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    Any clue on what shipping to a warehouse in Houston would cost? Edit: nevermind I've been drinking, I don't need more subwoofersπŸ˜‚
  2. Veaux

    Down in Houston

  3. I can check when I get home later this afternoon
  4. I have another person who has messaged me about it and if they don't want it you're next in line
  5. Still available if you're interested.
  6. @lkirkpatrick picked up the Cornwalls yesterday, (He is a solid individual) Marantz 1060 is going to FedEx today for @jimjimbo Eico HF-35 monoblocks are still available!
  7. This was the original for sale thread, they look exactly the same and Joe returned them to me because of a buzz or a hum on one of them that he didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting it fixed. Will take 500 shipped.
  8. Folded horn for a 15" subwoofer. It's been duratex'd on the outside.
  9. @jimjimbo I dunno if you noticed but I'm never selling those super heresy's πŸ˜‚
  10. Cool message me your address and we will figure it out. I can ship it out on monday.
  11. Thanks man time to make some lifestyle changes
  12. You gonna buy me dinner before you **** me? πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚
  13. Someone in Austin expressed interest in the La Scala's and if they drop out it's Kevin and then you jim
  14. Hey Jim, you've done me so many solids I will mail you the 1060 for 200+S&H? Its all original and works
  15. La Scala's are sold. I'm located in Houston Texas
  16. So right now I have a bunch of stuff to sell. Like a bunch. I'm super busy with work and the kiddo out of school for the summer and trying to facilitate this move. I'm going to list what I have available and if anyone is interested you can comment and then I can take pictures and come up with a price. All prices are negotiable. I know typically people want pictures and prices but I have so much stuff that I don't have time for all that jazz. Available for sale: One pair of JBL SR4733x One Klipsch R-112sw AK5 upgrade kit (mids and highs drivers, horns and crossovers) Subwoofer boxes for k-horns with the crites subwoofer (clones, not factory Klipsch) One pair of Eico HF-35 monoblock tube amps One pair of Heathkit tube 2-way crossovers (Joe bought them from me and then returned them bc one had a hum or a buzz so that would be something you would have to get fixed and the sale price can reflect that) Amps and sound SET tube amp, Justin built it and said it was the prototype for the agartha. Feel free to reply to this thread for transparency, I'm not trying to start a bidding war so the first person to express interest in an item and then can come to an agreeable price gets it. Also I have more stuff at my warehouse that I need to get over there and see what I specifically have to get rid of.
  17. Veaux


    Sounds like a classic example of protecting and serving.
  18. Veaux


    Everyone should have a two channel dash cam in their car these days. It's a couple hundred bucks and when it comes down to a "He said, she said, No I didn't, yes you did" scenario it can really save your *** with a stubborn insurance company that doesn't want to pay out.
  19. Veaux


    Growing up my mother would refuse to leave the driveway until all of us kids had our seatbelts on, it was do annoying at the time but it instilled in me the habit of always buckling up. I'm so grateful for that, I do the same thing now with my daughter. If you have kids I hope you do the same, seeing my dead friends parents at the funeral yesterday was heart wrecking. No parent should ever have to bury their child, especially when it's something that was preventable. If you have kids always make them buckle up, even if you're in a rush it only takes two seconds and nothing is worth not being slightly late because you were in such a hurry that you had to put your loved ones at risk. Learning to bicycle in the crazy Houston streets I've learned that you are only as safe as the very worst driver you're sharing the road with. Be safe this holiday season y'all! πŸ’“ -Veaux
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