill store in Brooklyn Park, MN https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/71845384 (no affiliation)
  7. Even better πŸ‘ (? forum member) Congrats on the sale too cause I know selling a "large" heritage single can be tough...
  8. Cool, pretty happy over here too. I finished up my Chorus project (build thread in Mod forum) loving them too & glad my "firstborns" went to a good home πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Speaking of your HT, how'd those La Scala's work out? Dave
  10. More testing, Using Digital cannons & they sound AWESOME !!! You better be SURE your equipment is "up to par" IF/when you crank this version (Telarc) of 1812... The cannons are around the 12 1/2 minute mark on track 1 & they will definitely test your system, your hearing, & your chest cavity for you πŸ˜€ (& you may get PTSD)...
  11. Thanks for the encouragement πŸ‘ I did the mods based on somewhat "selfish' reasons. I wanted the biggest best sounding speakers I thought would fit my personal listening space, not so much worried about what would fit into public opinion. I also wanted them to look more like speakers (vs a PA system look) than what I had before (nice grills/etc.) After a lot of research, and reading multiple threads on here, I was simply doing what I thought would be best for my long term listening enjoyment ! (& I am DEFINITELY happy with how they sound now πŸ˜€
  12. Thanks for the "thumbs up"πŸ‘ on the bracing Bigger is years away for me (after the kids leave & vacate space for a new bigger listening area) so I'm set for the immediate future with my Chorus 1's Since I've already had La Scala's,I would hope for K-Horns (possible), or Jubes (dream on) someday... Dave
  13. Thanks for the link, you beat me to it (response) I read that thread NUMEROUS times as I was doing research & getting ready! You're also being humble about your part πŸ˜€ The best part of his project might be those cabinets you cut on that fancy equipment !!! VERY COOL 😎 I'm really glad you added that link, it consolidates alot of good info into one place for future reference for everyone !!! I did even try/test fit some PVC like Matt did, but I wasn't happy with how it fit (loose) Maybe your version was better because you cut new motorboard openings? Dave
  14. Thanks! 1. The mod was adding the whole tube & flare. The factory Chorus 1 just has two holes in the front motorboard (no tube at all, just two holes thru the plywood) 2. Yes, (mimic) It is acoustical egg-crate marketed specifically for sound absorption, there is also a roll of polyfill under the two ports 3. absolutely (adjusting room placement) still tweaking placement to augment best sound. Currently they are up against a rear wall & one is in a corner, both slightly toed in Dave
  15. I'll second that opinion ! I know many here say the Chorus does best with high power, My big Yamaha amp is getting recapped so I'm currently pushing mine with @ "measly" 85 watt Luxman R-115. I can't get it up much past 1/4 volume & things start falling off shelves 😁 I can literally feel my chest cavity start to vibrate with the K-48 woofer movement too. (If needed, I think I could do "self-CPR" if I turned the Luxman 1/2 way !
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