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  1. I have modded Chorus 1's in my main 2 channel listening room , & KG 4.2's, in a bedroom, but neither are in use as my HT setup My HT setup is an Emotiva sub, Heresy ll's with crites diaphragms & crossovers, KSF-S5's as rear surround & a KSP-C6 as my current center. I do have a KSF-C5 in storage (it came with the S5's, but I've never used it) I'm not as obsessed as some others here about "Timbre matching" so I'm pretty happy with the KSP-C6, I'm just curious how it matches up to the other two you've owned, the KSF-C5 & KLF-C7. (I bet not many have owned/listened to all three of them, especially the KSP-C6)
  2. Keith (or others). Which sounds better to you, the KSF C5 or the KSP C6? How far off sonically are they from the KLF C7 ?. (Big $$$ difference...)
  3. I found the some of the online posts(Quotes) that got me interested in this mod to start with 😎 (1 on this forum, one on another one) " With the Chorus I would suggest adding a couple of port tubes to the holes in the front, bring the total depth up to about 7". The bass will sound quite a bit better (more like the Chorus II). The cabinets are tuned to around 45hz @ -3db. With the help of some fellow AKers, I cut some tubes to fit the ports and dropped the cabinet tuning to around 38hz. The modification is totally reversible. The new tuning is very close to what I want." " I read on another site that I should try port tubes in my Chorus Is that are about 7" long to get the bass a little lower. to test i used a mp3 called "bass hit"...its an old song that the kids played back in the day to rattle everything in their cars. It has a point in the song where the bass hits 4 low notes in sequence getting progressively lower. Without the port tubes, note 3 was about half the volume of notes 1 and 2 with note 4 being almost non existant. With the port tubes installed note 3 was as loud as 1 and 2 and note 4 was much quieter but definitely audible/felt. I do not know what frequency these notes are but it did make a difference. For 25 bux in parts you cant beat it. Sorry it wasnt more technical and scientific but it works. "
  4. If it's good enough for Claude & a Klipsch engineer, it's good enough for me 🙂
  5. The bottom end isn't bad (especially compared to my La Scalas) but another 3-5 db on the low end would be nice if they're "free for the taking"
  6. Crossover shot was angled up. Here's a frontal view
  7. I did some measurements today: The factory opening is 4 & 1/16. It is 13 & 1/4 inches from the INSIDE edge of the holes in the motorboard to the back wall. My crossovers were already upgraded when I got them (sonicaps) & are mounted in the factory location (on the inside the speaker terminal plate) so port length won't be an issue.
  8. So If I end up using a 7" total length tube/vent, would 4" away from the back wall be enough? (Someone who was an experienced speakerbuilder did some calcs & said a 7" vent would be ideal in a Chorus 1)
  9. Somebody scored, those cabinets look great !
  10. Anyone here tried this Kinter everyone seems to be raving about hooked up to a pair of old-school Klipsch speakers? https://kinterusa.com/product-line?olsPage=products%2Fkinter-k2020a-limited-edition-original-tripath-ta2020-020-class-t-hi-fi-audio-mini-amplifier-with-12v-5a-power-supply-black It's only 32.00 on Amazon right now. If nothing else, it would be cool to say this tiny thing is all that's pushing my_________ (La Scalas, K-Horn, Heresy, etc.) I'm tempted to buy one for my office & do just that. If I do, I want to buy a cd/dvd player with a small footprint so the whole rig sits on top of the speaker 😁
  11. Below is a pic of a Scotch mailing tube, which is the closest thing I've found that seems like it has "possibilities". I will probably try Moray's rolled paper idea 1st, then try to find this Scotch tube as a single at a reasonable price, which is easier said than done, most places want you to buy a case! (a mailing tube would hopefully be sturdy enough to hold up long term) And, I didn't buy the whole 4" tube from parts express, only the flared end. (it was CLOSE, but slightly too big) I may try to put the flare on the inside end to cut down on turbulence, especially if it fits snug on whatever tube I end up using.
  12. Good advice, (slow down) The crossovers & diaphragms were done when I got em, so I was wanting to finish off the job :-)
  13. Been reading/learning alot, now my 1st post is a speaker mod question 😃 I have a pair of mint Oak Chorus 1's with Crites crossovers & titanium diaphragms. Chorus 1's have 2 front ports & no rear passive. I've seen an older thread online where someone put in 7" long tubes where the two factory "ports" (really just 2 holes thru the mdf) are to increase/lower the bass freq response. Anyone here ever done that? If so, what fit? I ordered a 4" port from speaker express, but the 4" is the tube Internal diameter, not outer, so it didn't fit...Also went by my local carpet dealer, same problem, outer diameter is too big. & btw I don't want to enlarge/recut the factory holes. Ideas?
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