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  1. It sure is. Rates will always vary due to a multitude of reasons.
  2. That is a huge issue. The death rate is irrelevant if those close to you succumb to the virus. While 1-2% doesn't sound bad compared to Ebola (80-90+%) and SARS (20%), but with huge numbers infected the number of people who due will be exponentially greater. The huge medical push is to attempt to stop the virus from becoming established as a seasonal event. Flu mortality is roughly 0.1%,
  3. Could be copies of the Amp Camp amps which run around $350/kit (when available).
  4. The lower left one seems best to me also. My midhorn (JBL 2012H driver) is good down to 200-250 Hz. I am playing around with some form factors. Will post what I come up with. By reaching down below 70 Hz I can add tapped horns to my system for all horn from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  5. As long as I can get solid response to 70-80 Hz I can mate them with my 4 subs (2 JBL 2242 and 2 Eminence Lab 12, all 4 ported and tuned to 22 Hz). May build some horn subs to be all horn for OCT and subs. Surrounds are DIY Eminence 10" coaxial speakers that I am thinking of putting in the wall. New theater will be 7.4.2 arrangement. Atmos isn't really an option in my current theater. I am pre-wiring the new house for perfect location for my seat.
  6. I have been busy designing an HT space in a house we will be moving into this fall. I plan to have all the front speakers behind a front screen wall (acoustically transparent screen flanked by grill cloth). The depth behind the screen will be 36" MAX. I looked at the baby quarter pie from earlier in the thread and is also a bit to deep. I have been playing around with the original and baby design and came up with a couple of options. I will try to get them into Hornresp soon to see how they measure.
  7. My first post on this forum. I read through this entire thread over last couple of days. The HornResp calculations for this horn are nice, pretty similar to a straight horn I have been working up for the JBL 2242 driver. Did you ever complete the L-horn concept? A straight horn coupled to a modified Quarter Pie could be a great solution for my upcoming HT build. I could use the ported JBL 2242H's (25 Hz tune, 8 cu ft) in my Left and Right speakers for two of the four subs. The Eminence driver at $110 is such a good performer I think it's value is nearly impossible to beat. Thanks for sharing this design! Steve
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