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  1. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Yes. Understood. For now, I'm going to put them to use. If someone sees this post and is interested, just let me know. Pete
  2. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    I was hoping for $700+ but that may be too high. I'd probably settle for $600 plus whatever actual shipping costs were involved. Pete
  3. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Yes, in Washington, MO. Where are you?
  4. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Sorry for the tardy response. I have been on the road and had not checked back here. Yes, they are. And just to clarify, the only thing I've done to the wood is rub in some Olde English scratch cover. Pete
  5. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    You know, you may be right. I've had these 2 playing "surround sound duty" while my Bose held the front row seats. When I made these my front force to make sure they were good for this post, and to clean them up, I was really amazed by the breadth of sonic force the exuded. They are just so big, my wife thinks they look "two thousand and late". She got used to my 470 HP Dodge Charger SRT, so maybe she'll learn to accept them as an offshoot of me.... I'll keep y'all posted. Pete
  6. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    And one more blemish to point out, in case someone here wants to buy them: On the right hand side of one of them, there is a small gouge about 3" from the top. It also got some scratch remover on it. Pete
  7. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    I've only put lemon oil on them since I bought them. I treated the bottoms today with Old English scratch cover for light woods. Haha about the $1000 listing. And I could sit on them a month or two if no one bites at a higher price. Thanks for the input and making me laugh. Pete
  8. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Lastly, here is the front, less the screen and one of the serial number tags. The other tag is 160y988. Pete
  9. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Here is top and bottom. Bottom has the worst scratches. There is also some wood stain or something on the bottom corner. Pete
  10. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Wow thanks guys. I did not realize these would be that great. I'll post some more pics. I'm in Missouri, but I guess I could ship them as well. Pete
  11. Pair of Heresy HWLs for sale

    Hello. I googled "how much are Klipsch speakers worth" and low and behold I found there is a whole community (a big one it looks like) of Klipsch aficionados. I am impressed. I bought a pair of HWLs in 1983 (I think) when I had more money than I knew what to do with. And I always loved stereo equipment. Most teenage guys had the Farrah Fawcett poster in her red swim suit. I had pictures that I'd cut out of magazines of Nakamichi, Bose, Klipsch, etc. equipment. I still love the sound of music, but my wife wants me to sell my pair (of speakers). They still sound as good as always. There are some surface scratches, particularly the bottoms. But the fronts, backs, tops, and sides are in pretty decent shape. I can only load 2MB worth of pics, so I'll start with these two. If someone is interested, I can post more. Oh, and if it matters, the backs have never been opened and the serial numbers are sequential. I would also love to know what you all think these might be worth, even if there's no buyer her. That way I could try Craigslist or eBay. Thank you. Pete