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  1. However, when TV is connected to R-28PF with AUX cable the speakers seem to never wake up. Which is sort of strange. I mean, the auto-wake and auto-sleep continue to work regardless of whether I use TOSLINK or AUX. When using AUX, I saw speakers turn off (or rather switching to standby mode and turning off LED indication) after approximately 10+ minutes of inactivity. When I resumed playback in YouTube on TV the speakers woke up conveniently. But they don't seem to wake up at all when TV is in standby mode like it happens all the time when connected via TOSLINK cable instead of AUX. It would be ideal if TOSLINK connection worked the same but unfortunately it does not. I don't see how it is different in this respect. Does it actually carry any sort of commands or information that causes R-28PF to wake up? AUX is dead simple. Not sure how TOSLINK is different. Also, I can't say if Phono or USB cause R-28PF behave like TOSLINK or AUX as I have no devices that work in standby mode and can be connected using those types of connections.
  2. No, that's highly unlikely in this case. Oh yes, I figured it out by trial. Turns out PS4 in Rest Mode, when connected via TOSLINK directly, causes R-28PF to wake up as well. Not just my SONY Android Smart TV. PS4 does this way less frequently, though, compared to the TV. I see how the auto-wake (and auto-sleep) feature is useful but it works poorly with modern devices that operate in standby mode and wake up from time to time to connect to the Internet. Does R-28PF have a firmware that can be modified? Hopefully Klipsch resolves this problem somehow in the future. Or am I too hopeful? This is my first close encounter with Klipsch ever.
  3. This has just happened again several times in a row. I was laying on a sofa just staring at LED panel of the right R-28PF speaker and at some point it just turned on with Optical source selected, which is what I used before turning the speakers off with a remote. So, okay, I turned them off again with a remote and continued watching the LED panel. After maybe a minute or two it turned on again, Optical source this time again. I turned it off. After another couple of minutes it turned on again. So, I turned it off once again using a remote and then I got up an pulled out the TOSLINK cable from the right R-28PF speaker. Just experimenting to see if TV somehow sends a wake-up signal or something to the speakers.
  4. Thanks for replies guys. I've been using remote to turn R-28PF on and off since I originally posted here and I noticed a weird problem. I sometimes walk into a room and speakers are turned on even though they should be turned off. I believe this has happened with Bluetooth and Optical source selected. I don't quite see why would this be happening. The speakers are connected to TV with provided TOSLINK cable. The Bluetooth connection is with Macbook Air which is basically always on. This doesn't look normal to me. Starting to suspect the unit might be defective somehow? This is the only problem I have with it but it is really annoying because to reliably turn the speakers off I need to unplug them. Maybe I don't get how it's supposed to work? Because even though I turn them off with a remote I still can connect via Bluetooth by clicking Bluetooth icon in macOS menubar and then selecting Klipsch R-28PF->Connect. This action turns the speakers on, establishes a Bluetooth connection and iTunes can play music through the speakers. Very convenient but it looks like sometimes it reconnects on its own somehow. Then Optical source shouldn't be capable of doing this, should it? Because when I normally turn on the TV R-28PF never turns on automatically. Anybody knows what the problem might be here? Should I take it to the Klipsch support?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if I should keep R-28PF powered off by toggling a On/Off button on the metal back plate when I don't use them or is it enough to just press Power button on a remote?
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