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  1. Hi, A friend of mine bought the Heritage headphone amp last week and it has been working good with the unbalanced output - still does. He ordered a balanced XLR-4 asap and when he got the adapter it crams out all kind of distorsion, the distorsion seems to follow along with the volume, sounds like when you try to raise the volume on an old amp with a really dirty volume pot but the noise never goes away. We have tested different headphones and i have measured the balanced cable which seems OK also.. Pin 2 and 4 negative, 1 and 3 positive. Could it be that one of the 2 amps are broken since it utilizes 2 amps in balanced mode and only 1 in unbalanced? Anyone else had similar issue?
  2. Kinda looks like a fingerprint, maybe someone in china got some glue on their finger while handling the speaker? The vinyl wrap on these speakers are quite tough indeed.
  3. Is it possible to reach the speakers from the port on the rear? That would be my guess if they seems to be made from the inside.
  4. Vincent SP-331 combines tubes with transistors, i like
  5. You have the RP-15PM i assume? Not 150M? According to google ppl say that it has this function but I tried looking in the manual and on the Klipsch homepage and i couldn't find anything about the Auto standby function being mentioned - which i find kinda strange..
  6. On a side note here, has anyone tried swapping out the stock foam inside the RC64II vs polyfill? Could the stock foam be open cell foam or just there to take up volume?
  7. Over here in Europe its quite hard to find the RC-64III yet, and the RC-64II costs about 999-1200euros new - when you can find them. I was hoping the mk3 would lower the price on the mk2s but so far its not the case
  8. A 30kg (66lb) package will runt for about 250-500USD to sweden
  9. I completely get that I would buy one closer to where i live if i could just find one! (I live on Aland Islands, we speak Swedish but belongs to Finland) closest ive found would be from Germany so unless i find one soon ill probably go for a new one from there.
  10. Do you still have the RC-64 mk2 for sale? If so, can you ship it over to europe? Saw your ad on craigslist Cheers!
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