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    I have to give the eulogy tomorrow at a friend's funeral. Please please PLEASE don't drink and drive! Always wear a seatbelt. It can save your life. Take an Uber if you've been drinking!
  2. That's because you're not a rapist. Unlike certain Supreme Court Justice's....
  3. In this case, I feel like you're winning at life.
  4. "Hey brah how did you get pink eye?" (Starts trembling ever so slightly, avoids eye contact as he tears up a bit) "I don't want to talk about it..."
  5. Definitely the one applying the positive air pressure. That presents the possibility for a type of blow back that I'm unwilling to risk.
  6. He means boofing. Boofing is the act of inserting recreational drugs into the rectum via a straw and positive air pressure. To quote the festival wook in his natural habitat, (Coachella) "If you boof it, it's free!"
  7. This shouldn't be as funny as it is, Jesus what's wrong with this country. Trying to get a dude who starts tearing up over a 35 year old calendar to be a Supreme Court Justice....
  8. Are these a direct drop in replacement on the Klipschorns?
  9. Veaux


    Haha fact! I'm trying to have a 300 horse power grocery getter...
  10. Veaux


    Like I said, pm me what you have. I prefer cash. But if you have a unmarried Cobb access port V3 SUB003 I'd be happy to trade for that.
  11. Veaux


    Depends on what you got, mostly wanting cash for another project.
  12. Y'all think they are worth $700?
  13. Veaux


    Haha, yeah I've dabbled enough to say it's not for me. I'm going to hold on to that Marantz 8B but that's purely from a financial standpoint.
  14. Veaux


    @justinsweber its a wonderful amp, but I've discovered I don't have an ear for tubes, just going to stick with solid state from here on out...
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