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  1. Bought this locally and tried to convince the wife to let me put these in our upstairs living room to make a real theater in the basement. She shot that down pretty quick. (1) R-5800-W II (used for center) - $399 MSRP (4) R-5650-W II (used for fronts and surrounds) - $349 MSRP Each (2) CDT-5800-C II (ATMOS) - $399 MSRP Each Total MSRP - $2539 The only thing i'm seeing missing is two of the machine screws. I'll try and fine some at a hardware store before I ship them. I also have all of the grills and hardware needed to mount. I may not have many posts here but I can get some references from very well known members if you want them. My Price - $750 shipped obo Feel free to shoot me a text. 816-728-9319 Thanks, Matt
  2. I've got a bit of a wild question that I'd love some additional feedback on. I currently have a set of RF82's for my mains with a RC62 as my center channel, I currently don't have any surrounds. A friend and myself went in on another set of 82's together so we can each have one to use as our center channels and match our mains. So I will have a RC62, and he will have one as well he's trying to sell. My thoughts are to buy his and use the two RC62's for surrounds as they actually would work well with my setup needing to be above a door, when the RS52/62 are too tall. Is there any reason I should just avoid this altogether? I don't see any reasons why it wouldn't work but I'm open to criticism for why it's a horrible idea. I know one drawback is the RC62 won't have speakers facing different directions, but I feel that is a small tradeoff for not having to track them down and move their location to a less than optimal spot. Thanks, Matt
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